How to Develop an App Like Magnolia?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

How to develop an app like Magnolia

Entertainment apps have captured the digital market with their efficient features and binge-worthy shows that keep users attached to their seats. The popularity of these apps has led to the development of apps like Magnolia that have taken the genre to a whole new level with creative categories. Compared to other entertainment apps, Magnolia has created a different image with its workshops and shopping options. 

The Discovery networks have introduced the online video streaming app with a twist. The market size of online streaming apps is projected to grow at a CAGR of 21.08 percent between the period 2021-2028. If you are thinking of developing an app like Magnolia and marking your name in the entertainment genre, this is the right time. 

Starting an online video streaming app development would present some challenges that can be tackled easily with an efficient process. Let’s start with the introduction of the Magnolia app.

About Magnolia App 

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The Magnolia app is an entertainment app that has its own shows and online workshops, along with a shopping section. It offers a list of iconic series for the users to stream online. Since the app is offered by Discovery networks, users can gain access to all the contents of the app with a discovery+ subscription. 

Just like any other online video streaming app, Magnolia offers a members-only subscription which is the key to all the exclusive content and perks. The online streaming app provides a list of Magnolia network shows and series such as Fixer Upper library and Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines that are not available anywhere else. 

Users can stream the most popular video series and shop home decor, Magnolia furniture, lifestyle products, and much more. Magnolia app offers a twenty percent discount on the first purchase to enhance the user count. The best thing, as per various online review websites, Magnolia delivers complete access to its contents with a single subscription and delivers an exquisite shopping experience.

Steps to Develop an Entertainment App like Magnolia 

Magnolia app is different from other entertainment apps since it provides workshops and a shopping section. Development of such apps that deal with online video streaming and an eCommerce platform can be a little complex at times. With a reliable development partner and a strategic approach, it can be done with ease.  

The entertainment app genre targets a major percentage of the world population, making it feasible for numerous business opportunities. Given the market trends and the revenue generation rate of this sector, it is a perfect time to jump into the competition. The development of an app like Magnolia can be completed in a couple of steps that includes deciding the number of features and the development part. 

Step 1: Connecting the Dots

Deciding the number of features, budget, technology stack, and much more are an important part of the development process. In order to gather all these pieces of information, deep research of the market becomes a necessity. These data sets help you in building a plan to move ahead with fewer complexities and keep you ahead of the competition. Deciding all the aspects before starting the development process helps in keeping the budget under control. 

Make a List of Features 

User Registration

Users can easily register themselves on the app with the help of social media accounts and other email accounts. 

User Profile

Users have the option to create single or multiple profiles in their accounts. They can edit the name, upload photos, select specific genres, actors, shows, and more. 

Time & Cost Saving
Payment Gateway

Entertainment apps work on a subscription, integrate an efficient payment gateway for easy payments for subscription plans or other in-app purchases. 

Content Search

Users find these features extremely feasible as it allows them to search for the exact content they want to watch on the app, such as movies, shows, workshops, etc. 

Push Notifications
Push Notifications

Users are notified about their subscription plan, the launch of a new show, and other in-app items. In addition to that, it can be used to alert users to offers and more. 

Reviews and Ratings

Users are very picky about entertainment; reviews and ratings help them decide which show or product is better to watch. 

Refer & Earn

Users find it extremely fascinating when an app offers them reward points or some other perks for referring a new user to the community. 

eCommerce Store

Online video streaming apps that sell products with a resemblance to the shows on the platform allure more users. 

Step 2: The Development Part

Features reflect the functioning of an app of any category; to power those features’ functionality, you have to integrate a robust technology stack. That’s where the development part starts. It is recommended to convey a group discussion with your stakeholders and the chosen mobile app development company before moving ahead in the process. Discuss all the processes that are going to be completed with a unified approach. Here are some of the key points to discuss.  

Choose the Launch Platform for the App 

Deciding the number of platforms, you want your app to launch on can fluctuate the overall price of the development process. The majority of the users in the world use Android and iOS, although the app can be launched on multiple platforms with a little tweaking in the code. Ask your mobile app development company with great expertise in the field to sum up the task for you. Here are the available options for platforms.

Native Applications

Native mobile app development refers to the applications that are built to work on only one platform. You always have the option to choose from the multiple options of platforms available in the digital market. In case you want to launch your application on every available platform, it is better to consider other options than building an application for every platform. It will not only burn a hole in your budget but also create a management issue. 

Cross-Platform Application

The mobile applications which are built on cross-platform works on every platform. It is possible as the majority of the code remains the same except few changes that do the trick. Although these apps deliver the satisfaction of launching a single app on multiple platforms, which attracts a great number of users, these apps are not capable of holding on to advanced features. An app like Magnolia presents a list of advanced features that allures a large pool of customers.  

Technology Stack 

The technology Stack of any app is considered the key part as it fuels the functions of features and the app. Choosing the right set of technology for your entertainment app can be a tricky task, but it will decide the overall functionality of the project. Technologies that are selected for your mobile app development can fluctuate the cost of development and elongate the development timeline. When it comes to technology, choose wisely. When in doubt, ask your mobile app development company. 

Application Tools and Database: Python, Node.js, React, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Flask, Amazon RDS, Cassandra, Amazon DynamoDB, Hadoop, Oracle, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, Amazon EMR, Presto, CloudBees, Pig, Winjs, Atlas-D

Utilities: Amazon SES, Urban Airship, Falcor 

DevOps: GitHub, Git, Jenkins, Gradle, Apache Mesos, AWS CloudTrail, Sumo Logic, Express Gateway, LogicMonitor, Crittercism, Dynomite, Boundary, Vector 

Business Tools: G Suite, Confluence, OneLogin, HubCommander 

Choose the Right Mobile App Development Partner 

Developing an app like Magnolia, which has a complex layout and features, makes the process a little complex that presents the requirement of experts. When it comes to selecting a development partner, it is solely your decision; although you will be an integral part of the process, an expert team is needed. Here are the options you can choose from to find a perfect development partner that satisfies your project requirements. 

Team setup
In-House Team

Either assign the development task to your in-house development team or hire a team in case you don’t have the setup. However, setting up a new infrastructure will cost you a load of capital along with the full-time hiring expenses. The outcome of the project with an in-house team may not match your exact expectations. 

freelance team
Go for a Freelance Team

The working capacity of a freelance team is low as compared to an in-house team or a mobile app development company. The reason is; you either have to hire each development professional, or you can get a full-fledged team. Freelancers are always overworked and work on multiple projects that somehow comprise your project’s quality. 

Hire a Mobile App Development Company

A full-fledged mobile app development company like Matellio possess the resources that are required to develop an entertainment app with advanced features and a robust technology stack. The developers in an app development company possess a wide array of skills to execute any complexities in the process. You will be updated about every step or milestone along with regular updates to ensure the right direction and quality. 

Ready to Develop an App like Magnolia? 

Entertainment apps are preferred by the majority of the users, and companies around the world are experimenting with new features and technologies to get a significant user count, which ultimately translates to great revenue. Matellio can help you achieve the decided milestone with our team of certified developers and experts. Our flexible engagement models are designed to keep your budget under the decided limit.  

Our engineers understand the global market trends and have valid experience with emerging technologies to develop a perfect app for your business. If you are planning to develop an entertainment app like Magnolia, book a 30-min free consultation call with our experts to know more!

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