IoT in Real Estate

IoT sufficiently alters how real estate businesses carry out their day-to-day operations. With the ability to implement the right IoT, real estate businesses can better respond to dynamic business requirements and augment their revenue by building data-driven marketing strategies. No wonder IoT is attracting investments from global companies that are looking forward to revolutionizing their processes. Discover how IoT fits in your business with our IoT development experts.
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    What is

    Why IoT in Real estate?

    The real estate market is volatile and susceptible to factors like the capital market, rising expenses due to public and private indebtedness, customer inclination toward affordable living, and more. IoT helps the real estate market to curb such shortfalls while capitalizing on data analytics to boost business revenue. IoT-based real estate applications reduce operational costs and help their customers to improve their quality of life. They can also leverage real-time data analytics to mitigate market risks and plan ahead of time. Having the right set of data and analytics at your fingertips also allows real estate businesses to attract new customers with target marketing, and retain the existing ones with personalization. Custom IoT development takes these benefits further by offering solutions to their specific business problems.
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    Accurate Evaluations

    Data received from IoT devices allow collection of information regarding property costs based on location, connectivity, amenities, and ease of living.

    Market Trends and Analysis

    IoT enables real estate businesses to collect market insights to identify trends and patterns. This helps them improve decision-making.

    Customer Acquisition

    Real estate businesses use IoT to analyze customer behavior and attract new customers with marketing strategies.

    Boost Revenue

    Build a foundation for higher RoI by decreasing operational cost, increasing customer delight, and making informed decisions.

    IoT Use Cases in Real Estate

    Discover where IoT can fit into Your Real Estate Business and its Core Processes.
    Lead Generation

    Real estate businesses can leverage IoT-enabled analytics to use data-driven insights for target marketing and analyzing customer behavior. This helps with more profitable lead generation strategies.

    House Hunting

    IoT devices help real estate businesses leverage extensive data about the properties and their surroundings. This data allows real estate agents to show properties in a user-friendly manner.

    Virtual Open House

    IoT and AR/ VR enable virtual open houses that allow real estate businesses to connect with buyers across geographies and boost customer satisfaction ratio.

    Data Analytics

    IoT brings a wide pool of data for real estate businesses. This data can drive strategic decision-making and identify market trends for better operability.

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    Real Estate Challenges that IoT can Address

    Address your specific real estate business challenges with the right IoT applications.

    Other IoT Service Industries

    Explore our industry-based IoT development services for other realms.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What can IoT development services Matellio offer for my business?

    Matellio can provide you with: 

    • Hardware design and prototyping 
    • Embedded software development 
    • Data storage solutions 
    • Backend development 
    • Front-end development 

    2. How long does it take to build IoT-based real estate applications?

    The time for custom IoT app development depends on multiple aspects like: 

    • Type of application 
    • Scale of deployment 
    • Number of users 
    • Hardware/ software/ both development 
    • Team size and their expertise, and more.  

    For an accurate estimation, you can share your requirements with us.  

    3. How much does custom IoT real estate app development take?

    The main factor that impacts the time to build an IoT solution for real estate businesses is the level of IoT functionalities. For instance, if you want to develop the device and application from scratch, it’ll take more time than the one where the only software application is developed. At the same time, if the features are more complex in nature, the development will take more time. Accurate estimation is only possible once the IoT development company has considered all your requirements in detail. 

    4. Does Matellio offer developer hire for IoT projects?

    Yes. We offer developer hiring services for IoT projects. Enterprises looking to hire expert IoT developers can choose from one of the following engagement models: 

    • Dedicated developer hiring 
    • Turnkey hiring 
    • Time and hourly model 

    5. Why should I hire Matellio for IoT Development?

    Matellio offers a unique development experience to the clients, regardless of the industry. Here is how we stand out in the IoT development realm: 

    • Specialized IoT Teams 
    • Vast industry experience with IoT products 
    • Hands-on experience in the futuristic technology stack
    • Secure data management 
    • Management for legacy and advanced devices 
    • High-performance data streaming and analytics

    6. I have a mobile application for my real estate business. I want to pursue IoT development in order to garner data and use it. Can Matellio help?

    Yes, we can help you unleash your idea’s full potential with expert IoT consultation followed by bespoke development services. Our experts are certified and experience-driven to help businesses make the best use of their investment in IoT implementation that delivers results in the long run.