AI-based Fraud Detection Software
Companies that want to defend themselves against Fraudsters need to have advanced, high-tech, and fast Fraud Detection Solutions. Matellio uses robust technologies for designing an AI-powered Fraud Detection Solution, acting as a shield for the organizations against Fraud attacks.

What is Fraud Detection Solution?

Fraud detection is a group of activities undertaken to prevent property or money from being obtained through false methods. An AI-based Fraud Detection Solution is used for detecting such malicious activities through certain supervised learning algorithms. Matellio, with its double-decade expertise, designs such solutions for preventing your organization from fraudulent activities.

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AI Techniques used in a Fraud Detection Solution

Matellio leverages AI-based techniques for designing Fraud Detection Software

Data Mining

Matellio utilizes it to classify and segment data to sort through a million transactions for finding patterns and detecting frauds.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is used on a massive scale as this technology can automatically identify characteristics in particular fraud.

Neural Networks

We, at Matellio, leverage Neural Network for identifying suspicious-looking patterns and use them for finding fraudulent transactions.

Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition technology is leveraged for detecting classes, clusters, and patterns for understanding suspicious behavior.

Behavioral Profiles

Machine Learning techniques are utilized for interpreting real-time behavior of accounts, individuals, devices, and more.

Supervised Techniques

The database is filled with billions of fraudulent and legitimate transaction instances that can deepen our understanding base.

Adaptive Analytics

Our team at Matellio believes in continually updating the Machine Learning Models depending upon the fraud analyst feedback.

Ensembling Models

Ensembling Models is an approach of using the strengths of different models and make the final decision as accurate as possible.

Our Fraud Detection Software Services

Device Fingerprinting

AI-powered device fingerprinting tools can detect even the most advanced cybercriminals and fraudsters accurately.

IP Geolocation

Website visitors use anonymity for attacking. Using the IP Geolocation tracker identify attackers and proxies.

Merchant Fraud Detection

Availing our Fraud detection software reduces the number of false declines without harming any real conversions.

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Life Sciences

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