How to Develop a Photo Editing App like TouchRetouch?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

How to Develop a Photo Editing App like TouchRetouch?

Whether you use a digital camera or a DSLR, there is always something in those captured images that you don’t want. With a photo editing app like TouchRetouch, you can now delete any unwanted object from the pictures without any complexity. Photo editing is the most important part of the job of a photographer, and since most of them prefer to use a smartphone for on-the-go editing, these apps come in really handy. 

If you are planning to start your photo editing app development, you will need a result-oriented strategy and a reliable development partner with all the right resources and infrastructure. The global market of photo editing software is growing immensely and is expected to cross the revenue figure of 1030 million US dollars by the year 2023.  

In this blog, we will discuss the development process of a photo editing app like TouchRetouch.

  • The global market of photo editing software is growing immensely and is expected to cross the revenue figure of 1030 million US dollars by the year 2023. 
  • TouchRetouch provides means to delete any unwanted icons, objects, etc., from the image and does it with pure precision. 
  • Photo editing app helps your business in creating a robust social media campaign. 
  • TouchRetouch photo app is based on technologies like jQuery, PHP, NGINX, jQuery UI, etc. 

About TouchRetouch App

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The TouchRetouch app is a decent photo editing app with a minimalistic design developed by ADVA Soft. As iOS is the most popular platform in the USA, it was earlier designed for the same, but given the popularity of the app, ADVA Soft decided to launch it for Android as well. The app beautifully does the cutting out the unwanted details with the help of smart photo-processing algorithms. 

The TouchRetouch photo editing app has more than 1 million downloads on the Google play store, which clearly states the popularity of the app among the users. The app delivers a simple functionality that anyone can easily master. Whether you are a professional photographer or just an enthusiast, this app will make your photo editing jobs extremely easy. 

TouchRetouch offers a range of features that do a better job at any object removal from the frame. Unlike other photo editing apps that offer a wide range of features but do not perform well on the quality front, TouchRetouch offers extreme functionality. It provides means to delete any unwanted icons, objects, etc., from the image and does it with pure precision. 

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Benefits of Photo Editing App Development 

Photo editing app development is one of the popular app segments in the global market as the world is crazy about detailed photos, and most of the big companies use these detailed images to ignite a spark in their marketing campaigns. Developing the best photo editing app comes with a lot of benefits from a user point of view and an enterprise point of view. Here are some of the top benefits that tag along with the photo editing app development.

1. Enhances Brand Value

Any marketing campaign depends on the quality of the images. With a particular style of editing, businesses can strategize their marketing campaign. When your business starts using a photo editing app like TouchRetouch, you can create your own mark that is recognized by the users and helps in enhancing your brand value. 

2. Increased Sales

When your images speak a clear language, the users will be attracted towards them, ultimately enhancing the sales of the firm. No business wants a medium quality of images. With a photo editing app, you can create distinguished images with only the things that you want in the frame. Many giant businesses use these apps to convey a clear message to their user base about their vision. 

3. Great Compatibility 

Every now and then, you have to submit images to a number of websites, and none of them accepts a similar format. With the help of these efficient photo editing apps, you can create images of different sizes and qualities that perfectly fit each website’s requirements. If you are a business dealing with marketing or eCommerce, there is a huge demand for getting your images in the proper format before submitting, which can easily be fulfilled by a photo editing app like TouchRetouch. 

4. Flexible Social Media Campaign 

The world is on social media; a majority of your business’s potential audience is on social media platforms. Not many social media accept a similar kind of image; for LinkedIn, you have to create a different image, and the same goes for Instagram. Set yourself apart from the competition with high-quality images with only the things that you want in frame with a photo editing app. 

5. Reuse Photos 

With a little tweaking inside the frame of an image, you can reuse that same image elsewhere on the internet hence, saving you a little time and effort. A photo editing app like TouchRetouch can help you in developing a set of different images from a single image easily. 

How to Develop an App like TouchRetouch? 

The development process for an application like TouchRetouch is indeed full of challenges, but it’s not as complicated as you think. With proper planning and mapping of an effective action plan, you can develop a flawless photo-editing application that could be the next TouchRetouch. The development process for each photo-editing application depends on three main factors: research, planning, and the technology package associated with the project. Let’s start with the first process.Steps to Develop an App like TouchRetouch

Dig Deep into The Market Scenario 

The first step in any successful project is research. You need to know the market space and current trends that may change. An in-depth study will give you a lot of useful facts about the market to help you understand the demographics of the industry. Get to know everything about your competition and their strategy, business plan, and marketing strategy. Learn about the different insights that feed your ideas. 

After competitors, find out about the most reputable mobile app developer in the market and their services. Ultimately, you need a development partner to implement your idea. Learn about the different recruitment models for these companies and the ones that work best for you. The next step is to get to know your audience, to get to know the expectations of your users through a new photo-editing application. Keep in mind that meeting user expectations can bring you huge popularity. After gathering all the necessary facts, proceed to the next step: carving the road map. 

Set Your Plan Straight 

Now that you have gathered the useful data, it is time to create an intelligent plan. Start by deciding on platforms, whether you want to develop your platform on iOS or Android or both. Keep in mind that a cross-platform photo editing application is more successful than a single-platform application. This is an important decision, and you should have a session with your in-house team. 

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Features to Consider 

The next step is to make the app attractive. Integrating exceptional features that respect customers is an innovative way to increase the engagement of your application. Your application should have an integrated set of results-oriented features that enhance the user experience. Some of the most powerful features of a photo editing application, other than joining and creating user profiles, are listed below. 

Remove unwanted objects
Remove Unwanted Objects

Allow users to remove unwanted objects from an image, whether it’s an unwanted line or a pattern. It can be extremely useful in case your photos have been photobombed. 

Line removal
Line Removal

Allow users to remove any unwanted line; all users have to do is select a shape and remove it just with a click. Removing a shape from an image in other software can take hours. 

Photo retouching
Photo Retouching

 Allow users to retouch their photos and make them elegant and alluring. Users don’t have to zoom in or do any detailed work; this feature allows users to clone stamp the area and use it on a similar background for an excellent finish. 

Crop and edit Photos
Crop and Edit Photos

Allow users to resize their detailed image and adjust the little details such as red-eye removal, proportion settings, and more. 

Magic Color Correction

Allow users to adjust the palette and the range of the image to make it more elegant. It also helps in setting the right level of brightness, contrast, sharpness, and more. 

Format Compatibility
All Format Compatibility

Allow users to edit their photos of any format on the app; it helps the app in accepting formats like JPG, TIFF, PNG, and more. 

Tech Stack 

A powerful technology suite can improve the performance and usability of your photo editing application. TouchRetouch has a simple but efficient technical stack that increases application performance. You can ask your development partner to integrate the best technical stack according to the type of features and your expectations of the platform. Here is a generic tech stack that most photo editing apps use. 

Application and Data jQuery, PHP, NGINX, jQuery UI, Google Cloud Platform, Select2 
Utilities Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Maps, WooCommerce, Google Cloud DNS 
Business Tools WordPress, Google Fonts 

Develop an MVP 

Minimum viable product is a good idea to reduce the financial risks of a start-up, attract early users, and explore first-user feedback. MVP’s idea is to test the startup hypothesis and its potential to benefit the target audience. Start with a minimalistic design that appeals to the users. Ask your mobile app development team to come up with an artistic design that is not too complicated. Next, proceed to integrate robust features and tech stack. Move towards testing the app thoroughly to remove any kind of error and bugs. Ask your mobile app development team to test the app iteratively. If your MVP is successful, you can proceed towards a full-fledged photo editing app development. Here are the steps to create a robust MVP: 

Steps to Create a Robust MVP
1. Get a clear idea 
2. Find opportunities in the market 
3. Integrate robust features 
4. Test your MVP

Factors Affecting Development Costs

The cost of developing your application depends on several factors. Contact your development partner for an accurate estimate. The number of features you want to integrate into your application affects development costs. The decision of the platforms will have a huge impact on a budget of the development process of your photo editing application. Developing a single platform is cheaper than developing across platforms. 

However, with cross-platform development, you get a wider user base. The location of the development will fluctuate in the cost of development. In general, you have the right to control the budget of your application development process. Different companies offer workable recruitment models to help you develop a flawless application within your chosen budget.

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