Why to Choose Next JS for Your Next Web Development Project?

Updated on Mar 4th, 2024

Next JS for Web App Development

With digitalization sector in full bloom, the business world is going crazy trying more innovative ways to get discoverable among the target customers and keeping them hooked. Web applications are extremely useful if you want to strike a chord with the current audience with new requirements every other day.  

What if we tell you there is a web development platform that helps you do more than just this. Yes, a tool that understands the pain points of businesses and delivers them the web development tool alternative that’s flexible, feature-rich, and extremely helpful for your web development teams. It’s known as Next JS. 

Let’s explore what is it and how it can benefit web development for your business. 

What is Next JS?

Next.js is a JavaScript framework that lets you develop fast and extremely user-friendly static websites. Businesses looking for web development using React can also use Next.js. Thanks to this feature, one can build seamless hybrid applications that combine server-rendered and statistically generated pages. Some of the digital solutions you can build with Next JS are:

  1. Minimum Viable Products or POC development
  2. Single web page development
  3. Jamstack website development
  4. Web portal development
  5. Static web development
  6. SaaS solution development
  7. Dashboard development
  8. eCommerce and retail web development
  9. Build complex web applications
  10. Build interactive user interface

Next JS is preferred for business websites if you have one or more of the following goals: 

  1. Boost conversion and sales 
  2. Improve the marketing channels 
  3. Stay ahead of the competition online 
  4. Offer flawless user experience to the website visitors 
  5. Optimize maintenance costs 
  6. Scale your business easily 

Features of Next JS that Aid Web Development

Some of the popular features of Next JS include: 

  1. Image Optimization: Automatic image optimization with instant builds 
  2. Next JS Analytics: Leverage true lighthouse score and page-by-page insights based on website visitors. 
  3. Internationalization: Inbuild domain and sub-domain routing with automatic language detection. 
  4. Zero Config: Optimize to deliver right production support right from the initial stage along with automatic compilation and bundling. 
  5. Hybrid rendering: Pre-render pages during build with SSG or request time (SSR) in a single application. 
  6. Incremental Static Regeneration: Build and update pre-rendered pages incrementally after build. 
  7. TypeScript Support: Automatic Typescript configuration and compilation. 
  8. Quick Refresh: Faster, reliable live-editing experience. 
  9. File-system Routing: Each component of the page directory becomes a route. 
  10. API Routes: Create optional API endpoints to enable backend functionality. 
  11. Built-in CSS Support: Utilize innate SaaS support while creating component-level styles with CSS modules. 
  12. Code-splitting and Bundling: Optimized bundle splitting algorithm developed by Google Chrome team. 

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Why Should You Choose Next JS Web Development to Create Business Websites?

Websites can wonderfully help you drive potential customers to your products and services, while putting you in front of each of them to ensure you get the right exposure. However, just creating a website is not enough, you also need to ensure your web application is capable of delivering right experience to your target audience in order to convert visitors into loyal customers. By taking the right technology stack for your web development projects, you cannot just build great web product for your end users but also boost conversion and sales using the same. Next JS has been developed by keeping this in mind. Letting you have the full control of front-end layer, it gives you freedom from relying on the plugins and templates, thereby helping you create the right solution. But, there’s more to the story, let’s discuss some other business benefits of the Next JS web development platform: 

1. Adaptability and Responsiveness

94% of the website visitors judge web applications based on the responsive web design. Responsive web design is an approach that makes web pages render seamlessly on a wide range of devices and windows, regardless of the screen size to ensure great user experience.  

With Next JS, you can create stunning web applications for users to access across devices and platforms. Therefore, no matter which device your target audience is using, you are fully capable of putting up best of your services in a way that attracts them. 

2. Data Security

An unsecure web application does not just lose the confidence of the users, but can also cost a huge amount of money. The average business cost of a cyberattack is $3.86 million and it takes over 200 days to detect the breach. Thankfully, you have got it covered with Next JS. With inbuilt security features that establishes no direct connection to the database, dependencies, user data or any other information, interacting with Next JS websites is extremely secure for the users.  

3. Faster Time to Market

Any solution or product that doesn’t reach its target market when they need it the most, eventually loses the grip in the market. Losing confidence of the audience, it is also difficult for them to make an impact and their strategies fall flat.  

With Next JS’s extensive library of pre-built components, you can quickly build and launch your products thereby making the most of each opportunity. It is also seamless to start with an MVP and grow as the market demands increase. Therefore, you can garner user feedback and build upon the same to optimize resource utilization as well as ensure that your product meets the demand of market. 

4. Truly Omnichannel Experience

Omnichannel experiences are made up of individual customer touch points, over a wide range of channels that connect. This allows users to pick from where they left off on one channel while having the same experience on another.  

Today, when customers can use multiple channels to engage with your brand- web, voice, digital, email, and more, delivering omni channel experience is part of a client-centric strategy. Supporting omnichannel experiences within single interaction offers extreme client delight thereby helping boost conversion and sales.  

NextJS understands this completely and offers this as a part of package to help you create unique experiences for your target audience.  

5. Faster Page Load

  • 1 in 4 visitors abandons a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load. 
  • 46% of the visitors don’t re-visit the websites that offer poor performance. 
  • 1 second delay reduces customer satisfaction by 16%. 

These statistics clearly show the value of having a website that loads faster. Choosing NextJS for web development enables you to create super-fast websites to help you attract and retain the customers.

6. Increased Conversions

It has been proven that enhancing the certain website features help you entice more customers and augment the chances of them making a purchase decision in your favor. These factors include: 

  • Website performance 
  • Responsiveness 
  • Customer experience 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Analyzing website data and making changes accordingly 

With Next JS’s inbuilt features, you can improve on these aspects of your website and make sure that you set your foot forward in the right direction. Having all this taken care of, it becomes easier for you to attract sales and boost the revenue from the investment done in web development services.  

And that’s not it. With all these factors improved, it becomes easier for the Google bots to scan your website easily as well as improve on the search engine optimization while making them more indexable. This places you among the top results on organic searches, thus bringing more traffic to your website.

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Where Next JS can Improve?

While Next JS has more benefits than disadvantages, it’s still better to understand both the aspects to make an informed decision. Here we have covered them for you.

1. Development and Management is Tricky 

Node JS may offer some of the best features with great flexibility, it still requires continuous management. In order to stay relevant to the market trends and implement the changes that you need, you require to hire an expert who is well-versed with Next JS web development.

2. Ongoing Costs 

Next JS lacks built-in templates for web designs. Therefore, you need to create front-end yourself which requires not just understanding the needs of your target market, but also hiring design or UI/UX experts to make changes as per the user feedback. This invites additional investment and is time-consuming.

3. Lack of Built-in State Manager and Plug-ins 

If you require state manager in your web application, you will need to have your web development team add Redux or MobX or another similar option. At the same time, for added functionality, you cannot leverage plugins, but will have to think of developing certain features which adds up to the cost and time. 

Which are the Brands Using Next JS? 

Next JS can enable web development for all kinds of website, regardless of goals and purpose. Some of the popular brands using NextJS include:

Brands using Next JSWhile there are multiple popular brands that use Next JS, they have many things in common, most of them are: 

  • Large multi-user websites 
  • Client-side rendered applications (SPA/MPA) 
  • Big eCommerce websites 
  • Web portals

These websites also have similar requirements: 

  • High performance: No matter how many users are visiting the website, the user experience must not be affected. 
  • Scalability: Number of users shouldn’t take the website down.
  •  Constant rendering: The website displays up-to-the-minute information in front of the visitor 

Therefore, you know now when to choose Next JS.

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