About EzEve

Medication management
Healthcare app

EzEve is an easy-to-use mobile application that delivers efficient medication management for patients of all ages. With an intuitive multi-lingual dashboard, it allows the users to upload doctor's instructions recording and schedule medication plan for each family member. EzEve's unique Moticon concept enables the system to identify each family member uniquely and set custom reminders. Beyond conventional healthcare mobile apps, it also caters the users to manage refill cycles and grab pocket-friendly deals on them.

Industry Introduction

Keeping track of the medication schedule you should be following is difficult, as well as potentially dangerous if not adhered to. Studies suggest that medication non-adherence costs healthcare systems $289 billion each year. It also has a damaging effect on the patient's health. This is where medication management apps help you by helping you stick to a healthy regimen. They intend to remind users of medication on time and as directed, thus offering a great tool to ensure well-being.

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Technology Stack

Language: JavaScript + PHP (Web), Objective C (iOS), Java (Android)
Framework: CakePHP
Database: MySQL
Development Tool: Xcode and Android Studiio
Web Services: Rest API
Server: AWS