Top 9 Benefits Of Slack Salesforce Integration

Updated on Apr 30th, 2021

Top 9 Benefits Of Slack Salesforce Integration

As the company or business grew, messages, team collaboration, and communication became exceedingly messy and difficult to manage. Keeping in contact with your employees is even more critical when they operate remotely. It’s important to keep up with what’s going on with your clients and coworkers. Often, you have to send a quick message to teammates to keep everyone updated on activities or tasks. That’s where two popular Slack and Salesforce CRM come in. Slack allows you to communicate with your colleagues by connecting you to the individuals and resources you use on a daily basis quickly. Salesforce Slack Integration enables you to chat in real-time, which improves team coordination and efficiency while also optimizing search throughout channels.

This Integration makes things a bit easier for you. You’ll be able to check for leads, clients, and documents directly in Slack once both the tools are integrated. Salesforce’s CRM data and notifications can be shared in any Slack channel. Also, you will have a comprehensive view of your procedures, a 360degree view of each customer or client, and provide actionable insights once the slack salesforce integration is done.

Salesforce slack integration servicesThe slack salesforce integration has various benefits. In this blog, we will discuss the top benefits of slack Integration with salesforce.

But first,

What is Slack? What does it offer?

Slack is a team communication and team collaboration software designed to make business communication much simpler. To put it more simply, imagine that having all of your team’s communications in one location, easily searchable and accessible from anywhere like all of your messages have been sent, any of your documents, as well as other programs and services; Everything at one place.

Phone calls, video conferences, and screen sharing are all possible with Slack. The design is adaptable. At any time, for any reason, channels can indeed be formed and disabled. Channels can be reached and exited at any time. You may build threads inside channels to help coordinate numerous discussions going on at the same time. Slack is beneficial for any company or business that works with remote teams, either you work from home or an office or another part of the world. You may also include clients, existing customers, or prospects in various discussions with teammates.

Over 7000+ companies worldwide use Slack for their daily team communication, like Instacart, Robinhood, Airbnb, Shopify, Pinterest, and plenty others.

Advantages of Slack are:

  • Easy to integrate with other apps.
  • Easily searchable history
  • Multi-domain support
  • Easily usable & scalable
  • Effective communication with team
  • Enables customization

Moving on, let’s discuss,

Features and functionalities of Slack

Slack comes with lots of useful features and functionality like:

  • Channel – A channel is where you’ll locate the records, individuals, documents, and resources you’ll need to finish your project. Different networks may indeed be built for various reasons, such as tasks, teams, or categories, to keep things coordinated. There are two types of channels; public and private.
  • Bots – Slack enables users to build their customized bots entities to converse and give commands through the chat feature. These robots can indeed be configured to monitor expenditures, record concerns, and submit meeting updates, among other things.
  • Shared files – Inside your Slack channels, you can exchange files in actual environments. You may leave a comment on a particular file and receive immediate suggestions.
  • Voice Calls – Despite your Slack plan, Slack has a constructed calling functionality which you can use to contact any one of your colleagues via personal message. Calling from either a channel or direct community message, on the other hand, is only possible if you have a paid Slack plan.
  • Search Bar – Slack’s advanced search feature is perhaps one of the most appealing functionality. Your team will quickly locate old messages and documents in the application by using the search function. They can refine their searches by defining the message or file’s stream, team member, or date. They can also scan the details of files that have been uploaded.
  • Threads – Slack discussions can be organized using threads. In channels and personal messages, teammates and participants will start conversation threads. You can use threads to separate discussions so that the main chat view isn’t cluttered. You may also choose to follow or unfollow threads based on whether you want to be informed of new responses or events.

As we discussed; slack and its features, now let’s move forward and discuss,

Ready To Leverage The Full Benefit Of Slack For Your Business

What is Salesforce CRM? What does it offer?

Salesforce CRM is a multi-solution application and the world’s prominent CRM software that can assist companies with almost any task. Salesforce CRM keeps records of both customer and client data and experiences, guaranteeing that nothing can be lost in the system. This can, for example, be used to support existing and previous customers connect further by sending tailored and personalized messages.

Salesforce has made teamwork easy and effortless at all levels for each service from marketing campaigns, sales funnel, communicating with clients, and addressing problems are all examples of this.

Besides, there are various other Salesforce services that you can use to streamline your business processes and team/customer/client communications like:

  • Salesforce sales cloud
  • Salesforce marketing cloud
  • Salesforce IoT cloud
  • Salesforce commerce cloud
  • Salesforce community cloud
  • Salesforce app cloud
  • Salesforce financial services cloud
  • Salesforce analytic cloud
  • Salesforce service cloud

Advantages of Salesforce CRM are:

  • Keeps track of your connections
  • Keeps track of potential leads
  • Produce valuable reports
  • Creating and tailoring email marketing strategies
  • Easy managing of social interactions
  • Maintain databases of customer experiences
  • Easy third-party app integration

Salesforce implementation servicesMoving on, let’s discuss,

Features of Salesforce CRM

Features and functionality that salesforce CRM offers are:

  • Contact management – Salesforce CRM ensures easy contact management by providing connections to consumer key information and engagement history. It provides a full image of the customer with insights and engagement-boosting tactics. Customers’ social data can be used to get a good sense of their specific actions regarding any product or service.
  • Einstein Analytics – Einstein Analytics provides high data analytics that aids in unlocking complex sales and service observations. You will get to the next level quicker with Einstein Activity. This analytics also includes integrated dashboards that link users to revenue, operation, and group databases.
  • Quote Management – With prediction and efficiency monitoring, Salesforce CRM streamlines the sales and business operations. With this functionality, managing product quotes is a breeze. You will easily keep track of the items that are part of your offer, including the regular price, amount, product code, and estimated price.
  • Lead Management – It provides access to up-to-date connections on a timeline along with standard operating procedures. It also employs the sales path to comprehend the necessary records. The app also works as a fast lead converter, tells you where the leads came from in the first place.
  • Accounts – This is a single account that your company is in charge of or interacts with. Customers, associates, and businesses could all be included.
  • Campaign Management – Campaign management records and manages mail promotions, bulk emailing, and other campaigns.

Since we addressed both Slack and salesforce CRM along with their features and advantages, moving on, let’s discuss,

How is Salesforce Slack Integration beneficial for your business? Top 9 benefits!

how slack salesforce integration can benefit your businessThe salesforce slack integration enables you to exchange and search salesforce contacts and account information, and data of leads and prospects directly in Slack.

The Integration also enables you to:

  • You’ll be able to handle accounts more efficiently while spending less time doing so.
  • You can directly access the messages on Slack when an event occurs in salesforce CRM.
  • You can view Salesforce records and dashboard directly through slack channels,
  • You can build and modify salesforce objects directly from Slack.


The top 9 benefits of Slack Salesforce integration are:

1. Get Timely Updates 

Your teammates would not lose any changes to essential Salesforce data thanks to the slack salesforce integration. On Slack, all sales and customer service reps will be able to access personalized updates in real-time. This ensures they won’t have to take time away from their jobs to log into yet another system to stay informed. The team has far more flexibility and day to concentrate on critical tasks thanks to the simplified communication & collaboration networks.

2. Easy Coordination 

Your employees could also use slack channel rights to optimize business activities with slack salesforce integration. Once you map Salesforce CRM to your preferred Slack channel, everyone in that channel can interpret and respond to the messages. You’ll be capable of communicating with several other teammates outside of a customer-facing Slack conversation with salesforce slack integration to guarantee you have the right response to anyone who approaches your company or business.

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3. Easy File Access and Sharing 

Employees can browse for and review all Salesforce documents associated with clients they are managing, prospects, or new cases without requiring existing slack channels using the Slack Salesforce integration. It’s simple to hook in teammates as all you have to do is label them in Slack, and they’ll get all the information they need.

4. Easy Quote Management 

When a quote or suggestion is received for review, denied, or accepted, sales operations, administrative, and management departments will be excited. Employees say that they spend hours, although not days, a month reviewing to see if opportunities have been accepted and, if not, what needs to be changed. They will now get this data front and center in their Slack inbox thanks to Salesforce Slack integration. Furthermore, you will respond to these alerts to modify salesforce CRM records immediately.

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5. Easy to Prioritize Tasks 

Businesses who use Salesforce CRM to manage their customer onboarding phase will now receive all of their Salesforce next measures and assignments in Slack, allowing them to prioritize and operate on them right away. With the salesforce slack integration, Slack will become a part of your daily process and give you useful information about forthcoming tasks without you having to leave your slack space.

seamlessly integrate salesforce services with slack

6. Automates Daily Tasks 

Salesforce slack Integration allows you to simplify routine tasks with ease. This reduces workload, improves performance, and reduces the chance of mistakes. Emails, voicemails, call logging, lead prioritization, appointment scheduling, and other routine activities can be standardized.

7. Boost Revenues

When customer information is readily accessible, internal coordination and cooperation among departments improve. Since all data is widely accessible, response times are reduced. You can also quickly find prospects, analyze leads, monitor timelines, and monitor sales operations in actual time with Salesforce slack integration. All of this contributes to increased profitability.

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8. Ensures Effective Reporting 

Salesforce integration with Slack makes data analysis easy, resulting in more accurate and effective reporting. With tools that make it simple to produce numerous reports such as a lead progress report, a comprehensive sales report, and so on. This gives you a clear view of how much money you’ve made and identifies aspects you can develop.

9. Enhances Customer Engagement and Experience 

Customer support is improved as a direct consequence of all the above – transparency, easy monitoring of customer information, and improved team communication. Your employees can quickly resolve any customer query or problem using the Salesforce slack integration. This, in essence, aids in the creation of brand awareness.

slack integration with salesforce solution


Slack salesforce integration is good for companies and businesses; salesforce slack Integration enables you to exchange thoughts, opinions, and files simultaneously with your colleagues and other departments of the company while also transmitting salesforce’s data to the conversation.

So, now that you understand what Salesforce and Slack are and their different attributes, salesforce slack integration, and their numerous advantages, we believe you make the best decision possible. However, if you also need additional explanations or have questions about the salesforce slack integration, we will assist you as top salesforce consultants!

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