Top 10 Features the Best Fleet Management App should have

Updated on Feb 23rd, 2023

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Digitization in the global market has transformed many sectors, and fleet management is no exception. People engaged in the telematics business are readily accepting of the change and leverage fleet management software to satisfy their growing business needs. A useful fleet management software provides the real-time location of the fleet and ensures timely maintenance and safety of the fleets and drivers.

A properly developed fleet management software can even offer more than that! From geo-fencing to engine alerts, and even driver’s behavior, you can get a lot of information from a capable fleet management software. Due to all those great benefits and reports, many of the leading logistics and transportation firms today are actively leveraging the fleet management software.

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Are you also planning to build a fleet management software for your telematics business? Wait, here’s something important for you! This article has the top ten best features that you should include in your fleet tracking software. Let’s get started!

1. Real-time GPS Tracking

One of the significant features that should be considered while investing in fleet management software is real-time GPS tracking functionality. Real-time tracking allows you to get the accurate location of your fleets and assets in real-time.

Additionally, it even provides you the ability to categorize your assets and offers real-time flow information from origin to destination. The assets can be classified broadly based on different factors ranging from accountability to physical characteristics.

With GPS tracking functionality, you can even track your stolen fleets or update the accidents or damages that happened to the fleet in real-time. It also collects the driver’s activities like harsh braking and harsh acceleration to be updated about risky driving patterns. Real-time tracking features work seamlessly for vehicle tracking, and accident or damaged tracks.

2. Mobility

fleet management app

In today’s tech-driven world, everything has become mobile. Whether in education or healthcare, businesses across various industries are investing in mobile app development to control things while sitting remotely. In such a mobile world, the fleet management sector is no exception.

With fleet maintenance apps, you can seamlessly bridge the gap between you and your driver. The fleet management apps provide a comprehensive view of your asset utilization, damages, repairs, and other operational aspects. The drivers can even log in from their end about any repair or maintenance that the fleet must undergo quickly.

And the best of all! With fleet management apps, you can seamlessly reduce your downtime. Instead of getting to your office, or connecting to your drivers, you can get all the information straight away on your smartphones or tablets. That could also save you a lot of money and other vital resources.

3. Secure Web App

It is no doubt that a feature-rich fleet management app can solve all your issues quickly, but having a secure web app is also equally important. A secure web application synced with your mobile app will let you store and access all the fleet information.

You can configure all the fleet-related data from different mobile apps and store them in your fleet management software. Besides that, an active fleet system also allows you to control vital operations like fuel optimization, route management, maintenance, and electronic inspections.

It even gives you an intuitive dashboard that has details of all the vital operations related to your fleet management. You can send/receive numerous data from your fleet management software directly to different mobile applications connected to your system.

4. Seamless Communication

Communication is always a vital problem when it comes to tracking or maintaining your fleets. A proactive communication platform helps you stay in touch with your drivers and assures complete safety and visibility into fleet management operations. It helps to improve the collaboration between you and your drivers, and even reduces your downtime.

For instance, with a visual communication tool, the drivers could easily send the naps and videos of any fault developed in your fleets. On the other hand, even you can provide quick solutions or suggestions to help them overcome the failure. Besides that, a communication platform also enables you to sync with the maintenance employees better. Meaning, you can leave detailed comments on the maintenance work orders to guide the workers efficiently about the core problem. That not only saves your money but also saves a lot of time for fleet maintenance!

5. Geofencing

Now, that’s a crucial feature that makes fleet management software out of this world. It is often seen that most of the fleets get damaged or delayed because of the wrong routes they take. The fleet managers also get furious about this as the selection of wrong paths results in delay and fuel consumption and unsafe deliveries. The geofencing feature of the fleet management app can solve all those issues in no time!

With geofencing features, you can make virtual fencing around the locations that you do not want your fleets to visit. Now, when the drivers find the route, then they will not get anything around those locations. That will eventually help you to optimize fuel and ensure more safety to your drivers and crucial assets.


6. Engine Alerts

Often, many of the drivers, knowingly, or unknowingly start the fleets and keep them ON for a long time, even if they are not moving anywhere. That causes considerable confusion, as there is continuous consumption of both the fuel and the battery power. Additionally, the delay in deliveries also causes a decrease in the reputation of your brand.

To eliminate all such issues, you should include engine alerts option in your fleet management software. With engine alert options, you can get an accurate report of when your fleet is moving and standing with the engine in its ON position.

But engine alerts will also provide you updates of even a small fault in your engine to mitigate any future damages or accidents. Ignition alerts, engine failure, fuel consumption, and mileage tracking are some of the reports that you can get with engine alerts feature.

7. Fuel Optimization

fleet management solutionsFuel economy is the most concerning factor when it comes to fleet management. Nearly all the fleet managers are concerned about fuel economy and always look for ways to mitigate waste.

Fuel optimization is one such feature that can help you solve the fuel wastage issue to a significant extent. By providing optimized routes and speed, this feature can help you save a lot of fuel on every delivery to the drivers. The drivers could get a specific report on their driving pattern that is wasting a lot of fuel, and the fleet managers could also be informed of the same. With proper planning and leveraging all the reports and optimized routes, you can save a lot on your fuel.

8. Maintenance Workflows

Maintenance is also a vital aspect that has to be taken care of while managing your fleets. A single error in identifying the faults at the right time can result in huge losses. You may have to incur a lot of money on the maintenance if the defect is not identified at the proper time. Not only that, but that small fault can even result in danger for your drivers!

Thus, with fleet management software and enterprise mobility solutions, you can seamlessly identify even a small error in your fleet. The automated techniques and precise identification method incorporated in the fleet management software make it perfect for maintenance workflows. The software helps to identify the faults in the fleets and alerts you on the same in real-time.

Besides that, you can even add detailed notes for the maintenance workers to save their time and for the proper maintenance of the fleets. A fleet maintenance app also helps you control and monitor the maintenance process while sitting at your home or in the office away from the maintenance workshop.

9. TCO Calculation 

Getting the actual cost of your fleet is still a tedious task for most of the fleet managers. Regularly check the fleets’ performance, and keeping a strict maintenance routine is essential but a tedious task for the fleet managers. However, with fleet management software, all those tasks become a piece of cake!

fleet maintenance app

A fleet maintenance app enables you to timely track and monitors the exact condition of your fleet in real-time. You can get updates over certain parts of the fleet that will fail if not serviced on time. Besides that, the fleet maintenance app also provides you configurable reports on all the different costs associated with your fleet’s maintenance.

All that eventually helps you to calculate the true cost of your fleet in real-time. How does it matter? When you get to know your fleet’s true value, you can easily decide whether you want to keep that vehicle, get it serviced, or sell that particular fleet. You can also get to know the precise value of your fleet in the current time.

10. A Complete Package

Finally, try to invest in a fleet management software that can efficiently solve all the tracking and maintenance issues of your fleet management. Explore some of the advanced features, and try to include at least a few of them to make your fleet management superior to your competitors.

Remember, with capable fleet management software; your fleet operations will improve, resulting in increased profits and productivity. Your drivers would be safe, and you will get timely and accurate information on all your small or huge aspects related to fleet management.

Also, try to digitize your fleet operations to get maximum benefits of the fleet management software. Give proper training to your employees and solve one of the biggest challenges of implementing a fleet management software – driver’s privacy issues!


Wrapping it up!

So those were some of the crucial features that you must include in your fleet management software to enhance your business operations and maximize the benefits of fleet management software. To conclude, we can say that the world is moving towards digitization faster, and so should you! To match the needs of the present-day customer, you must adopt an effective fleet management software that automates all the tasks and simplifies the fleet managers and drivers’ everyday work.
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