How Voice Technology is Transforming the IoT Landscape

Updated on Jan 8th, 2024

IoT has been around the global market for quite some time now. This amazing technology has revolutionized many of the leading sectors of the global market including retail, transportation, and even education. According to some researches, there will be around 65 million smart connected devices in the market by the years 2025. However, dispute its popularity, IoT has made some exceptional changes only in the last decade, i.e. with the advent of voice technology!

Voice technology is not a new phenomenon in the market, it has been introduced first in the 1950s. Although the first systems developed using voice tech were only capable of understanding numbers, recent advancements in the technology have reached a human-level of accuracy. Today, voice technology has been actively used in smart connected devices.

But, how does this robust voice technology is transforming the much advanced IoT sector? How people are actively adopting voice-enabled smart connected devices? If you too have questions like these in your mind, then you are certainly at the right place! In today’s article, we will be discussing how voice technology is revolutionizing the IoT sector? So, let’s get started!

What is Driving Growth in the Voice Technology Market?

As discussed earlier in this article, voice technology is not a new concept in the market. According to a recent survey by PwC, almost 90% of the people were already aware of the voice assistants, and around 72% already had their first experience with the voice-enabled devices. However, voice tech flourished greatly in recent times because of many factors.

Firstly the pandemic environment facilitated the growth of voice technology in the global market. As the raging COVID-19 spread in all parts of the world, people began taking preventive measures to eliminate the spread. The adoption of common measures like social distancing and avoiding commonly touched surfaces gave rise to the use of voice-enabled app development

The second most crucial factor in the growth of voice technology is the involvement of Gen Z and millennials. We all know that the present generation likes to get everything at their fingertips be it their favorite movies, or other sorts of services. Hence, the voice tech today is enabling them to access anything they want by using their voice commands. In fact, the speech recognition market is projected to reach $31.82 million by the end of 2025!  

Besides all those mentioned above, there are other leading factors like smart speakers, advances in the natural language process (NLP), and ML devices that are empowering the growth of voice tech in the global market. 

Experts predict that voice tech will soon transform the complete scenario of the global industries and nearly every app will have voice tech integrated into them!

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How is Voice Tech Changing the IoT Landscape?

Now that you are aware of the current scenario of the voice technology industry, let us quickly discuss how this amazing tech is changing the IoT development landscape!

1. Smart Home Automation

The first and foremost application of voice tech in the IoT sector is home automation. Nearly everything is becoming digital today and the growth of voice-enabled devices has even facilitated the concept of smart homes. The smart home is a system of interconnected IoT devices that facilitates hassle-free remote access and monitoring. 

Things like switching the lights ON/OFF, controlling the inside temperature, playing music, and even turning off the tap can be achieved today with smart home appliances. However, with voice tech, things became much easier than ever. Today, you can simply turn ON your lights and can control your doors with just a voice command.  

Moreover, with smart home hubs like Amazon Echo, and Google Nest, it became much easier to control connected devices. 

2. Digital Workplaces

The next big thing that has been impacted by voice technology in the IoT landscape is the office environment. Similar to smart homes, the office space is quickly becoming digital and more advanced, and all thanks to the voice assistants. Voice tech is simplifying the employee’s tedious tasks like scheduling meetings, task reminders, interview schedules, and much more. 

Apart from that, the voice-enabled IoT solutions even offer speech-to-text conversion which further makes it easy for the employees to take notes from a meeting, seminar, conferences, and much more. And it’s not over! With the latest advancements in voice technology, the users can even send emails, and messages, and can search for documents using their voice commands.

Witnessing such immense growth, Gartner predicts that by the year 2023, around 25?% of the employees will interact with voice tech apps. 

3.  Voice Payments

The fintech development sector is yet another vital sector that is benefiting a lot from voice technology in IoT. The payment apps are already the most powerful and impactful application of the finance industry for quite some time now. A majority of users leverage this robust app to transfer money, manage their accounts and do shopping while using their smartphones. 

Now, with the advent of voice technology, the finance sector is progressing a lot. Many leading banks like Atom use voice biometrics as an added layer of security to payment apps. Furthermore, the customers can now seamlessly ask questions from agents, and can even check their account details simply using their voice commands. 

As per a recent study, US people are more readily adopting voice-based apps to enjoy seamless services.

4. Smart Healthcare Systems

Digital healthcare has today become the most effective sector of the global market. And now, with the use of voice tec, the smart devices of digital healthcare are benefiting the patients more! With a smart voice-enabled device, the doctors today can seamlessly update the patient’s records, and can even provide personalized healthcare to them. 

Not only that but with voice-enabled IoT devices, the healthcare staff can educate the people with all the hospital regulations and treatment procedures easily that too in their preferred language. Such a voice-enabled solution has been launched by Boston Children’s Hospital that provides access to clinical information to all the patients and their caretakers.

5. Voice Tech in Energy Management

Last but not least, another vital sector that is benefiting from voice technology is the energy sector! As the home and offices are getting digitized with voice-enabled IoT devices, the energy is consumed at a much higher pace. In such a situation, the energy industry is utilizing smart voice assistants to reach customers and provide energy management tips.

Many leading brands today are leveraging virtual voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant to provide information on energy consumption and energy-saving tips. Besides that, voice technology is even enabling users to check energy rates, their bills, and energy management trends. Hence, voice-enabled energy software solutions are quickly being adopted by almost all the leading brands in the market.

All in all, the voice technology in the IoT landscape is proving a boon for almost all the major industries of the global market.

Can IIoT Benefit from Voice Technology?

Now, the main question that may arise in the minds of several marketers is that can voice technology be used in Industrial IoT? Let us know below!

Industrial IoT solutions have been digitizing at a much faster pace and all thanks to the smart technologies of the digital world. Whether it be AI, ML, or IoT, the global industries are fastly leveraging all the flexible tools and technologies to step into the era of Industry 4.0. Similar is the case with voice technology!

As per research, 51% of the manufacturing companies are planning to integrate voice-enabled mobile apps in their organizations in the next five years. Why? Simple, with voice technology, things will become much easier for them. Be it instructing the workers, creating shop orders, resource planning, or even asset management, voice-based apps are a great source to automate everything.

Today, many leading industries are already utilizing voice-based ERPs, Voice-Warehouse Systems, and other tech solutions to simplify their warehouse operations. 

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Future of Voice Technology

So, we are in the last section of our article. Now, some of you might be thinking that what if voice technology is just another hype of the digital market? Well, maybe, or maybe not. Let’s find out!

Voice technology is fastly becoming a major aspect of the global market. As evident from above, nearly every industry today is benefiting from voice technology in some of the others. Be it ERP software development, web app development, or even mobile app development, voice assistants are being integrated into every system to enhance its effectiveness.

Although there are some challenges in accessing voice technology in industrial applications, it is fastly penetrating the global world. From digital offices to smart homes, every IoT applications today uses voice-enabled assistants to enhance their working. When are you planning to integrate voice-technology into your IoT devices? 

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Till then, Happy Reading!

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