How to Develop a Stock Trading App Like Invstr?

Updated on Jan 24th, 2024

Investing appears to be more accessible than it has ever been before. 

More and more aspects of daily life are becoming digitized. Stock & Crypto trading is no different than a number of other sectors. Investment projects are no longer limited to businesses with a specific focus. Everyone may readily invest and profit owing to trading platforms. Whether you prefer a hands-off approach to invest or enjoy poring over market information and making trades – or somewhere in between – the proper investment application can help you achieve your objectives.  

People all across the world currently employ a standard method for online stock trading. Some people like to shop online because it is more convenient, while others do so because they can get better deals. According to the reports, more than 1.79 billion smart people could well trade online in 2022. Companies are more likely to consider or act in ways that allow them to generate more money by developing and executing stock trading mobile app development as a result of this shift. The market for online trading platforms was worth $13.1 billion in 2019 and is predicted to rise to $18.3 billion by 2027. It comes as no wonder that demand is rising, and well-designed apps with a sound marketing plan are proving to be extremely successful.  

Take, for example, invstr, which has grown by millions of users each year since its establishment. So far, they’ve raised nearly $40 million in fundraising. Huge, isn’t it?  

Ever since, many stock trading companies in Europe, the United States, and Australia have seen an increase in demand. They’re all vying for market share by providing a brand new and simple way to profit from existing savings. 

If you’re seriously thinking about developing an app like Invstr, then this blog is for you.

  • Since its inception, Invstr has expanded by millions of users each year. They’ve raised approximately $40 million in funding so far. 
  • Invstr is a great option for anyone who wants to get some portfolio management experience before delving in. To assist users learn further about portfolio management, the app incorporates an active investor community and continuously updated social media feeds. 
  • According to predictions, by 2022, more than 1.79 billion intelligent people could be trading online. 
  • In 2019, the market for online trading platforms was valued $13.1 billion, and by 2027, it is expected to be worth $18.3 billion. 
  • Alerts, deposit money, assistance, scanners, wishlist, among others are must-have features of stock & crypto trading app.  Read blog to know more. 

Invstr: Quick Overview!Invstr

One of the greatest investment applications for beginners is Invstr. This investment app is well regarded for its fantasy game-play, which allows users to learn more about companies by playing with $1 million in fictitious money. Invstr is an excellent alternative for anyone who wants to acquire some practice managing a portfolio before diving in. The application includes an active investor community and constantly updated social media feeds to help users learn more about portfolio management.  

Invstr offers various functionalities like:
Allows customers to build a portfolio of investments.
It has the most up-to-date market data. 
Users simply need $5 to begin trading with no hidden costs. 
Informs investors about impending events.
It’s a financial education app with individualized investment alternatives, digital banking, real-time data, and educational content.
Allows trading without the need to “settle” funds.
Its design is straightforward and intuitive.
Trades with no commission.
There is no account minimum.
It is safe.

Every trading platform, as you’ve seen, has its pun. Some are appealing because of their user-friendly interfaces, while others are appealing because of their extensive investment portfolios and built-in smart features. You need something that distinguishes you apart from the competition to attract users’ attention. Understanding your business nature and knowing the aims you want to attain can help you find the winning proposal. Nonetheless, the trade project will be built on a foundation of more or less common characteristics, which we shall discuss further down.  

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What are the Features to Add to an Investment App like Invstr?

Considering several of the most prevalent competitive investment possibilities if you want to develop an app like Invstr:

Real-Time Alerts

Customizable push notifications, reminders, and real-time alerts for users. You may keep your clients informed about the stock market, investment gains, suspicious activities, special promotions, and discounts this way.  


It’ll be where customers can establish and manage their portfolios without having to leave your app or use third-party services. Consider including filters and sorting capabilities in an app like Invstr. The tips below will help you find investors and make your app, like Invstr, more user-friendly.  

Deposit Money

The most frequent method of converting money to assets is to deposit monies into the app’s virtual wallet and then purchase assets with those amounts. Bank transfers, credit/debit cards, PayPal, Google, and Apple payments are all options for depositing funds. When users can set up automatic deposits, it’s a good bonus. Furthermore, the money deposit should take place in real-time to ensure a faultless customer experience.  


You should design methods for users to contact you if they have any questions. Consider introducing a chatbot, a callback option, or an around-the-clock support crew.  


A trader’s dashboard is their workspace. Users can view order status, balance, charts, watchlists, and holdings, among other things, on this page. As you can see, there is a great deal of data to be displayed on the screen. When creating an app like Invstr, don’t overlook about monitors.  

Crypto Trades

Allow individuals to buy and sell bitcoin through a single investment platform app, guaranteeing that trades are completed quickly and without system issues.  


Stock or crypto scanning on a regular basis will give your users essential information about the stock market. The indicators listed below will help you make well-informed judgments and earn more money when buying and selling stocks.  

Personal Account

You should create an investment platform as a feature-rich application that enables customers to track earnings and performance and analyze and alter their portfolios on a regular basis.  



Traders can use a watchlist to keep a record of the stocks and crypto they want to acquire. Users are allowed to easily add and remove stocks and cryptocurrency from their wishlist. Traders won’t have to go through the entire system every time they want to check pricing because of the wishlist 

Transaction History

Transactions Management

Users should be able to deal and invest utilizing intuitive features in your stock market investment app.  



On the main screen, there ought to be charts and stock quotes. To give the most precise evaluation, price trends, and stock strategy, your data must be updated every second when it comes to purchasing and selling stocks or crypto, every second counts.  

Learn Trading

Try to include a learning component that explains how to invest and how to get the most out of the application. Gamification can be used in the instructional component, which always increases user engagement. You can also include a trading simulator, which functions similarly to the trading feature with the exception that the user does not use real money but rather imaginary money. A trading simulator is a useful tool for helping consumers understand the risks associated with trading.  

If you want more functionalities, contact us, we’ll give more details!Leverage the Capabilities of Next-Gen Technologies to Develop a Robust Stock Trading App! (1)

Moving on, let’s talk about,  

How to Build an App like Invstr?

If you want to start developing trading software, make a list of the actions you’ll need to do. Of course, there will be some modifications along the way, but the overall approach will look like below: Steps to Build an App like Invstr

1. Do some Market Research & Choose the platform 

Market research on your audience is always the first step in developing an app idea. After you’ve completed your study, you can determine which platforms your mobile application like Invstr will be built on because you can’t work anymore if you don’t understand the platforms. Applications for Android, iOS, and websites are all possible platforms. 

The best approach is to create a cross-platform app that can be used on any platform. From the beginning, a cross-platform or hybrid app gives improved visibility.  

2. Design UI/UX

For a smooth and quick customer onboarding process, UI/UX design is critical. As a result, both the experience and the interface of your application should stand out. Excessive pop-ups or registration forms will annoy your user. Maintain a straightforward approach. Make sure users simply navigate through the app and data once they’ve been properly onboarded, regardless of the investing app development platform used or the screen size.  

3. Hire the right people for App Development 

If you’re launching a stock market app, for example, the best advice is to hire seasoned project-based stock market app developers that know how to create stock market apps for both Android and iOS.  

But remember,  

The size of your app development team might also affect the cost of your project.

A development team typically consists of the following individuals: 
UI/UX designers 
Frontend developers 
Backend developers
iOS developers
Android developers
QA Engineers
Business Analyst
Project Manager

You should spend more if you require a larger workforce. However, you can’t just employ a single app developer to create your app. Mobile application development is a time-consuming process that necessitates the involvement of not just competent developers but also project managers, designers, and quality assurance specialists.  

4. Test the App

Testing is an important component of the app development process, particularly for apps that deal with personal data and money. The functionality of your application when the stock market is open and then synchronizing between devices are two aspects that really should be thoroughly checked before the public announcement of your custom mobile app like Invstr.  

Moving on, let’s check,  

How much would it Cost to Develop a Stock and Crypto Trading App like Invstr? 

Nobody can provide you with specific pricing right away. Without understanding your particular requirements, preferences, and needs, determining a price range is challenging. However, here’s a quick breakdown: 

The cost of developing an online stock and cryptocurrency trading app like Invstr, like any other mobile app, is determined by a number of criteria, including the app’s concept, features, the technology employed, UI/UX design, and a number of other conditions.  

Most importantly, the price differs from one business to the other. If you wish to assess your project idea, simply contact us, and we’ll assist you in assessing your investment app development idea.  

Integrate Best-In-Class Features to Enhance the Productivity of Your Stock Trading App! (3)


Stock trading apps are gaining traction at a time when mobile devices are grabbing the world by the storm. To overcome technical hurdles and maintain the smooth and steady functioning of your stock crypto trading app, such as Invstr, you’ll require expert engineers. Custom trading software is in high demand right currently, so if you want to build one, you’re on the right track. We have a lot of fintech development experience at MATELLIO. We’ve been working on developing solutions, investing ventures, and trading systems for a long time. Get in contact with our professionals if you’re seeking a reliable custom mobile app development team.

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