About Fanpalooza

School management
Sports program

With the aim of providing multi-media fun time on sports activities conducted by various schools, Fanpalooza has been successful in attracting enthusiasts and school management to widen their perception. The app is an iOS-based electronic sports program that allows fans and athletic recruiters to enjoy and review their favorite teams and athletes. The primary function of the admin is to add schools and let them set up their 'Booster Clubs' in the app. They can be baseball club, archery, basketball, dance, drama, golf, swimming or football club, etc. These clubs manage upcoming matches, update highest scores, upload schedules and add links to articles published on various forums for fans to remain updated. Roosters can log in to their site and update profile, upload photos and share videos links.

Industry Introduction

School-based sports programs do not necessarily have to be about the conventional physical activities associated with them. Rather it has a lot to do with encouragement by positive mentors, learning about the importance of hard work and sportsman spirit. It is the healthiest means of recreation. With technological advancements, sports management by school administrations has been narrowed down to a few easy clicks on the computer screen or light taps on smartphones.

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Technology Stack

Language... Swift
Database... MySQL
Framework... Yii
Development tools... XCode