Nightlife App Development – How to Create an Event App for Nightclubs?

Updated on Apr 20th, 2021

Nightlife App Development

As time is evolving, human life is becoming more and more digital and tech-savvy. With all the global market segments becoming advanced and digital, human life is also becoming fast-paced and stressful. That’s where the common public seeks ways to enjoy and relax during their free time. Nightlife app development is one such way that enables people to enjoy their free time most effectively.

Nightlife apps have made it possible for people to discover all the amazing parties and concerts helpful in making their free time more enjoyable. Naturally, the concept lured many tech-savvy entrepreneurs in nightlife app development. So, if you are such an entrepreneur and probably looking for ways to create event apps or nightlife apps, this guide is specifically for you!

The Market for Nightlife App Development

Before stepping further into the development process, it is critical to discuss market analytics to get a more comprehensive picture of the nightlife app development. Nightlife app falls under the lifestyle category, and the following statistics support the growth of the nightlife app market.

1. As of 2019, the nightlife and lifestyle apps are the 13th most popular category among Android apps.

2. In the iOS apps, lifestyle apps come in the top 4 most popular app categories, as stated by Statista.

3. As per the Nightlife Association, the nightlife industry generated a whopping revenue of $26 billion last year in the USA alone.

Most popular Apple App Store categories

Nightclub appSo, it is inevitable from the above facts, that people are more actively leveraging lifestyle apps to enjoy their lives and relax. At such a point, nightlife app development can be a profitable deal not only for the users but also for the admins. After all, a user will not hesitate to pay a little extra for availing some advanced services!

Now, probably, you might be thinking, what all functionalities or services can a nightlife app provide? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Let’s take a look at one of the nightlife apps to get a view of its features.

An Example of a Nightlife App

Nightlife AppsAlthough many nightlife apps are equally popular amongst the users, we will be discussing one of the most popular apps and offers some fantastic features.

YPlan is one such nightlife app that has been gaining momentum for quite some time now. It is an exceptional app for nightclubs that was recently launched in the global market. YPlan is a perfect app for anyone who is looking for an event or party late at night. The robust platform suggests some amazing late-night events and locations and provides you access to buy tickets for all those events. That further helps the promoters to fill their events with the sale of these last-minute tickets. The app is free of cost; however, it is available only for Android users. Here are some features that YPlan offers to its users:

1. Users can view the curated list of all the late-night events.

2. The app enables users to buy online tickets for late-night events.

3. The users can even share the events with their contacts either from the phonebook or through Facebook.

4. Once another user receives the event information, he/she can instantly book online tickets and can see who all are attending the events in their friend list.

5. You can even rate the experience of the venue on which the party is happening.

So, probably, that must have given you the idea of how an event app for nightlife works. Let us now quickly jump to the central aspect of the article, i.e., how to develop an event app for nightclubs.

How to Create a Nightlife App?


Step 1: Define your Project Goal

The first and the foremost step before beginning any project is to analyze the primary goal behind that project. That means you need to know the underlying reason you are developing that particular app, in this case, the nightlife app.

To begin with, reach out to your target audience and evaluate all the problems they are facing. Next, understand how your app can solve their problems. Having a detailed knowledge of what your customers want might help you in the long run of the nightlife app development process. While planning, it also includes the location where you want to launch your app at first.  

Step 2: Select an Appropriate Technology

Once you have analyzed your development goals, the next big step is to identify and list all the technology stacks that can help you upscale your Nightlife Mobile App development process. Now, thanks to the digital world we live in today, you can access almost hundreds and thousands of technologies at par.

Furthermore, you can adopt some robust and disruptive technologies that are trending in the global market, and that can enhance the working of your nightlife app. AI, ML, Big Data, and much more are some of the examples of technologies that can be helpful to you while creating event apps.

Besides choosing the right technology stack, you also need to select the correct development approach for your nightlife app development. Here’s a guide that can help you choose the proper methodology for your app development. How to Hire and Work With an Agile Remote Development Team?

Step 3: Include Relevant Features

Features are the most crucial aspect when developing any sort of mobile application. Having the right features can enhance the working of your event apps and could also help you to lure more users. So, to simplify your work, we have listed certain basic and advanced features that you could include while developing a nightlife app.

User Registration

User Registration enables your users and the event organizers to register themselves on your nightlife app using their basic information like username, password, email id, and contact number. The feature also lets the user enter more details like location, age, sex, and preferred interests either manually, or through social media networks. 


With the geolocation feature, it is easy for the users to locate and reach the event venue. Thus, you should work on this feature to provide an accurate location and detailed route, eliminating the chances of missing the party.

Social Media Check-in

Social media check-in allows the users to share the party details with their followers on social media. Furthermore, the users can even share the ratings and reviews of the events that they visited on their social media profiles using the robust feature of the event apps.

Push Notifications

Push notification is an amazing feature for retaining the existing customers and augmenting new users. Push notifications can serve as a great tool in the nightlife app to inform the users about new events, parties, concerts, ticket prices, and so on. Furthermore, you can even notify the users of the changes in the timings of certain events via push notifications.

Event Calendar

A pre-planned calendar integrated into your nightlife app to help your users plan the concerts and events way before they indulge in planning something else. Also, make sure that the event information you provide to the users is most attractive so that customers can get more attracted to the events.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews are the most critical factor that decides how your nightlife app is playing in the market. The ratings and reviews feature enables your app users to rate and provide feedback over the events and concerts offered by your app. They can post about any offerings and the ambiance of the nightclub, which can work in luring more customers towards your apps.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty and rewards are the most crucial aspect that is needed to retain the existing customers most astonishingly. By offering loyalty points and rewards, you can revisit your app and offer discounts on their favorite services. As a result, more and more users will frequently visit your app, and your app revenues will rise while resulting in happy customers.

Party Information

With party destination, the users can seamlessly access the detailed route for their favorite late-night events. Besides that, they can also access the theme of the party, total visitors, DJ playing, and so on. All in all, they can get an idea of the party ambiance and the cost of the tickets for accessing that party through your nightlife app.

Send Invitations

Besides getting all the information about a specific party, you should also enable your users to share that information with their friends. And that’s what the ‘send invitation’ feature does! With this powerful feature, the users can seamlessly share all the relevant information of a particular event or a night party with their friends over the phonebook or social channel. That will eventually increase the traffic on your nightlife app and will bring more revenue to you.

Book Tickets 

Finally, an essential feature that you should include in your nightlife app is the book tickets feature. With that powerful feature, the users can seamlessly book tickets to their favorite events and can pay online using the digital payment platforms. Also, remember that your user may not have access to cards all the time, so include other popular payment options in your app to ease the payment process for all the users.


Step 4: Formulate a Software Development Approach

Once you have formulated a comprehensive feature list to include in your event app, it is now time to develop a perfect software development approach. Now here are a few points that you should be leveraging to get the right strategy for nightlife app development.

  • Utilize platform as a Service (PaaS) and Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) platform to enhance your nightlife app services.
  • Actively use Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to simplify the nightlife app development process.
  • Design your nightlife app in such a manner that it seamlessly integrates with any third-party application. Also, check that it should be flexible enough to deploy it in any part of the world.

 Step 5: Hire a Dedicated Development Team

The next step in the nightlife app development process is to hire a dedicated team of developers and testers. Now, here you have two options, either go for an in-house development team or outsource experienced developers from a software engineering firm like Matellio.

Although both the choices have their significant perks, outsourcing experienced developers from a software engineering firm is always considered as the best decision. That’s probably because of the issue-handling capabilities they have and the out-of-the-box ideas they provide to the users.

Read More: 16 Reasons to Outsource Mobile App Developers 


Step 6: Find a Perfect Project Team

Once you have finalized what option you will go with, i.e., in-house or outsourcing, the next step would be to hire perfect team members. For the successful completion of your nightlife app, you need to have individual members in your development team to handle all the nightlife app development process in an effective way. To name them, we have:

  • A Project Manager
  • A Business Analyst
  • Android App Developers
  • Expert Programmers for iOS App
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Testers

Step 7: Sign-up for an MBaaS and PaaS Platform

As discussed in step-4, while formulating the software development approach, you need to consider opting for PaaS and MBaaS platforms. While a PaaS platform helps you to launch your app without massive IT investments quickly, the MBaaS platform focuses on your UI aspect, cloud infrastructure, and storage capabilities.

Here’s how both of these platforms can help you enhance your nightlife app capabilities and streamline your nightlife app development process.

  • PaaS platforms effectively handle all the crucial aspects of your nightlife app development process like cloud infrastructure, networking, operating systems, and so on.
  • The platform allows you to seamlessly integrate third-party apps and APIs into your nightlife app to make it more useful for your users.
  • PaaS platform also provides “Application Performance Monitoring” to help you identify how your app is doing on the global platform.
  • MBaaS platforms can help you manage the UI/UX aspects of your nightlife app, thus freeing up your time so that you could focus on other vital things.
  • MBaaS platforms also make it easy to manage many devices and platforms for your nightlife app, making the development process smooth.
  • Many security features, push notifications, and user management features can be employed in your nightlife app because of the MBaaS platform.

For the PaaS platform, you can go for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Beanstalk, Microsoft Azure, or Heroku. Similarly, for the MBaaS platform, you can opt Google Firebase, Appcelerator, or Azure Mobile Apps.

Step 8: Integrate Third-party Solutions

Third-party apps play a crucial role in extending the capabilities of your nightlife app. Meaning, you can perform many tasks and can even introduce functionalities in your app that are beyond the scope of a nightlife app.

Now, to make your work more simplified, here we have listed some critical third-party applications and software solutions that you can readily integrate into your nightlife app.

  • CRM Solution for dealing with Nightlife Businesses
  • Mapping API like Google Maps
  • An eCommerce Solutions for in-app purchase feature
  • Payment Gateway Provider
  • ID Verification Solution
  • Bulk SMS Solution

For all these third-party apps, you can seamlessly contact your technology partner. An experienced software engineering firm will help you integrate all those third-party apps in your nightlife app.  

Step 9: Nightlife App UI Design

UI is the most critical aspect when framing any sort of mobile application irrespective of your niche. Even if you have all the amazing features, but if they are not user-friendly or, in other words, accessible by your users, they are of no use. Hence, you should pay heed to the UI and UX aspect of your nightlife app and should invest readily in enhancing the user-friendliness of the features and functionalities of nightlife apps.

For achieving an amazing UI for your nightlife app, your development team should consult “Human Interface Guidelines” and “Material Design Guidelines” while developing an iOS and an Android app, respectively. Furthermore, the team should select the right kind of themes, navigation menus, and app icons for your nightlife app. Consulting an experienced mobile app development team can help in that process.

Step 10: Develop and Test the Code

The last step of the nightlife app development is to develop and test the code you have employed in creating the nightlife app. Once you get an idea of the perfect themes, technology stack, and tools for your app, you should efficiently initiate the development process. Here are a few things that you can consider while developing and testing the nightlife app.

  • Use Java to code the nightlife app and remember to get the legal license for that. Java has multiple advantages and can be a great help in implementing many functionalities that might not be possible with any other technical language. Read more benefits of Java by clicking here.
  • Use Android Studio, if you are planning to develop your nightlife app for android users.
  • Test the app using an automated testing method as it provides accurate results and also points out even the minutest of the errors in your app. Read our guide here to know all about automated testing.
  • Publish your app on the Play Store and the App Store after careful testing of the app.


Planning to Develop a Nightlife App?

So, that ends our article on how to develop a nightlife app. By far, we discussed how the people are getting more and more tense and anxious with each passing day and how a nightlife app can help them relax and improve their moods. We also discussed how you could seamlessly create event apps to grow your event and lifestyle business. Now, certainly, you might be thinking about how you can achieve all those steps effectively to develop a nightlife app? Well, that’s where software engineering firms come into play!
Matellio is one such software engineering firm with years of experience in building various mobile applications for multiple industries. Whether education or entertainment or even healthcare, we effectively serve all our customers. Our programmers and testers promise to deliver an error-free and cost-effective mobile and software application with the latest technology upgrades. Want to know more? Feel free to reach us and get a 30-minute consultation on your next project free! Visit

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