About Alcohol Delivery

On-demand solutions

Alcohol Delivery is an eCommerce website that offers the users convenience of ordering alcohol whenever they need. Shoppers looking for liquor of various kinds can sign up using their social profile credentials and browse through the website to order from the largest collection of beers, wines, spirits, etc. Users can use the Search functionality of the online marketplace to explore specific products in their wishlist and filter the results based on various criteria. The successful purchases also earn the users loyalty points which get credited to the wallet integrated with the store. Buyers can use these loyalty points to buy the liquor exclusively available for them. With Alcohol Delivery, users can also get the delivery at a specific time. In addition to this, users can avail the gifting facility in order to gift their loved ones with the top-rated liqueur.

Industry Introduction

For over a decade, the on-demand economy has been gaining popularity among consumers all over the world. Pioneered by big brands, it is currently one of the most widely used business models, disrupting businesses and redefining customer experiences across a number of industries. Several innovators are brainstorming to cater to the gap between service seekers and providers while matching demand and supply in the fastest way possible. Combining innovative idea with mobility is one of the most efficient combinations that gets the job done in the easiest possible way.

Technology Stack

Language: Javascript, PHP, MySQL, HTML
Framework: Angular JS, Laravel 5
Database: MongoDB, MySQL
Development Tool: Git, Gulp, Node, Laravel Elixir
Web Services: Laravel REST API
Payment Gatway: Reddot Payment
Server:AWS Ubuntu NGINX
Others:Artisan Queue for task Mail Queue for mailing Hoiio SMS API