How to Develop Websites like Freelancer?

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

How to Develop Websites like Freelancer?

In the highly intertwined globalized world, the traditional notion of 9 to 5 office work has begun to fade away and not compatible with multi-dimensional working culture. Due to this nurtured global upsurge and augmented dissatisfaction from monotonous routine, freelance work like graphic designing, web consultant, Social Media coordinator, website development services, has sprung up over the past years with major opportunities of employment. Basically, a freelancer is an individual who offers their services to various clients with less or no role of third-party resources.

Furthermore, the consistent technological automation alerts 47 percent of all jobs will be automated in the next 10 years and an estimated 7.4 billion people interest to build their online presence as the scope of web design and development as a freelance has an incredible future due to potential growth in IT industry. From just a so-called “side gigs” to a prediction of transforming 80 percent of total workforce worldwide by 2030, It assured the potential contribution in employment generation. The growth of freelancing can be witnessed with a fact that in the United States alone, it contributes 36 percent (57.3 million freelancers) of the total workforce in the country. The universal cause behind the allure of sophisticated adoption of freelancing work culture is a freedom to choose your passion, diversity of work, better payments, and flexible timings. This would lead to magnificent macroeconomics advantages like agile, creative, innovative and productive local and overseas workforce and explore a simple route to access the global talent.

Websites like Freelancer is known as an online job marketplace providing opportunities for enriched collaboration between freelancers and independent employers around the globe for their mutual benefits. It satisfies the immediate requirement of part time or full-time skilled workforce for short or long term projects with no need of workstation, self-promotion, trouble or job ads. functions as a secured platform for both the contractor searching to hire website developer or a skilled person and the freelancer due to its feature of regulated payments so both can feel relax and complete the project.

Talking about the freelancer like freelancing sites, there are large numbers of freelance sites providing projects and even best in terms of payment for the freelancers. But still it becomes bewildered to pick best, so here are few excellent platforms which offers immense opportunities to showcase your skills and get hired:

  1. Envato Studio: It is meant for innovators, developers, and designers with customization of WordPress theme and logo design which makes it different from regular freelance platforms. The site enables the employers to find affordable best vendors after comparing from their posted rates their rates. Furthermore, it consists of features like job approval workflow, community recommendations, portfolio viewing, and project management tools.
  1. Fiverr: It assists entrepreneurs to search and hire workforce who helps in mushrooming their marketing and building their brand. The Contactor can view all the completed gigs, feedbacks, cancellation instances and ratings of freelancers and hire a skilled, agile and timebound individual to ensure quality work. It also offers a private chat channel (for communication between employers and workers),multi-currency support, custom offers, secured payment gateways, and many more.
  • Upwork: Upwork, formerly known as Elance-oDesk is a popular choice of large numbers of employees and workers with the broadest coverage. It implements high standards and regulated procedures for business transactions so that it can remain intact with uncertain fraud and scams. It also provides text and video communication, mobile apps for Android and iOS services for reviewing and payment, work diary, chat scheduling, feedback sharing and many more.
  • PeoplePerHour: It enables entrepreneurs to hire diligent freelancing experts or qualifies professional from desired regions, territories or countries. Businesses explore and utilize the talent on this platform to ensure impeccable and affirmative approach for a range of quality work. It also provides project history, messaging, global and local freelance directories, file sharing, invoicing, project progress tracking, in accounts funds and many more.

How does it work?

Website like Freelancer

Image Source enables enterprises to search and hire independent individuals to do project work remotely. It is a talent marketplace, a hiring platform, a timesheet for payroll and collaboration workspace where freelancers can create a profile, work portfolio, and communicate with employers. In this talent marketplace which is free to sign up, enterprises post a project and search the desired skill for a freelancer from across the globe through the directory of freelancers based on skills, experience, timezone, client feedback, rate, language fluency, and completed projects. The platform allows like videos and chats integrated for HR and applicants for test and interviews and a workspace to track his completed project work or job.

Once they like to award the project and the freelancer shows their acceptance, Freelancer charges a contracted project fee as an introduction fee related to the selected bid value. If the payment made to the freelancer is more than the actual bid, then additional project fee will be charged for overage payments. Enterprises release payment after checking the final submission of the project specified criteria or they can decide milestones and pay only after getting satisfied with delivered work. The enterprises can cancel the project at any time for up to 7 days after acceptance of the project for their full fee refund.

What you’ll need for Freelancer like websites

There are important things you’ll need for websites like freelancer, So let’s start with each step which would create and launch a unique freelancer like version:

  • Choose the right domain name: It is a fundamental requirement in creating a website which will be searched by visitors to access your freelancing platform. The chances of heavy traffic and impressions depend on the domain name, so it must be lucrative, choosy, or easy to remember. Generally, one experiences it cumbersome because consumers are comfortable web addresses, Then it becomes either necessary to buy it or create a unique memorable name.
  • Choose a host: The reliable server is required to connect host your site so that it connects to visitors browsers. If the server is encountered with an issue, then you will lose potential user due to poor customer service and weak reliability. Some hosting companies exclusively offer website development services through auto-created WordPress site or a server where the configuration of your DNS zone is necessary.
  • Installing WordPress: Installation of WordPress, an open source project, is a perfect choice, if you are not familiar with the content management system and not capable to hire designer or programmer on staff. But with WordPress due to the pre-made solutions, it becomes possible to create a site without using or knowing a single line of code language. The major functionality of it is reliable and stable which eradicates possibilities of encountering bugs with web design and development.  It is significantly simple to use, more intuitive and takes little effort in installing plugins.
  • Pick a WordPress theme: After installing WordPress, It becomes imperative to use WordPress themes to change the design of the site with the required functionalities. There are numerous themes to enrich the functioning of websites with added plugins like FreelanceEngine, Service Finder, WorkScout and many more.FreelanceEngine utilizes multiple payment platforms and escrow system which keeps transactions and workflow smooth and secured through access to PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout to increase customer base. It also offers different plugins for the site’s needs which are available at an additional cost. On the contrary, Service Finder is an easy choice with no need paid plugins and includes accounts of the service provider with booking feedback, generation of invoice and on-site payment and profile page styles. On the other hand, WorkScout with customizable design and more plugins for expansion performs an all in one job board theme through WordPress.
  • Launch Your Version of Freelancer: Now as the final step of finding the desired domain to register for getting a site online, you must prefer the best web hosting like BlueHost as they offer the free domain and auto create a WordPress site. Once It is online, you will be able to connect independent workers with providers and creates a standard freelance marketplace like Freelance.


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