How to Develop Enterprise Project Management Software like Mavenlink?

Updated on Jan 24th, 2024

How to Develop Enterprise Project Management Software like Mavenlink

The only key to success in the present competitive global market is to develop efficient solutions that solve the key problems of your users or clients. Large enterprises often develop more than one project at a time, and it can be complicated sometimes. Not knowing the exact updates, the iterations, and missed deadlines can make it difficult for your company to succeed. That’s where enterprise project management software comes into the picture. 

Enterprise management software helps enterprises in creating a neat and organized space where project managers can get every minute details about the project and make the most out of the development process. The work of project management and accounting software includes implementing result-oriented strategies and processes to enhance the efficiency of the overall project development process, which ultimately induces innovation in the process. Mavenlink software delivers amazing flexibility and reduces the complexities of the process.  

If you are thinking of developing an enterprise project management software like Mavenlink, all you have to do is follow a strategic process and find a reliable development partner. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to develop software like Mavenlink. 

  • The global project management software market is projected to cross the valuation of 9.81 billion US dollars by the year 2026. 
  • Some biggest players in the field of project management software are Microsoft, Oracle, SAP SE, and more.  
  • Mavenlink software works on technologies like Ruby, Amazon CloudFront, Rails. 
  • Integrating features like prioritization and scheduler and Resource management can definitely contribute to the popularity of your project management software. 

What is Mavenlink Software?  

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Since you found this blog, you may be looking to develop enterprise project management software or want to enhance the capabilities of your project management software. The solutions to your needs lie in the implementation of Mavenlink software or developing a better project management software like Mavenlink.  

Mavenlink is an enterprise project management and accounting software developed to help professional services enterprises. It helps in optimizing the resources and enhancing the operational performances. Mavenlink is a cloud-based software with a list of features that helps professional services teams. It is becoming the choice of every project manager as its real-time updates and resource tracking keep them refreshed about the current status of the project.  

It helps with project planning, task assignments, time tracking, and much more. Apart from these effective features, it also delivers a number of other tools such as financial expenditures, analytics, and budgeting. With Mavenlink, you can get customizable templates, Open API, and advanced analytics. It also has pre-built project templates for a number of use cases.

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Why Invest in an Enterprise Project Management Software? 

The conventional project management techniques only focused on implementing the ways to complete a project, but that’s not the case with enterprise project management software. It is developed to focus on the overall planning of the project development along with delivering real-time updates and focus on deriving a value from the project that values the business.  

The global project management software market is projected to cross the valuation of 9.81 billion US dollars by the year 2026. The rate of growth of the said market is projected to be 10.67% CAGR. In terms of the largest share of the market in the field, North America is at the top, at a majority of organizations in that region are adapting to project management and accounting solutions. Some biggest players in the field of project management software are Microsoft, Oracle, SAP SE, and more. 

Apart from these amazing growth figures, here is a list of benefits that tag along with the enterprise project management software. 

  • High quality due to consistency 
  • Reduced impact of skill shortage 
  • Increased reliability of project delivery 
  • Enhanced tools integrations 
  • Enhanced Productivity 

Development Process of Enterprise Project Management Software  

User expectations must be taken into account when developing project management software such as Mavenlink. It has gathered a huge number of users, offering important and advanced features that help users easily manage their projects. To develop effective web-based project management software, you need a little results-oriented planning and a reliable app development company next to you. Gather the facts, plan your journey, and you are set to develop an efficient project.

Know the Market and Read Your Potential Audience   

Every application development process, regardless of field, begins with thorough market research to find different facts that will help you create the perfect design for the whole process. To make an application popular, develop a successful marketing strategy, you need to know market trends and other facts about your industry. Finding competitors should be a priority; you can learn about their business strategy and the features offered in the app. Once you’re done, explore the technology their project uses. 

Your research should focus on finding the expectations of the users of a new web-based project management software. Meeting these expectations will take your app’s revenue off the charts. You can now do this research yourself or outsource this task to a marketing company that excels in this field. However, there are a number of marketing websites on the web that can provide you with a lot of useful information about a specific area.

Marking the Milestones and Deadlines- Create a Blueprint   

One of the key steps after the research part is to create a plan. This can be very useful because you would have a clear idea of the processes to be completed and other factors related to the development process, such as budget, team requirements, and more. Creating a plan with a lot of researched data becomes extremely easy. 

At this point, you have all the data for this market research; join the points and create a blueprint that makes your software stand out from the crowd. Many factors need to be planned in the project management software development process, such as features, technical stack, budget, and more. Let’s start with features. 

Features to consider  

Features are an essential part of any software, especially when it comes to project management. Users want to get the services they want in the shortest time possible. Integrate a feature set that reflects the core values of the project. Mavenlink software has a minimalist design, but it offers a number of useful features related to managing the project development process.  

Here are some important features besides the usual features like registration, account, etc., that should be considered when developing project management software.

Task Prioritization and Scheduler

Allow users to get a task completed on time with the help of Gantt charts, progress dashboards, task lists, and calendars. 

Resource management
Resource Management

Allow project managers to get an exact idea of the time schedule and workload of their teams and assign them tasks as per availability. 

Time Tracking

Allow users to track the billable and unbillable hours for various purposes and help in deriving a correct budget or expenditure. 

Document storage
Document Storage

Allow users to get every document on time without any delay. It should support every file type, including PDFs. 


Allow users to add comments in a designated comment space; however, integrating a chat feature would be great. 

File Sharing

Allow users to share files in a centralized area from where any file can be accessed by any team member. 

Team dashboards
Team Dashboards

Allow the project manager and other team members to get all the data about any project in one place. 


Allow users to get creative and project tools integrations such as Slack, Jira, Hubspot, G Suite, and more. 

Budget reports
Budget Reports

Allow users to measure, track, and forecast all the budget and expenses regarding any ongoing project. 

Account permission controls
Account Permission Controls

 Allow users to grant permissions to selected individuals and protect the assets. 

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Tech Stack to consider 

If you want your project management software to perform efficiently and deliver a soothing experience to the users, then the presence of a robust tech stack is mandatory. A project management software like Mavenlink has a generic tech stack that helps it in delivering a productive performance. Here are some technologies for your reference that should be considered while developing efficient project management software.Tech Stack to Consider

Design and Testing  

The last and most important step in any development process is design and testing. Your company’s project management software shouldn’t complicate its overall task by confusing users with complex designs. Always choose a minimalist design with a two-color pattern. The study found that users are attracted to more software with fewer colors. You need a team of software developers with essential skills. Ask your UI / UX designers to create a design that matches your values while respecting users. 

The next step in the process is testing; Always test your project before publishing it to the public. This is the golden rule of the software development process. Hire an experienced development team that should consist of a project manager, developers, user interface / UX designer, quality control, testing engineers, and a business analyst. Ask your testing engineers to follow the industry’s best practices to test your software and get rid of all bugs/ errors. Once you have fixed all the errors, your project management software is ready to be launched. 

Develop an MVP  

MVP can be defined as the minimum version of a product that helps innovators get product approval from real customers with the least amount of effort. The goal of MVP application development is to create a product with its most basic features and present it to early adopters and evangelists for feedback. Based on the feedback, you can quickly go back and repeat the features and functions. If you focus on developing an MVP, it can save your company tons of capital and hours. The process of developing an MVP is no different than developing a full-fledged project, but it serves the purpose of getting to know the initial response from the market. Here’s what you have to do to develop an MVP: 

  • Understand your business needs 
  • Search opportunities in the market 
  • Decide the features for your project 
  • Test and launch

Develop Your Enterprise Project Management Software with Matellio    

Every enterprise, regardless of the size of its operations, needs project management software for efficient workflow. The market stats of the online project management software state the presence of a number of opportunities in the field. If you follow the right strategy to develop the software, your project can be the next big name on the list of project management software. 

Matellio can help you with the development of your enterprise project development software; we can customize it as per your varying business needs. Our team of developers and experts possess wide expertise in next-gen technologies and are ready to develop the online project management software that fits your business goals. We offer flexible engagement models that keep your budget under control. If you want to know more about enterprise project management software development, get in touch with our experts over a 30-min free consultation call 

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