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Client's Profile

The client is a renowned businessperson from Taiwan with a strong conceptual knowledge on the functionality of recruitment processes in organizations. He envisioned to have a job searching/posting mobile application built under his scanner with the implementation of a unique card swiping feature in the app. He wished to bring job seekers and employers on a common platform to make the process of hiring and being hired less tedious and lot more profitable.

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Project Profile

Swype Jobs is a job hunting and employment mobile application that runs on the iOS platform. The app offers two types of login to users. Employers can register on the app and post jobs while employees can view jobs posted by the employers. Employers can add details such as Company Name, Employer's Name, Position in the company and hit Save and Continue to start the hiring process. Job Seekers need to choose the type of job they are looking for, fill in the sign up form, select the parameters like industry, job function, skills for the hirers to evaluate their profile. Employees view jobs on cards and can like or dislike them by swiping right or left in the app. The liked jobs are notified to the employer. The app uses in-app purchases for employers to sign up for premium subscription.

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Technology Stack

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Industry Introduction

Popularity of online job sites have totally revolutionized the recruitment scenario for both employers and job seekers today. Posting jobs on various portals and social networking sites brings in professional mobility as it helps employers reach out to wide range of job seekers. It saves the connection times and increases efficiency for hiring decisions to take place. It allows people to search and apply for jobs at any time of the day. Many mobile apps also offer quick access to various vacancies by adding search filters like industry, experience, education and city.

Key Expectations

  • Use of comet chat SDK to enable chat feature between employees and employers.
  • Options to add Facebook and LinkedIn url to the employee's profile.
  • Creation of promotional website to mention the functionalities of the app.
  • Options for free chat with any candidate even without match to premium subscribers.
  • Use of in-app purchases for premium membership subscription.
  • Options to add features such as 'matches', 'shortlisted' and 'applicants' in the employer's inbox.
  • Options to add features such as 'matches', 'liked me' and 'applied' in the employee's inbox.

Key Achievements

  • Working on client's specification and timely delivery of the mobile application.
  • Intuitive implementation of card swiping process.
  • Options to effectively manage job postings.
  • Special focus on highly interactive user experience.