How to develop online jewellery store?

Updated on Dec 15th, 2023

How to develop online jewellery store?

All the glitters are not gold!!! Ironically, that stands true even for the jewelry business.

Diving into the realm of jewelry seems dazzling enough to garner attention from the world that wants to venture in huge profits. However, is it really? We doubt it is.

And that’s not because we doubt the potential of this ever-blooming industry, but because, this is a technologically advanced era. Businesses are striving to thrive in the competitive arena. Therefore, even despite all the glitters, the world doesn’t seem golden enough.

Buyers prefer shopping on their couches while they enjoy their soccer match and want the products delivered straight at the doorsteps. And that’s how the gap between the jewellery lovers and sellers has deepened significantly. The consequential changes in consumer behavior, as well as the industry itself, requires businesses to seek technological support. Mobile apps are bridging the gap between the jewelry business entrepreneurs and its customers.

If you are wondering to how to thrive today, here’s everything you need to know about how to develop online jewellry store.

First of all, what is the future of jewelry industry?

Jewellery industry seems poised for a shining future. It is dynamic and fast-growing as ever. While annual global sales is estimated to grow by 5-6% every year beginning with the mark of €148 billion, it is expected to hit €250 billion by the year 2020.

Top brands in the industry include:

  1. Walmart – $2.9 billion
  2. Sterling Jewelers Inc. – $2.536 billion
  3. Zale Corp. – $2.138 billion
  4. Tiffany & Co. – $1.547 billion
  5. QVC – $1.390 billion

What are the popular Jewellery Apps on the Market?

1. BluestoneBluestone Logo

Available across iOS and Android, Bluestone is the jewellry shopping mobile app owned by the brand of same name. The app features easy-to-use swipe functionality making it easier than ever for the users to explore over 5000+ designs in gold, diamonds, and gemstones. With Bluestone, users can also avail lucrative deals on the jewellery, hot offers, customer-specific deals, and free styling tips from industry experts.

2. Ross and Simons

Ross and Simons Logo

America’s top-notch jewelry store brings you Ross and Simons app across various devices. It allows you to browse through an extensive range of diamond and gold jewellery with the ease of mobility. The app gets its Jewelry catalogue updated each month to ensure buyers stay at the top of the trends. Functioning across the globe, the app has been significantly aiding the app owners to offer best-in-class services and products.

3. Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers Logo

Kay Jewelers identify themselves has one of the top providers of jewelry across the United States and delivery authentic shopping experience on their offline as well as the online stores. Brand’s online store is available across the platforms including desktop, iPad, and iPhone. The initiative interface guides you on your search for the perfect jewelry, browse through the wide range, and order the preferred products to your doorstep. Besides, the in-app ring sizer helps you find the right fit for your fingers in the minimal time possible. With the app, you can also leverage nearest store and follow the guidelines to the same with in-app maps.

4. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co LogoBrowse amazing settings and bands with the Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder. You can virtually try on rings, call an expert if you need help, find a local store, and schedule an appointment, all from the app. When you are ready to propose with a diamond ring that will take her breath away, look no further than the Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder.

5. & Other Stories

& other stories logo

This fashion brand that got its start in Europe and is becoming more and more popular in the U.S. is known for it’s cool-girl-approved finds. When you’re hunting for a statement piece (hello, geometric dangling earrings), this should be your first stop.

What are the Benefits of an Online Jewelry Store?

Let’s address the pink elephant, what makes these brands opt for an eCommerce marketplace besides the offline store. Answer is pretty clear- buyers mindset has changed and so, you need to evolve in order to thrive. Let’s check other benefits of an online jewellery store here.

1. Ensures Visibility Round The Clock

A plethora of research and surveys point to the very fact that people nowadays spend more time on mobile apps. The numbers according to some are as high as 89%. This makes it apparent that jewellery app development opens to them a wonderful gateway to reach out customers.

Consumers now rely on technology. They hate waiting in the long queues or make their way through the crowd. They would rather prefer getting the stuff at the tip of fingers even when they are travelling, watching TV, or are caught up with something else.

With dedicated mobile apps for your business, you can be available for your customers round-the-clock and help them find what they require just when they need it.

2. Cost-Effective Promotions And Branding

Promotions and branding is an essential part of your business. Unless you reach out to the audience, you don’t potentially exist for them. However, conventional marketing and branding techniques need huge investments. Contrary to this, one-time-investment in the form of eCommerce app development for your business is more cost-effective promotional tool to create brand awareness among the customers.

Additionally, it takes lesser time while delivering long-term benefits for the business owners. You can also send the offers and discounts straight to the customers smartphones and make the best of buyer’s cost-saving tendency.

3. Increase Sales

Your jewelry mobile application symbolizes your store on smartphones and serves as a virtual store for your business. Each one from your target audience can access your products at every time they want to. Therefore, it enhances the chances to boost the customer engagement and hence drive terrific sales.

Make sure you get your product showcase backed by appealing images, offering trendy and classic jewelry designs. You can make the best use of extensions like attractive offers, push notifications, and a lot many idea to ensure high engagement on the mobile app.

All these features, in turn, offer combines value in the form of higher sales and revenue while setting up an idea platform for your to expand the business.

4. Know Your Client

app-developmentCustomers love communication, and they cherish the brands who know how to communicate with them. You can interact with the customers at every stage of their buying process. It starts from analyzing the designs they like to the delivery preferences. When it comes to buying jewelry, they definitely prefer you having knowledge of their buying preferences and suggest product according to that.

Having a mobile app for your business is the easiest way to do so. You can experiment using advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and ML to offers an interactive shopping experience to the users and boost profits.

Mobile apps will also help you find out the sections users mostly spend time on and then enhance them to ensure high usability. This also helps them to carve a unique shopping experience attracting the various demographics.

5. Hassle-Free Jewelry Shopping Experience

Wonderful shopping experience with a kick of personalization is the key to customer’s heart and mobile apps enable you the same. When customers receive every single detail including the price of the jewelry they are interested in, through the apps, they remain happy and content with your service.

By improving customer experience, you are likely to extend the positive revenue and brilliant scope for your business.

Easy online shopping experience and flexible payment model ensures customer satisfaction and increases the chance of winning the loyalty of the customers.

The hassle-free jewelry shopping experience that they get through the mobile apps, sans any crowd and any queue, build their desire to use the app, over and over again.

6. Sharing With Others

Once your customers have loved you and your shopping experience, they are surely going to make instant purchase through the app. Apart from this, the customers, when they find any stunning, desirable and gorgeous jewelry collection; tend to share it with their loved ones.

Apps also allow them to forward the new offer, or new arrival of collections that they receive, with their friends, loved ones or family members.

This seems to be alluring for them who are interested or looking forward to jewelry shopping. It also provides your business a wonderful prospect to grow and enlarge its market scope, by attracting new customers every day.

7. Augmented Reality

AR weave the magic that’s not possible with other options. Allowing users to try the jewelry, the enable users authentic experience with higher chances of customer delight.

Augmented Reality is the latest technology, which superimposes the computer-generated image on the user’s view of the real world. It tends to blur the line between real and computer-generated by enhancing what the users can see, hear or feel. It enriches the customer’s experience by placing the virtual world to the real one.

With the use of this technology, the customers can shop jewelry online without chances of disappointments. Doesn’t that comprehend to offline jewelry buying experience?

Different verticals of the market are experiencing excellent download of the mobile AR apps, as it interest the users more. The growth in the retail, eCommerce and product visualizations apps download is predicted to boost significantly by the end of this decade because of the excellent popularity and implementation of Augmented Reality.


What features to include in a jewellery shopping app?

  • User signup
  • Category and discount management
  • APIs implementation
  • Multi-currency & multilingual support
  • Product import tool Secure payment options
  • Social sharing
  • Coupons/offers
  • SEO friendly
  • Create/manage shopsAdd/manage products
  • Online daily deals/group deals
  • Customer login with facebook connect
  • PayPal and credit card payment gateway
  • Predictive search
  • Dynamic image resize & image zoom PDF invoice generation
  • Wish list
  • Product bulk import /export
  • Integration with certificate providers like GIA, HRD, etc.

Other things to take care of:

1. ERP Suite: Don’t forget to integrate ERP suite to the mobile app. It will help you streamline business processes and maximize efficiency with financial, production, sales order, return, repair, and other module integration.

2. Scalability: Who loves glitches while using an app? No One. And that’s simply a big no-no when it comes to eMarketplaces like a Jewellery app. To enable your apps scale up to the growing business, make sure your app developers back it with an adept server which can handle large volumes of transactions and is scalable to the change in the number of users as needed.

3. Flexibility in Order Processing: Let your mobile app help you to generate and handle memos, invoices, samples, and salesman systems easily. You can also think of order processing is integrated with the production system for smooth workflow.

4. Enable Bar Code: Bar codes are great way to track orders at production stages, esure product quality, and avoid delays. When supported by information that corresponds to respective barcodes also enable easy management at every stage of the business.

5. Industry Features: Mobile apps generate high revenues, but how about leveraging it to enable high productivity at every stage of the business, starting from productivity to sales in real-time. You can use it to ensure that every movement in the system is well tracked and accounted for.

6. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): The Electronic Data Interchange facilitates automatic electronic receiving and transmitting of purchase orders and invoices for clients.

7. RFID feature: We enable jewelers to maintain inventory more accurately by linking inventory data, shipping data, and sales data. It also reduces management costs.

8. Security: Access only user-related items and define access permission. Module level and object level accessibility brings in the required security for the jewelry.

What is the cost of building Jewelry App?

The cost to build a jewelry app depends on multiple factors including:

  1. Business model
  2. App Type: Web App Development/ Mobile App Development
  3. Platform: iOS App Development/ Android App Development/ Cross-platform App Development
  4. App Functionality: The range of features you include. An MVP with just the basic features would obviously cost lesser than the one with more advanced features.

That said, an average app with the basic features costs somewhere around $10,000 to $20,000.

On the other hand, a fully-functional advanced app costs around $150,000 to $450,000.

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