Top Digital Marketing Trends to Adopt in 2019

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Lately, it has started to feel like there is no stability in our world anymore, and we don’t mean it in any sort of literary way. We’re talking about the fact that every year, things change and they change fast. In the past decade alone, we have gone from QWERTY keypad Blackberries to cell phones with foldable screens. From a Bluetooth connection between two mobiles being a big deal to having an IoT not being enough, almost all sectors have been through some monumental changes. And 2019 is sure to have a lot of them up its sleeve as well. A lot will change this year too, and you and your business need to be ready to adjust accordingly.

The digital marketing sector has grown phenomenally in the past decade. As the number and popularity of social media platforms and mobile devices grew, a new horizon presented itself for the marketers to target. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all of these platforms are great advertisement tools for brands. And we can not forget about YouTube and Google Ads either. All of these tools and platforms help marketers in boosting their brand awareness and reeling in new customers while retaining the ones they have.

Digital marketing needs to be an essential part of any business’ marketing strategy if they want to survive in today’s times. And as we have mentioned it before as well, almost all sectors are in a state of constant change. We are not sure yet where all of it’s headed or what the final outcome will be, but right now, everything is changing, and we need to keep up with those changes as well. Such is the case with the digital marketing realm, too. And today we bring you a list of 7 digital marketing trends which will be hot in 2019 and tell you how they can help you adjust in the tumultuous market space.

1. Snack Ads

If you’ve ever attended an internal sales meeting where your superior talked about hooking your customer’s attention as soon as possible, then you may have heard him say something like- users don’t have much attention span these days. What they are trying to say is with so many things to do and so many distractions on the internet, people nowadays find it harder and harder to fully invest their interest in any one thing. And with so much video content available online now, people’s attention span has gotten even lower. So if you’re not hooking your customer’s attention in the first few seconds, then you’ve lost them.

To rectify this, Snack Ads are now being used industry wide. They are basically small videos (Almost 10 seconds long) which are created solely to elevate user-retention ratio. It was found in a study that 89% of the users are engaged with ads below 10 seconds while ads which span for a minute or more, fail to hold their interest. Many brands are now following the Snack Ad technique, and Fox has already claimed that they will start using Snack Ads on all their streaming services in 2019.

2. Chatbots

banner_300x250With the rapid growth in choices, customers have grown addicted to flawless customer services. Even the slightest hiccup in the communication is unacceptable. So the industry has been looking for a solution that will be available to their customers 24/7, helping them with their issues. The answer to this problem surfaced a few years ago- Chatbots. And ever since then, their popularity has been on a steep rise. Now we are able to create highly sophisticated chatbots which are able to answer to your customer queries any time they want they arise. You can either have your very own chatbot created, which will, of course, take big bucks and a lot of time. Or you can buy one of them as well; the internet is literally littered with high-end Chatbots which provide great user experiences.

Now some might be worried that this will lead to a rigid communication between their brand and customers, but the truth cannot be farther from that. A recent study shows that 70% of customers submitted positive reviews about their experience with Chatbots. And with changes coming fast, this number is likely to go higher in 2019. And if you don’t want to invest in a chatbot, then don’t. There are many free Chatbots available on the internet, just ready to take your marketing strategy to a new level.

It is predicted that by 2020, 85% of the overall customer interactions will be dealt by Chatbots. So consider getting a chatbot for your business really seriously because you don’t want to be left behind in this market.

3. Blockchain

Blockchain technology has been on a constant rise ever since its inception. It has provided answers to many security questions and seeing what it has to offer most industries have now adopted it in their business models. Digital marketing is one such sector, and in the coming years, we are bound to see some major blockchain related work done in it. To increase their user retention, marketers have been using blockchain technology. The trick is to encourage users to sit and pay attention to the marketing content and get rewarded in return.

One of the hottest platforms which incentivize watching an ad is BAT (Basic Attention Token). It is an initiative by the creator of Java and co-creator of Mozilla and Firefox, and it rewards a user for his attention. Below is the basic diagram of how BAT works and to find out more about the solution, click here.


The BATs that a user earns can be used for premium content or services on the BAT platform.

4.  Social Media Influencers

Brand endorsement has been around since the beginning of mass media- Famous and influential people endorsing one product or another, luring customers towards a business. And in this digital age, it has a new face. With the rise of social media, we have seen the rise of a new strand of celebrities, people who came up by gathering massive social media following. Gamers, fitness enthusiasts, models, stand-up comedians, social media has given a home to a lot of artists and a way to make money, too. People follow these influencers religiously, keeping an eye out on their every move. And brands have found a clever way to bring in more customers by exploiting this fan-following. More than actors and legit models, they have started to sponsor these influencers. The result at first was really impressive. But since customers are not so easily fooled these days and don’t like endorsements thrown in their faces everytime they see a post from an influencer, marketers are more subtle now.

Social media influencers are getting more and more popular these days. Iskra Lawrence, Jen Selter, Ninja are only some of the social media superstars who earn their brands and themselves big bucks, simply by being relevant and connecting with today’s youth.

5. Being Transparent

For the longest time, the marketing sector’s had a bad reputation of being conniving and soul-less — it as a widely accepted notion that people in the marketing realm scheme and try to con customers into buying dumb stuff, solely on the basis of their clever propaganda. So to change the opinion of the masses, brands are now becoming more involved with their customers and are adopting a more transparent model of business.

Customers in this era are very smart, sensitive and thoughtful. They need a connection with a brand to commit to it. It is no longer about being the provider of the best products at best prices; customers want to know what a brand stands for (do not forget the H&M debacle regarding the photograph of a child model which stirred up racial tension all across the world and damaged the brand’s reputation greatly). So consumers want to know who you are, as a brand and the best way they can do it is by you not putting up any walls between you and them.

6. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has constantly been a hot trend for several years now, and it is going to be one in 2019 as well. The prime reason behind that is the constant rise in the number of mobile devices. Statistics show that there 1.2 billion people use mobiles worldwide, spending 2-3 hours on them daily. Furthermore, it has been forecasted that 79% of  US advertisement spending will be done on mobile advertising alone.

With so many industries focusing on this vast pool of 1.2 billion customers, do we need to convince you any further that mobile marketing should serve as the backbone of your marketing efforts in 2019?

7. Content Cluster


With recent changes made in their algorithms, search engines are now focusing more on the quality and relevancy of the data rather than keywords. So content clustering is something you and your site need to think about seriously. In an effort to bring the best possible result to its users, search engines are trying to find a way to find out how relevant is the content on your site. And by clustering content about a topic on your site, you give off the air of being an expert in the area, and Google and other search engines give you good SERP ranks.

To learn more about Content Clustering, visit our article on How to rank number one on Google in 2019- top tips.


With 2019 getting close, it is time you started to prepare for it. All the tell tales of it being a big year for pretty much every industry are there. And it doesn’t matter what you do, sell clothes, sneakers or fancy dog collars, you cannot afford lack behind, on any front. So think seriously about jumping on these trends and give your business a competitive advantage over others.