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Broker Think Tank is an immersive storytelling platform that gives you the inside line on properties that best suit your clients. It leverages photos, videos, and written descriptions to help clients visualize themselves in a property. With a simple and intuitive interface, it lets you shoot, narrate, and edit the videos that reflect your brand perfectly. WIth Broker Think Tank, a user can bring properties to life with auto-play videos that can be exported to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and much more. You can also directly send these videos to the clients via emails or texts.

Industry Introduction

Digital era has taken world economy by storm and every business looks forward to leveraging its reach, engagement, and conversion potential. Real estate industry is no different. Helping the real-estate businesses expand their market reach and improving the decision making, real estate apps are serving as a great tool for the organizations as well as the buyers. They make the brands easily discoverable thus paving ways for sound brand reputation. In addition, as a comprehensive tool, they enable relevant feedbacks and make recommendation seeking matter of few swipes.

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Technology Stack

Language: JavaScript + PHP (Web), Objective C (iOS)
Database: MySQL
Development Tool: XCode
Web Services: REST API