Artificial Intelligence
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An AI-powered HR software for complimenting your recruitment activities and enabling data-driven decisions.

How AI is redefining the HR Industry?

Recruiting the finest is the key to the success of any organization. The factor of attrition in the process is also very common. With an AI-powered HR solution, managing applicants and detecting the rate of attrition becomes easier. The software streamlines the process, accesses all the information needed about prospects, and even automate the pre-screening process. Ease the burden from recruiters and provide a responsive experience to the candidates with Matellio’s designed AI-based HR application.

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Features Of AI-Based HR Software

Matellio combines HR with the benefits of AI without losing a human touch.

Simultaneous Conversations

The AI-based HR solution can effectively interact with multiple candidates at the same time.

Attendance Tracking

Track the presence of employees in an office with the robust timesheets and plan your schedules better.

Monitor Leave Requests

Cut short the time usage and approve or reject leave requests of employees by a simple tap or click.

Fast Responses

AI-powered HR application eliminates the waiting time between a question asked, and answers received.

Candidates Pipeline

Blend data-driven methods and predictive analytics to create a candidate pipeline, ready to move.

Track the Hiring

Keep an eye on successful hires and instantly search for candidates with similar attributes.

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AI Use Cases in HR

Connect your applicants with an AI-powered robust HR solution.

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Why Choose Matellio For Your AI-based HR Solution?

Matellio with its 20+ years expertise in software development offers perks like no other.




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Frequently Asked Question

No, not at all. Our team is experienced in coordinating with clients, whether they are tech-savvy or not.

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As soon as you share the requirements, our development team will start working on the project.

Yes, Matellio provides post-launch support for better customer satisfaction.

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