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Client's Profile

The client is one of the leading brokers who takes pride in his smart trading capabilities. He approached Matellio with a vision to offer a comprehensive stock trading system for the traders. The web application is an approach to provide users a trading tool that combines efficient buying/ selling, portfolio management, market updates, and a lot more. Better Trade Tracker all together redefines the idea of trading by enabling a new experience with real-time stock updates and trading.

Technology Stack

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Industry Introduction

Digital era has changed multiple aspects of our lives for better. This also includes the way we approach our finances, from fund transfer to online banking, and expense tracking to conveniently managing the stock trading. With this, traders are increasingly shifting towards digital tools to gain insights, hone the skills without involving many risks, and ultimately build a strong portfolio. Enabling faster stock trading, they offer the traders with the convenience of real-time stock market streaming, visual portfolio, and comparative studies at their fingertips.

Key Expectations

  • Cryptocurrency and stock market integration
  • Real-time market updates along with quotes and charts streaming
  • Portfolio management
  • Front-end as well as admin trading
  • Wallet and ledger management
  • Statistical data management and representation

Key Achievements

  • Seamless real-time streamlining of the stock market
  • Hassle-free transcation management with instant portfolio updates
  • Flawless user experince with simple and intuitive UI
  • On-time project delivery with great communication model