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Customize call accounting software fits into telecommunication infrastructure without interrupting the flow of calls. It is specifically designed for the scaled business to track different kinds of calls.

What is Call Accounting Software?

The telecommunication software documents all the telephone usage in a call network. The system captures, records, and assigns all the costs related to telephone usages with the large enterprises or small businesses. A call accounting solution detects both outbound and inbound calls, routings, and abandoned calls. The software is also called a call logging solution.
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Call Accounting Software Expertise

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Network Optimization

The robust call accounting solution is utilized for determining the optimization of data networks.

Application is used for monitoring network activities and bandwidth.

Identify under and over used trunks for optimizing trunking configurations

Monitor call routing effectiveness and help in taking better decisions for the company.

Staff Productivity

Staff Productivity

A call accounting software provides visibility into the activities and calling patterns of employees.

Minimize the productivity losses happening through non-business calling activities.

Used for evaluating the effectiveness of revenue-generating staff members and sales processes.

Helps in managing the responsiveness of customer service staff members.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

Shield telecom companies from any sort of security attacks by monitoring for network attacks.

Facilitate regulatory compliance by providing tools for aggregating, monitoring, and analyzing data.

Enhance company’s accounting processes by documenting costs related to frauds.

Monitor internal communications for improving sales and financial visibility.

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Custom Call Accounting Software


Call Recording

The powerful call accounting solution records and indexes voice communication occurring through the network.


Call Securing

Limits the financial liabilities happening due to frauds by employing various fraud prevention techniques.


Call Monitoring

The software enables managers to communicate with agents through voices, and assist with the service issues.


Call Invoicing

Matellio designs an affordable call accounting solution that helps in accurately rating and billing all the calls made.


Customer Support

The software offers a full suite of call center functionalities for retaining and acquiring new customers.


Call CRM Tool

Enables higher profits through improved efficiency, customer acquisition, and personalized services.


Call Scripting

Helps in identifying incoming call sources and provides agents with campaign scripting and extra information.


Call Tracking

Recognise the source of incoming calls and locations for having an effective tracking and analysis of the call flow.

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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

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For sure. We are always glad to improve, and upgrade our work.

The scale of the project primarily determines resource allocation. For smaller projects, we assign a team of two developers and one QA along with UI/ UX experts. However, we are open to increasing the team if required on the prices, which are mutually agreed upon.

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