Which is a Good App Design Practice?

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Almost 4.57 billion people use the internet worldwide, and they open apps at least 11 times every day. The growing usage of mobile apps directly proves the significance of a good app design. Users expect a lot from mobile applications and to meet their expectations bar is essential to stay ahead of the competition.

Matellio has brought some great app design practices for businesses to adopt.


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Best Practices for Mobile App Design

1. Easy Onboarding
2. An Intuitive Design
3. Seamless Experience
4. Clear & Concise Images
5. Decluttering
6. Loading Time

1. Easy Onboarding

“First impression is the last impression.”

This phrase may hold true in certain cases, but when we talk about app design- there are no better words!

The first screen users view on your app would be of onboarding. If the onboarding procedure is lengthy, monotonous, and even confusing, then it will easily scare away the users from your app.

2. An Intuitive Design

Your app has top-notch features, interesting content, amazing images, but all this will be for nothing if your users can’t navigate through the app.

For an easy navigation, your mobile app must be intuitive for a seamless user experience. To simplify this, ask yourself, “Is your app easy enough to access without much explanations?”

Select recognizable patterns and icons for achieving the same.

3.   Seamless Experience

Whether the user is availing the app on desktop, or mobile- the transition should be seamless. All the design elements should be the same, for instance, a blue CTA on a website shouldn’t be portrayed red on mobile. Seamless experience across all devices simply proves your brand trustworthiness.

4. Clear & Concise Images

Images are an intricate part of the app designing process. Image size, aspect ratio, image resolution, and architecture are some of the elements that needed to be taken into consideration while catering the same. Remember images shouldn’t be large to load. Also, while compressing images, don’t compromise on resolution as this would result in a vague image,which is a big NO NO!

5. Decluttering

Reduce the cognitive load which implies less stress on the human brain.  Avoid providing too much information at one go. We, as humans, have limited cognitive power and spend it on multiple tasks.

Don’t jam pack too many things on a single screen. If you feel the screen is underutilized, then take central alignment into usage. The key here is to let your UI breathe!

6. Loading Time

Can’t stress on this factor more! Your app should have fast operating, else it’s bound to lose users. As per studies, 48% of users will stop using an application if it has a slow response time.

However, no matter how much effort you put into making an app fast- things like slow internet affect the processing time. Therefore, make sure your app is not very heavy and takes less time to load. Your content must fill the screen in a proper aspect ratio, but shouldn’t overwhelm the users.

Take-Home Message

As a brand deciding to launch an app or a company having an existing solution in the market- taking care of market trends is essential. Go the extra mile and design something that stands out of the crowd. Your app should be a proper solution of creativity and functionality.

You have only a few seconds to grab the attention of users, hence it’s crucial to stick to the best design practices. We hope this article will prove to be of great benefit!

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