Hefty Commission

With our referral program, you will receive 3% commission for every onboarded project.

Qualification Bonus

Get an additional bonus of $200 if our analysts qualify the project requirements shared by the prospect.

Transparent Procedure

From sharing refer details to dispatching commissions, we maintain transparency throughout the process.

Who Can be a Potential Refer?

We consider these as our best fits:

  • Enterprises or SMBs who are seeking industry-specific digital solutions and services.
  • Companies looking for a next-gen tech integration partner.
  • Startups who are looking for a strategic and long-term development partner.
  • Individuals who are looking to develop out-of-the-box solutions.
terms of refer program
potential refer

Terms and Conditions

  • You cannot represent yourself as an employee, Agent or contractor of Matellio.
  • You need to fill a new form each time you refer us to a new client. 
  • If the referred requests NDA, referrer should also sign NDA to maintain integrity.
  • Matellio reserves the right to modify program details and rewards at any time at its sole discretion.
  • To know more about complete referral process and conditions Click here.

A Simple, Transparent & Rewarding Referral Program

From lead sharing to tracking, everything is transparent through a robust tracking platform. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us at info@matellio.com.
Sign Up
Sign Up

Get on board with our program by setting up a referral account on our platform.

Share Project Details

Find the unique referral link in the dashboard and share the requested details.

Stay in Loop

We'll periodically update you on progress, qualification, conversion, commission, etc., via email.

Get Paid

We'll pay commission on project qualification as well as on conversion.

Why Should You Refer Matellio?

Good Conversion Rate

We leverage our experience and capabilities to comprehend and deliver best solutions.

We Love Complexity

We have successfully designed and delivered complex and out-of-the-box projects to businesses worldwide.

Portfolio Management
Rich Portfolio

We take pride in delivering feature-rich apps and software to global businesses in various industries.


We believe in maintaining transparency in our processes, be it development or referral program.

Our Expertise

Our experts can deliver cutting-edge services and technology solutions to businesses from various industries and sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many prospects can I refer to Matellio?

There are no limits to the number of prospects you refer to us. For every referral, you will earn a specific percentage as your commission as per the referral program policies.

2. Who can leverage your referral program?

Any individual or company with contact as our potential client can earn with our referral program.

3. What is an example of a good prospect according to you?

At Matellio, our main goal is to empower global businesses with cutting-edge digital solutions and services.

Hence, you can refer to us Enterprises or SMBs, companies, startups, or individuals seeking digital expertise to automate and upscale their business operations, irrespective of size and niche.

4. How do you pay the commissions?

Every person signing up for the referral program is paid on a paid-invoice basis. That means your payment is dispatched in accordance with the invoices paid by your referral.   

5. Do commission percentage vary as per the project cost?

We offer a fixed percentage to you as your commission. So, higher the value of project, you will earn a higher commission.

6. Do I need to fill out your form every time I refer a prospect?

Yes, to properly evaluate the requirements of your referral, we need some basic information mentioned in the form. So, you need to fill out our form whenever you refer us to a prospect. If you are not comfortable sharing the contact details of the refer, you can fill in your details along with the requirements of your refer.