Top 7 Reasons You Should Choose Salesforce Development for Your Business

Updated on Nov 29th, 2022


With the success and prominence of cloud-based CRM systems, businesses worldwide are shifting towards cloud solutions to leverage advanced tools to boost their sales. Having over a record 150,000 paying customers, Salesforce rules the market of cloud-based CRM systems and owns around 20% of the market (Source).  

Ability to market their services and products better as well as leverage detailed analytics to drive sales are some of the most prominent reasons for this remarkable growth. But that’s not it.  

Salesforce has acquired the reputation of the best CRM software owing to multiple other benefits it offers that have also led to a spontaneous increase in Salesforce custom development projects. Let’s highlight the top 6 reasons businesses opt for Salesforce over other alternatives. 

  • The research determines that CRM can boost the business revenue by 41% per sales rep, drive the lead conversion rates to improve by over 300%, and decrease sales and marketing spending by 23%. 
  • CRM platform can improve client relationships and retention by 27%. The report shows a 66% increase in customer satisfaction related to using the solution within the sales team. 
  • 58% of Salesforce customers say they have plans to integrate other Salesforce clouds. 
  • On average, companies that switch to Salesforce CRM see a 25% revenue increase. 
  • Customer satisfaction rises by 35% after companies switch to Salesforce. 
  • The list of companies using Salesforce CRM keeps expanding with globally recognized names like Spotify, Amazon Web Services, U.S. Bank, Toyota, Macy’s, T-Mobile, and Walmart. 

What is Salesforce Development? 

Salesforce is a top-notch CRM platform that helps businesses manage their customer data and interaction. It helps them streamline customer management from the start of their communication with you to the conversion and even after that. While the market is full of various CRMs, Salesforce has made its mark. Companies of different sizes and industries choose Salesforce for multiple reasons.  

Some of these reasons include user-friendliness and business-oriented functionality. Custom Salesforce development is a part of Salesforce’s app exchange program. It allows companies to build their digital products and launch them. The best part, these products are compatible across devices and platforms. Enterprises of all sizes and scales hire a salesforce development company to boost their operational efficiency. Its cloud-based structure enables them to leverage a centralized database for secure data storage.  

Benefits of Salesforce Development for Businesses 


1. Salesforce Helps You Map Buyer Journey and Make Selling Effective

Your customers are valuable assets to your business and have been prominent for all the years of your work. Not only the converted ones but also the potential customers or those who can help you attract more clientele/ or offer you repeat business.  

As your business grows, so does the clientele, and you need a stable, scalable CRM that can hold the details of these customers without impacting the experience of your employees. Salesforce CRM is a strong technological aid that helps with efficient customer management at every stage of the buying process. It securely stores vital information by giving you a comprehensive look into the sales funnels.  

It makes it easier for you to get in touch with your customers and support your business with the speed and accuracy you demand. With detailed analytics, you can know where your customers are in their buying journey so that you can tailor the strategy accordingly and achieve the right direction to convert better.  

2. Salesforce Offers High-Quality Product

Salesforce has perfected itself over two decades of existence and emerged into a highly secure, customizable, simpler, and effective tool. The multitenant architecture makes it one of the most robust tools in which all the customers, no matter which edition they have bought- use the same infrastructure and platform. It also offers a wide range of industry-specific capabilities to help businesses across verticals to address their goals and challenges accordingly. 

3. Salesforce Offers Much-Needed Data Security

Security is one of the major concerns for businesses today. External attacks on cloud accounts have increased by a whopping 630%. Data loss is the costliest and most gruesome issue when your business is in operation. And the problem intensifies when sensitive data is stored in the cloud.  

With Salesforce, you can keep these concerns at bay. It uses advanced technology for internet security which keeps your information protected every time using a combination of server authentication and data encryption. Not just this, Salesforce offers an access-protected usage scenario and issues a session “cookie” only to record encrypted authentication information for the duration of a specific session. 

Moreover, Salesforce is hosted in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technology to prevent access to external sources. The customer data is highly secured in the primary database server with multiple active clusters for high availability, reliability, and performance.  


4. Salesforce Upgrades are Backward Compatible

Backward compatible or downward compatible refers to the software or hardware that can use the interface of an older version of the same product. In other words, any software is backward compatible if it can write, read, or view legacy formats. Backward compatibility allows newer technology to advance without superseding a current component. 

For the Salesforce users, it implies that regardless of how customized your Salesforce implementations are- it won’t break anything or affect your current system adversely. Not only this, Salesforce is updated to the latest version automatically. This helps businesses control the downtime during system updates and thus saves time and effort.  

5. Salesforce’s Pricing Model is Business-Friendly

Salesforce has been known to shift pricing paradigms ever since it launched in the market. While competitors charged expensive fixed monthly or annual rates during its entry, including hardware, software, support, upgrades, etc., Salesforce took a different approach, bringing in a per-user fee billed annually. Inspiring multiple cloud-based business applications to follow the league, today, Salesforce stands leader in the field, constantly innovating, and has four successful software editions. The price for each edition includes upgrades – three annually- which liberates businesses from investing extra for innovation.  

6. Comprehensive Reporting Tools Give An Edge to the Analytical Capabilities

Analytics play a crucial role when it comes to business operations. They bring insights from the critical processes and help you make informed decisions. You can direct your attention to the key areas with Salesforce’s strong suite of reporting tools. You may check out the sites that are delivering the best results and device result-oriented strategies that help you optimize the profitability of your organization. Also, you can even customize the reports and get a real-time view, as you need.  

7. Can Integrate Easily with Your Existing ERPs

Salesforce offers a robust and well-documented open API, making it easier to integrate with other platforms. This helps businesses to map their operations more effectively without affecting productivity or team engagement.  

Besides, Salesforce offers you comprehensive control of these integrations and chooses the level that suits your business. Therefore, you can make the best use of Salesforce features in combination with your ERPs without affecting another.  


Innovate Your Business with Salesforce Development 

Are you a business owner looking forward to building cutting-edge Salesforce-based solutions? Matellio can help you. At Matellio, we provide top-notch Salesforce development services with our certified experts. Having industry understanding and the right team by our side, we enable brands to maximize their returns from Salesforce development. Our customers choose us for multiple reasons, including: 

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  • Custom development to help you build products that resonate with your ideas and requirements 
  • Agile development methodologies 
  • Time-tested QA and testing processes 
  • Diverse industry experience 

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