Top Enterprise IoT Use Cases in 2024

Updated on Feb 8th, 2024

Top Enterprise IoT Use-Cases in-2024

IoT, or the Internet of Things, has taken the wave of digital transformation by storm! That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that there will be nearly 29 billion IoT devices by 2030! The numbers may vary according to different research, but one thing is clear: IoT is here to stay and grow. From energy to logistics, every industry has started embracing this technology. This proves there are plenty of enterprise IoT use cases for you to consider and adopt.

So if you were wondering who uses IoT for what, why, and when, don’t worry; we’re here with answers! Moreover, we will also tell you how you can leverage the technology specifically for your business advantage. If you wish to cut to the chase and get started, seek IoT development services right away. However, if you’re new to IoT enterprise use cases, explore this blog to make an informed decision. That said, let’s dive in!

Are Enterprise IoT Use Cases Lucrative for Every Industry?

Before we tell you about the core use cases, let’s address the why factor. Every business wants to stay profitable and competitive. That’s just what IoT technology helps with. Don’t believe it? Let the number do the talking!

Enterprise IoT Use Cases - Market Stats

Top Industrial Enterprise IoT Use Cases

IoT is a versatile technology. It can transform the operations of almost every industry. However, as of 2024, there are few applications that made it to the hit list. Some of them were wonders of IoT alone. Others were miracles of digital transformation services altogether. Explore the list below to learn about the IoT use case that fits best according to your business operations.

Manufacturing Enterprise IoT Use CasesManufacturing

The IIoT, or Industrial Internet of Things, is transforming traditional factories into smart spaces. And guess what? Not only businesses but workers take a sigh of relief with this technology. It boosts safety, productivity, efficiency, and cost savings all at once! So, if you’re into this industry, here are some popular IoT enterprise use cases in the manufacturing sector for you to consider.


Remote Monitoring

Did you know that you can do more than just watch your company’s operations? As a manufacturing business owner or division maker, you should have full control over your processes. That’s just what this use case is about. With IoT-connected assets, you can remotely monitor equipment usage and health from your comfort zone. It will keep you and your team in charge all the time and keep you rest assured that your operations are running smoothly and there is quick problem resolution. An example is Siemens. They implemented IoT remote monitoring, experienced efficiency, and reduced 20% costs in manufacturing operations.

Digital Twins

Another exciting enterprise IoT use case in manufacturing is combining this technology with digital twins. Many companies are taking advantage of creating virtual copies of physical objects. What they do is analyze the products in depth for improved quality. Companies like Rolls Royce are doing this already. They have developed a digital replica of their engines, known as the “Digital Twin.” This virtual model continuously collects and analyzes data from the actual engines they use.

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Logistics Management

Now this is something you must already be familiar with. In logistics, IoT is no less than a boon to optimize supply chains, fleet management, and cargo tracking. There are many names to quote when it comes to examples of logistics management with IoT. One of the most prominent of all is Amazon. It uses shipping bots and lockers to reduce shipping costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing KPIs

If you’re tired of stagnant growth due to traditional progress indicators, then it’s time for reform! And there’s nothing better than Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), like OEE, that offer valuable insights for decision-making. With this IoT use case, you can follow a data-driven approach and boost your company’s performance. Plus, the mechanism here is simple. IoT software runs in the background to simplify data analysis. So, you get everything from dashboards to comprehensive reports to plan better business strategies.

Transportation and Logistics Enterprise IoT Use CasesTransportation and Logistics

Did you know that using Internet-connected sensors can allow you to monitor vehicles and operations while providing new services to customers? Yes, you read that right! Enterprise use cases of IoT in transportation are all about making your business technologically advanced. How? Well, most of the credit goes to the smart devices and the software behind them. It helps with multiple factors, from preventing accidents to avoiding traffic. So, if you are associated with a transportation business, here are four ways how you can transform your operations with IoT.


Vehicle Health Monitoring

You invest all your hard-earned money in vehicles to improve your transportation business. However, you have no source to keep a tap on its depreciation. Here IoT enters as a hero for you. With connected sensors, you can keep an eye on your vehicles 24/7! These sensors gather real-time data on your vehicle’s performance. From engine health to tire pressure, you’ll know it all. Early issue detection helps you fix problems before they turn into costly breakdowns, keeping your vehicles in top shape and minimizing downtime.

Smart Route Optimization

Who likes traffic jams? Nobody! With IoT, you’ll be able to access data that lets you optimize routes like a pro. The smart software factors in real-time traffic data and other variables to plan the quickest and most efficient routes for your deliveries. Thus, by implementing this enterprise IoT use case in your transportation business, you can escape delivery delays and other route issues.

Cargo Tracking and Security

Cargoes are one of the most precious transportation sources. Keeping them safe and sound is a huge but hectic responsibility. Here again, IoT sensors keep a watchful eye on your cargo and goods throughout the supply chain. From warehouse to delivery, you’ll always know the exact location and condition of your cargo. So, with this technology, you can boost security and ensure everything moves as per your plan.

Predictive Analytics for Maintenance

Be a step ahead of machinery failures! IoT-powered predictive analytics evaluates machine data and trends to predict when maintenance is needed. No more unexpected breakdowns! Just let your IoT software do its magic so you can take advantage of the insights properly. With this data, you could plan maintenance at the right time, reduce downtime and save on unnecessary repair costs. So, wait no more, and employ predictive maintenance software.

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Healthcare Enterprise IoT Use CasesHealthcare

When we talk about IoT in healthcare, we often think of smart sensors and hospitals, but there’s more to it! The exciting part is how IoT can revolutionize healthcare by offering personalized and accessible services at a lower cost. From remote health monitoring to real-time alerts, there are endless possibilities for improving patient care with healthcare IoT. Get ready for a healthier and tech-savvy future with these use cases!


Remote Patient Care

In today’s time, when everything is available at home, having healthcare services at home is also possible with IoT. With IoT-powered remote patient care, healthcare professionals can assist patients using smart sensors and remote equipment. Patients can update their data in real-time through wearables or portable devices or during online, face-to-face meetings with doctors. For chronic patients, this means real-time health updates, efficient care plans, and reduced hospital visits.

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Tracking of Inventory, Staff, and Patients

IoT devices like wireless ID cards, BLE beacons, and RFID tags are one of the fastest-growing enterprise IoT use cases in healthcare. They help hospital staff with management. They can ease the patient admission process, increase security, and track staff and inventory locations. Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) are new IoT-backed systems you can consider for your business. They facilitate asset tracking, ensuring efficient use of equipment and resources. Moreover, they free up more time for patient care. Want to get started with it? Hire IoT developers now!

Augmenting Surgeries

IoT has made its way into operating rooms as well! With connected robotic devices powered by AI, these robot-assisted surgeries offer increased precision and efficiency. As of the process, IoT sensors collect and transmit data from several devices attached to the patient. This data is then transferred to the medical staff so that they can record and analyze details for better surgical outcomes and fewer complications.

Pharmacy Management

IoT isn’t just about smart homes and gadgets. It’s revolutionizing healthcare with the same force! Take drug handling and delivery, for instance. Thanks to IoT, we now have technology like smart fridges that keep vaccines safe during storage and transfer. No more worries about damaged medicines! Wait, there’s more! IoT-powered pharmacies are stepping up the pharmaceuticals game, making things faster and safer. From efficient operations to error-free dispensing, it boosts patient satisfaction.

Education Enterprise IoT Use CasesEducation

We all are witnessing a new era of education. Online learning has changed the way how knowledge is imparted. If you want to make your mark in this industry, know that eLearning app development services are now available easily and cost-effectively. And if we talk about IoT in particular, that can also be all-inclusive! It has become a must-have for educators. Why? Well, it has made accessing some cool digital tools like personalized learning, real-time progress tracking, etc., really easy. Here are some of the top enterprise IoT use cases in education that you can consider for your venture.


Connected Communication and Collaboration

IoT devices enable real-time interaction between teachers and students. Take whiteboards and tablets, for instance. Teachers use smart whiteboards to present lessons, while students use tablets to ask questions or work together on projects. That’s just one example of how IoT facilitates easy collaboration. This technology is breaking down barriers of all kinds. Be it location, background of learners, or anything else, you can take education to anyone’s doorstep.

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Personalized Learning Experiences

IoT makes learners feel special. It empowers educators to gather data on each student’s learning style and progress. With this information, they get to create personalized lesson plans and support systems. And this way, struggling students receive additional help, while advanced learners are challenged with more advanced content. The result? Tailored learning experiences that engage and motivate students. Many eLearning platforms have adopted IoT for similar reasons. If you are planning to launch a similar platform, you should consider this enterprise IoT use case in education.

Engaging Classroom Experiences

IoT devices enable initiative sessions between learners and educators. They allow teachers to present multimedia content and conduct interactive activities. Plus, students get various options to participate. Yes, even if they’re shy and hesitant! They can ask their questions freely, keep their points, and interact with fellow learners. This experience makes the overall experience engaging, making students attend the class again. Therefore, if you own an eLearning business and want it to gain traction with students, IoT is your way to go!

Efficient Resource Management

IoT solutions are also getting popular for resource and campus management. It works exactly like smart home solutions but on a wider scale. With multiple cameras, sensors, and other IoT devices, authorities get information about their inventory levels and resources. Keeping such a track helps them stay prepared for students’ needs always! Other benefits of such enterprise IoT use cases in education include cost and waste reduction. If you want efficient resource management for your Edtech business, it’s time you get your hands on IoT solutions.

Agriculture Enterprise IoT Use CasesAgriculture

Technology has transformed the field of agriculture entirely! Now, there’s no going back to manual ploughing or sowing. And IoT has made a huge contribution to this revolutionary transition. It’s no less than a charm that aids productivity without much effort and also ensures sustainable resource management. Several compelling use cases demonstrate the potential of IoT in agriculture. The top ones are as follows: 


Precision Farming

IoT sensors can impact several aspects of farming. For instance, these devices can monitor 

  • Soil moisture levels 
  • Temperature 
  • Soil content, etc.

The results can help farmers optimize irrigation, fertilization, and crop management. For them, it’s just like having a scientist guiding them about the dos and don’ts of efficient farming. Plus, there are several benefits of IoT-backed farming techniques. They make farmers’ approach highly data-driven. As a result, they gain higher yields, reduce wastage, and of course, improve overall farm efficiency.

Livestock Monitoring

This is another one of the best enterprise IoT use cases in agriculture. For one, livestock businesses are typically huge and demand that expert touch. That’s just what IoT can do without burning a hole in business owners’ pockets. IoT devices such as smart collars and ear tags track the health and behavior of livestock. They provide real-time data on their location, activity, and vital signs. Finally, with this information, farmers become empowered to detect illness early, ensure timely interventions, and streamline breeding processes for healthier herds.

Smart Irrigation Systems

These nifty setups use IoT technology to figure out the weather and how the soil is doing. Not only this, they can even water the crops just as you want! Not too much, not too less. Thrilling, right? This way, you can even save water by providing just the right amount to your crops. Plus, smart irrigation systems can alarm you when the water situation of your crops is not right. So just in case you have other important tasks to attend to, you can leave irrigation to this system, and you will be all sorted!

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Crop Health Monitoring

Besides the above-given enterprise IoT use cases in agriculture, another top we can name is crop health monitoring. The process is pretty similar to the above-given use cases. But what’s interesting here is drones. Yes, these flying vehicles can be equipped with IoT sensors and cameras. They then survey every inch and corner of your field. From pest infestation to nutrient deficiency, they can deliver you a complete report of your field while you sip your coffee in your office. These details hold immense value. They can help you take early measures if the foreseeable situation looks bad. By preventing losses of several types, IoT-driven drones can lead to optimum crop health maintenance.

Retail Enterprise IoT Use CasesRetail

The CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon, once wrote, “With the growth of the internet of things, customers will enjoy an increasingly connected or ‘smart’ shopping experience through a network of connections linking the physical and digital worlds into an ecosystem of devices, including vehicles, stores, and software.” Well, his words seem to come true. Today, you can see IoT enhancing a wide range of offerings within the retail and commerce sector. This spans from enhancing storage and equipment upkeep to effectively managing supply chains and, naturally, refining the shopping experience. Some of the most noteworthy enterprise IoT use cases in retail that hold entrepreneurial significance are as follows:


Personalized Shopping Experiences

IoT devices, take smart home appliances, for instance, keep gathering consumer information. They keep track of what types of lights most people like, what type of functionalities they would prefer, and much more. In short, they closely observe and analyze customer behavior. And as a business owner, you get the final report. The data these devices collect help you improve your customer experience. Rather, make it extremely personalized so the customer falls in love with your products or services.  This personalized touch contributes to an outstanding shopping experience and increased sales as customers feel more connected to products tailored to their tastes.

Smart Inventory Management

One of the most obvious enterprise IoT use cases in retail is inventory management. This literally puts an end to all your hassles of goods maintenance! Thanks to IoT sensors, the process has become much more efficient for retailers. These sensors monitor stock levels and automatically trigger orders when supplies run low. This way, you can balance your inventory stock levels. What’s more? You can stay rest assured there’s always enough supply for the demand. Thus the level of precision IoT offers for inventory management helps business owners with multiple benefits. It lets them streamline supply chains, minimize waste, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Contactless Checkout

Recently, you must have seen some stores having IoT-based checkout systems. Yes, these are physical stores we’re talking about! IoT-driven advancements in payment systems have led to the emergence of contactless checkout options. These systems are integrated with RFID technology. Now this technology allows shoppers to breeze through the checkout process without needing a cashier. For example, you shop something, go to the store door, process payment, and check out virtually, and voila! It’s happy shopping without waiting in long queues. Thus, having such functionality in your retail business will help you gain more consumers who like to shop fast and smart.

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In-Store Analytics

Enterprise IoT use cases like in-store analytics are also gaining popularity. Here, IoT devices act as your secret agents to gain information about your target consumer. They gather insightful data about customer behavior within stores. These devices can track: 

  • Foot traffic patterns 
  • Dwell times 
  • Popular areas, etc.

Armed with this data, you can take advantage of several benefits. For instance, you can optimize store layouts and strategically position products. On a broader scale, you can fine-tune your marketing strategies as well. Because that’s what the data-driven retail approach is all about. It enhances customer engagement, helping you gain traction. Moreover, in the longer run, you can improve sales gradually as you advance the shopping environment.

Real Estate Enterprise IoT Use CasesReal Estate

Yet another industry taken by storm because of IoT in real estate. So, enterprise IoT use cases in this segment are on the rise as well. What businesses and manufacturers are doing is that they are offering IoT-powered interconnected physical devices. Using them, many stakeholders, be they real estate agents, property owners, or tenants. Want to leave your mark in the property business using next-gen technologies? Try IoT in real estate! Here are the top use cases you can consider-


Smart Building Management

If you’re someone wanting to grow your property business rampantly, this use case is for you! With IoT, you don’t need to invest extra money in property maintenance anymore! All you need is reliable IoT app development services. The software you’ll get will be equipped with basic monitoring and control functionalities. You can go a step further by including lighting, HVAC, security, and energy management. Moreover, the devices connected with the software can collect real-time data. It helps optimize energy consumption, improve comfort levels, and enhance security. Therefore, with IoT, you can keep your buildings in top shape even in changing conditions and reduce operational costs.

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Property Maintenance and Predictive Analytics

Not only a single building, but you can ensure the maintenance of all of your properties with IoT. How? Well, the sensors and devices can monitor the condition of everything from appliances to infrastructure. This data lets the business owner know what needs maintenance. They take prompt action and prevent costly breakdowns and downtime. Thus, implementing such IoT enterprise use cases for your real estate venture can help you expand your business. You’ll be able to ensure timely repairs, prolong equipment lifespan, etc.

Smart Access and Security

No need to rely on static video recordings for security! IoT-powered access control systems to provide secure and convenient entry to properties. They come with smart locks, facial recognition, and biometric authentication to enhance security, keeping you rest assured about the security. For people on the property, it eliminates the need to keep physical keys and locks. And, of course, you always have real-time alerts and remote monitoring. This way, IoT systems allow you to maintain a close watch on the premises, deterring potential threats.

Tenant Experience Enhancement

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy relationship with your tenants? IoT is here for your rescue! Unhappy tenants can result in loss of business. But that will never be a point of contention for you with IoT-backed systems. They can elevate the tenant experience through personalized and connected spaces. Imagine each tenant having their preferred temperatures and entertainment system settings. With IoT-based software for tenant experience, you can easily do this. Additionally, you could also manage shared spaces like gyms, lounges, and conference rooms efficiently.

Energy Enterprise IoT Use CasesEnergy

It’s been a while since IoT in the energy sector has become one of the key technologies. And it makes sense. IoT-based energy management systems create smart grids that’s no less than a revolution for power generation. Other advantages of such systems include improved data management, higher revenue, effective resource utilization, etc. Now the big question is, what are the most popular enterprise IoT use cases in the energy industry that take full advantage of this technology’s capabilities? Here is the answer for you!


Smart Grid Management

It’s time you change the game for energy distribution with IoT-based smart grid management. Like many others, you can get software that orchestrates the flow of electricity by analyzing consumption patterns. The benefits? You’ll experience dynamic load balancing and reduced peak demand stress. And the best part is that you can implement this use case in various areas now. With the introduction of hybrid cars and automobiles, there is a level playing field for energy suppliers. That’s why taking advantage of IoT at this time is great!

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Energy Efficiency Optimization

It may sound complex, but IoT is really simple when it comes to optimizing efficiency. It majorly includes smart meters, sensors, and analytics tools. Each element has its role defined. For instance, smart meters offer real-time energy insights, empowering you to track consumption, adjust pricing, and cut waste. Whereas sensors predict potential issues in real-time, saving you from costly machinery damage. But what’s really exciting is that you can get these aspects tailored according to your business. A custom approach can prolong your asset’s life and maintain optimal performance.

Predictive Maintenance for Assets

One of the best enterprise use cases of IoT is predictive maintenance. And luckily, it’s also applicable in the energy sector. So, if you want to monitor the health of humongous equipment of your power plant or machines placed in your inventory, turn up to IoT. It can do it all! It can anticipate potential failures so you can schedule maintenance proactively and avoid costly breakdowns. This use case is particularly beneficial for medium to large-scale businesses with vulnerable infrastructure. If you belong to this category, IoT can save you from numerous challenges.

Renewable Energy Integration

Picture a world where all assets communicate seamlessly via IoT. That’s what’s happening in the energy sector. It’s leading the charge for accountability, aiming to combat environmental challenges smartly through IoT. This technology plays a pivotal role in integrating renewable energy into the sector. It links sensors and devices to energy systems and ultimately lets you seek real-time data on solar, wind, or other renewables. For your business, this information is no less than gold. As a result, you make smart decisions and become empowered to optimize your energy distribution and storage.

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