What Are Real-Time Features And Why Does Your App Need Them?

Updated on Mar 18th, 2024

It is true that for almost every other thing that we use or look for in the smartphones or devices we look for an app. No longer our smartphones are used for just receiving calls, calling people, texting and such things. We want to have everything in real-time. No longer we are willing to wait for the reply of the text, rather we want to see the typing indicators if not the person on the screen of the phone. As a result of this, the demand for real-time app development and developers has been on a significant rise.

So when WhatsApp came with the real-time messaging that changed the way we text and receive messages, soon Viber, Facebook Messenger, and such platforms joined the real-time bandwagon. Thanks to these apps we can no longer think of those simple old ways of texting without emojis, GIFs and real-time features.

Addition to platforms like WhatsApp, the proliferation of protocols like COMET, WebSocket, BOSCH, MQTT and such has led to a variety of real-time technologies like live streaming, push notification, real-time feed and such.

In this article, we will see the benefits of augmented reality app development for both businesses and customers. But before we start discussing that in detail lets have a brief overview of typical real-time features.

What Are Real-Time Features?

Most of the mobile applications now days must have real-time features, so if you are planning to develop an app for your enterprise or organization do consider to hire app developer who is familiar with the following:

  • Push notifications
  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Real-time feed
  • IoT device integration
  • Live Streaming
  • Real-time messaging
  • Live order status

It is not necessary that a single app must have all these real-time features. However, depending on the business it is possible that all of these features must be included in the app. Many businesses are also using augmented reality app development to get better traction.

How Businesses and Customers Benefit from Real-Time Functionality?

Like any other innovation real-time functionality was developed from the need to have updated charts in the stock market. The time difference between updating the trading charts from the time the trade closed was creating some issues, as a result of that real-time feed was developed. The real-time functionality soon migrated to WhatsApp and other social media platforms and other apps like Airbnb, Uber and such. Soon real-time functionality became part of our everyday life.

Here are the following features of real-time and how they are helping both businesses and customers on a daily basis.

Push Notification: Most mobile and web applications are now using push notification feature. This is a sure way of informing the users of the app about any updates, events, or promotion that the company is offering. Push notification allows the business to attract the users back to the service while encouraging them to use the app and service more. But it is important that as a business you pace out the notifications and not to overdo it, which might irritate the consumers. For example, Facebook’s push notifications about the events, news feeds or even activities posted by friends encourages the user to open the app and check it. Uber uses it to notify passengers about the arrival of the car and details of the driver and the car number.

Almost, all the major apps are using push notifications to keep the customers updated. The customers in return know the details about the services they are using with the help of push notification feature.

Multi-User Collaboration: For example consider Google Docs, on this application you and others who are part of the doc can edit, add, comment and/or delete information simultaneously. This is a real-time functionality that facilitates the group to provide instant feedback on any document and keep track of the work that is in progress. Google Slides is used like Google Doc but for spreadsheets. Apps like Jira, Trello and there are several other project management tools also use the multi-user collaboration feature that allows users to analyze, predict projects and audit results of it.


Real-Time Feed: If you are planning to develop a social media app then it is crucial that you have a real-time app development team because it is vital that there is in-app feed. This feature allows immediate update of any content that has been published. It makes the app sticky as the users are able to get any updates and information immediately as they are published.

IoT Device Integration: With the help of IoT app development data gets transferred to the user immediately from sensors or devices. For example, a home’s temperature is constantly tracked by Nest Thermostat. This function is performed in four stages; IoT sensor collects the information from the environment and sends it to the app via the cloud. The data is then analyzed by the software which controls the IoT device. The Nest Thermostat then checks whether the temperature of the house is within the parameter set by the user. This information is then sent to the end user. In case of an anomaly, the user gets a push notification about it immediately.

Live Streaming: Many businesses now use the live streaming feature because this facilitates better interaction between the delivering agent and the end user. This feature allows brands to engage the audience to the brand. Various sectors where live streaming is being used are:

  • Trading
  • Real Estate
  • Media
  • Event Industry
  • Transportation (GPS tracking and GIS (Geographic information system))

Many of these live streaming functionalities also use the features offered by IoT app development.

Real-Time Messaging: People are no longer willing to use the traditional SMSes rather they want instant messaging, that allows sharing, group chats, video calls, and video messaging. Real-time messaging is likely to grow as per the market analysts and has become the core feature of smooth and effective communication not only between friends and families but also customers and service providers.

Live Order Status: Any app that caters to on-demand delivery must have this real-time feature. A customer is always keen to know about the status of their order thus having this feature helps in building trust. So if this feature can be combined with push notification, location tracking then it will offer a transparent customer relationship. Also, researches have shown that more than 45% of customers prefer to track their orders via apps on their phone.

For any enterprise that wants to go digital or wants to attract more customer developing an app is the way to go and combining it with real-time functionalities is what they need to do. This will ensure better service, convenience for the customers thus improving traction.

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