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Eureka is a dating platform that uses fun new way to express your love for someone. The app offers its users with an intuitive user interface that enables him to search for the compatible match. Once found, they can send a "Love or Like" reaction to them in a single click. The app also has an innate chat feature enabling seamless communication between the two users once the receiving individual accepts the reaction. Eureka, hence, fosters a great way to interact with new people while building a great bond.

Industry Introduction

Dating websites and mobile apps have inspired a new dating culture. The spurt in the communication devices has paves new ways to socialize. Technology and dating have evolved into a great combination when it comes to finding a compatible match in the digital era. People do not anymore have to accept the much frowned upon the concept of blind dates arranged by mutual contacts. Mobile apps offer a much convenient and unlimited access to potential partners regardless of geographic barriers. In addition, they provide a way for the interactions to become more efficient yet compact and mobile.

Design a website

Technology Stack

Language: PHP (Web), React Native ( IOS+Android )
Framework: Yii2
Database: MySQL
Development Tool: Visual Studio Code
Web Services: Rest API
Server: AWS