How to Develop Baby Tracking App?

Updated on Mar 18th, 2024

How to Develop Baby Tracking App

In today’s era of technology, almost everything can be accessed through a seamless and secured process. With the proliferated penetration of smartphone, it becomes too easy to monitor your daily routine like ordering food,  booking cabs, paying bills, etc in just a few minutes. Now it also extended to help to parent through baby monitoring where it facilitates the tracking of the toddler. Usually, it experiences so worrisomely when parents go for office/workstation or at the shopping mall and your baby is at home either with Nanny or babysitter. Furthermore, some of the responsibilities like constant caring, frequent feeding, diaper changing make parents sleep-deprived and exhausted. But baby tracking apps the users to know about their baby by offering them unique tools to track the activity of their baby.

Best 5 baby tracking app:

With the growth of baby,  the significance of these app intensifies whereby using tracked data they can draw conclusions about the health, growth, and vaccinations of their baby. Parents can track activities like when they are to switch from breastfeeding to pumping when they are to start solid foods etc. Here are 5 top scrumptious and exponential baby tracking apps.

1: Tinybeans:


Tinny beans, a baby tracker app is among the best and popular apps transforming baby care into a blissful and seamless experience. You can stay connected your family and friends by Sharing a virtual baby book comprising photo updates. The photos are just to be uploaded and the intimation would be emailed to your close ones.

2: Baby Tracker:

Baby Tracker App

It seems so practical as you can export your data and helps in tracking feedings, sleep patterns of your baby and time for diaper changes. The Health section tracks your visits to doctor, immunizations and the like while the Milestone section allows you writing a journal entry.

3: Sprout Baby:

Sprout Baby App

The app facilitates everything from tracking baby sleep, standard diaper, and feedings that makes it so easy to monitor the growth and care of a child on a monthly basis. But what makes it different is an option that enables to making of a medical PDF to use it while visiting your doctor.

4: Baby Connect:

Baby Connect App

Apart from all standard functionalities, Baby Connect tracks your baby’s temperature, mood and even the amusing games they play. It extracts useful data and enables you to set alarms for baby feeding time, naps and other acts. The app can be seamlessly accessed through mobile phones and computers by users.

5: Hatch Baby:

Hatch Baby App

Since you connect Hatch Baby with the Smart Changing Pad and Hatch Baby Grow, Bluetooth technology tracks how much your baby weighs and eats at one sitting. Furthermore, it offers a marvelous option of slideshow that let to click your baby’s photo to track every day’s growth.

Five essential features for Baby tracking app:

It is imperative to comprehend the functioning of baby tracker apps for understanding the role and usability of these apps. So let dive in for all features that make these app phenomenal :

1: Baby Alerts: The baby tracking app should be featured with a baby alarm which alerts users through calls or texts about the baby activity. The device includes all imperative information for which also contrived a responsibility. Moreover, if unfortunately the connection between the toddler’s device is disturbed or lost, then the app will notify the user’s device and the parents. It is laden with a basic feature which encompasses the secured logins and information so that the fundamental idea behind app stays intact.

2: Automatic noise level adjustments: Undoubtedly the security of baby propels parents to act more rationally while selecting baby tracking app for monitoring toddlers. In this series,  the users to configure the device’s microphone sensitivity for different noise levels manually rather it should be automatically adjusted for the user. It makes it possible for parents to detect baby’s voice by amplifying the sound when he cries to the device worn by parents who are meters away.  Just by pressing and holding the device’s button enables them to hear and that informs them about their baby’s condition.

3: Notification of text messages and call: Sometimes due to unwanted or unavoidable interruptions app user or parent get able to access directly to the child device or its phone and really worries. But apps must be featured with a facility of notifications about missed text messages and calls on the device. It mitigates the worrisome condition for parents about their baby and they can know what’s going on. The feature of baby tracking app would make it always available for monitoring which manages security concerns efficiently.

4: Notification during an active call: The baby tracking app can be very attractive when it works too when you are on call. Bringing up the child is not an easy task and the app is not perfect if it is not compatible with the actual requirements. A baby can cry anytime he wishes, and the app must also inform you for every single activity of baby in real-time. When the user is on call, a baby tracking app must inform the user if the baby cries. There are multiple ways a user can be acknowledged via a vibrating beep over the phone, a gentle beep to the ears without disrupting the ongoing calls.

5: Enriched Night-Vision Mode: Today, the night-vision mode is the most prominently demanded and an essential feature. The high lights can disrupt the sleep of baby, therefore the app must be able to work in the low light. Parents need to take care of their child when the baby is sleeping. The app needs to give a clear video image of the toddlers, that’s why it is needed to give users the functionality to turn night vision mode either on or off.

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Technologies recommended for developing Baby tracker apps: 

Today, there are various technologies for mobile applications which are successfully used for either cross platform or specific app development. It enriched the entire development process with interactive technologies. So here are four foremost programming languages, that are extensively used for the development of mobile applications:

1: Swift: In case, if the developers are headed for the development of iOS applications then evidentially, Swift language would be the best language to be used by them. It encompasses the advanced features with the minimum coding requirement that can be easily managed by the developers.

2: C++: C++ embellished as the easiest base for most of the programming language for app development. The language is featured with power to develop a dynamic mobile application that bolsters up the functionality of applications. It becomes the most popular tool for all app developers due to its influential but simple compiler-based approach.

3: Java: The language is interpreted as a language that becomes the official or base language for the development of Android mobile applications. Additionally, Java is clear and simple to handle and the availability of various source libraries for the users makes it wonderous.

4: HTML5: When it comes to the development of web frontend mobile applications and your organization has comprehensively looking for the best technology, then HTML will be your choice.

Here is a list of top tools that can help you get started with your own Mobile App:

1: PhoneGap: It is popular as Apache Cordova, open-source software using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. The language is used to develop a highly efficient native application for various platforms like Windows, iOS, and Android.

2: Appcelerator: The best option for the development of hardware-based apps is  Appcelerator, an open source framework. It efficaciously develops native apps for Android, iOS and Windows UWP.

3: RhoMobile: It develops natives app for best known operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows by using web technologies like JavaScript, HTML 5 and CSS3.

4: WidgetPad: WidgetPad, being among the foremost open-source framework, it proffers numerous options like editing of the source code, versioning, and distribution and uses HTML5 and JavaScript.

5: MoSync: It is interpreted as a kit for the development of a multi-platform mobile application that uses programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and PHP. Additionally. It is also integrated with Eclipse-based IDE and develops native apps for multiple platforms.

Few mobile application development frameworks that are promising to become major tools for developers in 2019 are:-

1: Flutter: Its a prominent technology for cross-platform mobile apps uses DART instead of JavaScript as a programing language. It enables expeditious and effective analysis, fabricates User Interface comprising highlighting and fixing of bugs in milliseconds.

2: React Native: React Native, have been preferred for mobile app development and proffers acute support to mobile application development technology. It supports seamless development of native applications for Android and iOS platforms.

3: Ionic: Iconic encapsulate JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 for developing easy User Interface functionalities and native applications.IT works on Android Webview and iOS’s User Interface WebView.

4: Xamarin: Being a cross-platform framework, it encompasses major benefits through the use of C# that uses single code across Android, iOS, Windows and other platforms. Furthermore, it develops native applications and remains time and cost-efficient framework for the development of a mobile application.

How hard is it to build a baby tracking app?

1: Knowledge of programming languages: The foremost and unavoidable problem with developing apps is the knowledge of programming language. Evidentally, if you don’t possess any kind of knowledge about a programming language, then it would be a prime obstacle.

2: Cost and time: In case of multiplatform mobile applications, you would require Android and iOS specialists or programmer, backend support and at least a designer, which requires a considerable amount a diet for the entire development process of an app.

3: Maintainance of the app: Developing a mobile application is not ever a one time project, it continuously requires the software updates and fixing of bugs and errors. So here you have to be dedicatedly engaged in managing your mobile application.

4: App Builders: There are numerous app builders in the market like Como or AppBuilder that proffers an easy way to develop a mobile app without using the code. Furthermore, most of the basic features are available at no cost with uninterrupted development experience.

How Mattelio can help?

The technology is moving towards making life easier and simplify the most crucial tasks. Babysitting is one of the toughest but most beautiful tasks of human life. The baby monitoring app ensures the safety and care of baby upto a great extent. Though an app can never compete with personal care by loved ones, still it is a great effort in the same direction. If you are looking to develop a baby tracking app, the above tips can be really great for making an app successful like Dormi, At Home camera, etc. Parenting is hard for people who are working, and if you are bestowed with an app developed perfectly it can be a great help for you. Matellio is a leading app development company can offer you a great app developed with the perfect set of innovative features.

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