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Embrace automated and fully controlled fleet operations with fleet management solutions built by our experts. As a leading fleet management software development company, we offer software engineering expertise to help our clients optimize routes, driver safety, and real-time fleet tracking.
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    What is

    Achieve Greater Operational Efficiency with a Custom Fleet Management Solution

    Leverage custom fleet management solutions equipped with GPS tech to visualize the fleet telematics data and improve efficiency while eliminating performance issues. Get real-time metrics for your fleets and track driver behavior to eliminate fuel thefts and hefty fleet maintenance. As an experienced company, we aim to enhance security and increase customer satisfaction by integrating real-time tracking functionality in your GPS fleet management solutions. So, begin with your fleet management software development by partnering with our experts!
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    Lower Operational Cost
    Lower Operational Cost

    Reduce your operational cost by mitigating fuel wastages and eliminating harsh vehicle conditions through real-time monitoring.

    Data Analytics
    Predictive Analytics

    Get predictive analysis capabilities to locate the faults in your fleets before they impact the overall functioning of your business.

    Real-Time Insights

    From halts, stoppages, driver behavior to engine alerts and even invoices, get actionable insights into every aspect of your business.

    Copay Management
    Easy Management

    You can easily manage your business processes ranging from fleet maintenance, driver security, on-time product delivery, and more.

    Features that Enhance Fleet Management Software Development

    Matellio offers powerful features that streamline all your fleet operations and give you an edge over your competitors.
    Fuel Control
    Fuel Control

    Mitigate fuel wastages by getting real-time reports on fuel consumption for each of your fleets along with fuel level indicators to eliminate thefts and frauds.

    Route Optimization
    Route Optimization

    Secure your drivers and other critical assets by optimizing the routes of their deliveries while checking real-time traffic and road conditions.


    Set geographical boundaries across specific locations that you find inappropriate and get alerts when any of your fleets enter or leave those boundaries.

    Driver Behaviour
    Driver Behaviour

    Get real-time analytics on your driver’s behavior, including harsh braking, harsh acceleration, total stoppages, and working hours for efficient management.

    Vehicle Tracking
    Vehicle Tracking

    Get real-time location of your fleets with satellite imagery, and track the ignition period of your engine with smart sensors and fleet application.

    Engine Alerts
    Engine Alerts

    Get real-time alerts on active ignition period of your fleets, and stay updated with the engine maintenance and repair issues through detailed reports.

    Trip History
    Trip History

    Track and manage the route history taken by any of your vehicle during a particular time interval visually on a map along with stoppages and speed.

    On Demand Reports
    On-Demand Reports

    Get real-time on-demand reports of various conditions of your fleets including harsh driving, , total stoppages, total halts, and routes on your fleet app.

    Login Registration

    Offer an easy onboarding functionality to your drivers by enabling them to create an account on the fleet management app using their name and contact details.

    Asset Tracking
    Route Tracking

    You can let your drivers to track the routes predefined by you while alerting them for geofences and offering them real-time traffic changes.

    Consignment Status
    Consignment Status

    Your drivers can easily update the status of their consignment delivery through QR code scanning or through OTP confirmation with their fleet apps.

    Panic Alert
    Panic Alert

    Help your drivers to remain safe and alert their managers as soon as they sense any issue with panic alert functionality in your fleet management software.

    Journey Report
    Journey Report

    Let your drivers view their complete journey report for a particular consignment delivery along with the stoppages, speed, and time they worked.

    Central Dashboard
    Central Dashboard

    The drivers can view theory total working hours, overtime or undertime, and their salaries all at one place with a centralized and visual-rich dashboard.

    Online Driver Education
    Online Driver Education

    Offer the tips and tricks to your drivers to enable a safe driving environment for them during a specific shipment or for selected routes.


    Offer your drivers to view their performances and compare them with other drivers to improve their performances and enhance your fleet management operations.

    Want to Include Custom Features in your Fleet Management Software?

    Connect with our experts to explore the best features for your project matching your needs.

    We Deliver a Unique and Business-Centric Fleet Management Software

    Need a Free Quote for Fleet Management Software Development?

    Connect with our experts to validate your ideas and get a free custom quote for your project.

    Why Matellio for Fleet Management Software Development?

    As a leading fleet management software development company, our main goal at Matellio is to empower your business with our next-gen engineering services. Our expertise in IoT, advanced analytics, intelligent fleet management solutions, and location technology helps us offer you powerful fleet management software development services that give you an edge over your competitors. You can choose any fleet solution, from web portals, fleet apps to SaaS platforms, and we will provide it for you. So, partner with us for your fleet management software development and step towards future-proof digital transformation.
    Free Market Analysis
    Free Market Analysis

    Our expert consultation and free market analysis service ensure complete success for your fleet management software development idea.

    20+ Years Experience
    20+ Years Experience

    With years-long experience in software development, we offer solutions that satisfy various needs of your business and customers.

    Cloud Services
    Cloud-Based Development

    We are partnered with AWS, Google, and Microsoft to give you cloud-based fleet management solutions for added scalability and security.

    Services We Offer with Fleet Management System Development

    Technology Consulting Services
    Technology Consulting

    We offer technology consulting and market analysis services to help you choose the most reliable features, tech stack, and designs for custom fleet management software solution.

    Fleet Software Development
    Software Solutions

    We engineer next-gen fleet management solutions equipped with latest technologies including IoT, Blockchain, & AI/ML to help you gain competitive advantage & generate better revenues.

    Fleet App Development
    App Development

    We have experts that can offer your feature-rich fleet management apps for Android users, iOS users, and for cross-platform platforms through our hybrid app development services.

    Testing and Re-Engineering Services
    QA & Migration

    We deliver error-free fleet management solutions that work perfectly across all the platforms of your choice. We help you modernize your existing legacy solution for a competitive advantage.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do you develop fleet management software?

    We follow the agile development methodology to develop your fleet management software as per your business standards. Our development process includes:  

    • Validating your ideas  
    • Conducting market and competitor analysis  
    • Offering you the best features and tech stack  
    • Signing an NDA before software development  
    • Creating an MVP based on your chosen features and designs  
    • Developing your fleet management software  
    • Testing your product and deploying it on your choice of platforms 

    2. Can you help me with fleet mobile app development?

    Yes, we can help you develop a feature-rich fleet application that runs seamlessly across the devices of your choice. You only need to discuss your ideas with our experts, and they can deliver fleet apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and other systems.   

    3. What other services do you offer for my fleet management solution?

    We offer a wide range of professional services to enhance your fleet management software development, such as: 

    • Idea validation 
    • MVP creation
    • Web/Mobile app development
    • UI/UX services 
    • Automated testing and QA 
    • Data integration 
    • Platform migration
    • Features addition
    • Dedicated developers and more

    4. Can I customize my fleet management reports as per my convenience?

    Yes, you can customize every report of your fleet management software at your convenience. You can add your choice of categories and even change the reports’ design with our dedicated fleet software developers.

    5. What is the accuracy level of fuel monitoring?

    We provide accuracy in every functionality that we offer. Moreover, we also have a special feature in fuel monitoring that reflects a sudden drop in fuel level (THEFT) without vehicle movement.

    6. Can I use a fleet management solution for tracking personal vehicles?

    Yes, a custom fleet management solution can be used to track or manage other vehicles, including cars, trucks, boats, or any other personal vehicle.

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