How to Create Landing Pages That Convert?

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

Crafting a high-end converting landing page is no rocket-science nowadays. However, designing a landing page would take more than merely designing something which would “look good” and would offer customers what they exactly want, and this would take some research. Landing pages that convert are different in some aspects as people look at them. Every landing page has a different call to action, a different reader in mind, a different niche to address, and a different product and services to offer. 

Initially, we need to understand what exactly a landing page is and how it’s different from other website pages, and specifically from the homepage. In general, the goal of each landing page is to increase and enhance the conversion rates to reach the business and market goals at the same time. 

When we talk about the Landing pages, these act this catalyst to move leads through the buyer’s journey and closer to become the customer. With a robust marketing solution, you often receive an intuitive landing page builder and a lot of landing pages templates. But you should also have access to the materials that would guide you on how to create a landing page. This makes landing pages a breeze for the non-tech savvy. 

 Follow some steps you’ll be well on the way to create your desired landing page with high conversion rates:- 

1. Use a Single Call-To-Action :

The call-to-action (CTA) is the most crucial element of a high-converting landing page. It lies between your visitors and the action you want them to pursue. That’s why it is vital to use only one of them. Or else, you would risk diverting their attention from the objective at hand. 

2. Make your CTA stand out :

When your visitors arrive at your page, you want them immediately to take action. In case you don’t know, there are a variety of tactics that you could employ so that your CTA stands out on the page and grab your visitor’s attention. However, you can use a contrasting colour, action-oriented language on the CTA button. 

3. Make your offer valuable :

You need to ensure that your offer delivers real value and should be able to solve a common problem. As no one will share their contact information in return of something which is of the average value. Landing pages consist of a lead form to capture contact information. Leads exchange their information for your offer at times, providing you with a new name to market, too, or additional data on an existing point, so you personalize your marketing to them as well. 

4. Align Your Header With Your Ad Copy :

You’re most likely to be using ads or social media to get the word out about your offer. In this case, when your visitors click on an advertisement or social media post, they would be expecting the copy on the landing page to mirror that of the add. If it doesn’t go this way, your visitors might get confused and think they are in the wrong place. 

5. Use Bullets to Communicate Key Points :

Bullets are an essential and effective way to communicate the critical points of your offer in a short-form copy. You need to think of the essential points you want to convey to your visitors and create punchy bullets that relay your key points in as few words as possible.

6. Include your unique value proposition :

Have you given it a thought, What exactly makes you and your offer stand out from the market competition? That is your unique value proposition. You should find a way to include it in your concise copy to help you stand out from the rest. You don’t need to mention your competition by name, but be sure to reinforce the unique value you bring to the table.

7. Use Engaging Imagery :

Utilize some of the space left by incorporating minimal text so that you could add an image or other visual effects of your offer to your landing page. People are usually get attracted, inspired, and engaged by powerful imagery. Selecting the right photo would help you fascinate them and capture their minds and hearts. Also, it is always advisable to use images rather than a video as videos can distract the viewer from the CTA. 

Conclusion :

The tips mentioned above has one goal, i.e, convincing the visitors to take action once they come to your landing page. Moreover, you need to think like a lead, and you need to put yourself in their shoes. You should ask yourself first what actually would engage you most if you visit your landing page. 

The ideal landing page would be different and unique for every business, and yours would surely depend on your audience. Play around with different options and understand what your audience wants or needs to see, and rest follow the tips above, and you’ll be converting more leads soonest possible.


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