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LiftLingo brings you a wide range of workout and physical training options from calisthenics to weight training to pre/postnatal combined on your mobile screen. It opens you to a world of more than 800 exercises that allows you to enjoy time-based workout routine where you can compete on the leaderboards with other users, communicate with them, and exchange the fitness tips. Additionally, it allows you to create customized training routines from the all-inclusive exercise library available for you as an in-app feature. A website version of the application will soon be available to manage content, offer users an overview of the app and provide a link to its Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram pages.

Industry Introduction

Staying fit is a vital part of our life. There are plenty of fitness based app available today that helps people with cardio-based training, diet tracking, heart rate, miles logged, etc. They normally come with hundreds of exercise descriptions and videos to motivate people and get inspired to stay fit. These apps track exercises performed and also counts down the rest time. There are also calendars that help in planning future workouts and offer graphical representation to visualize user's fitness progress.

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Technology Stack

Language... Swift 3 (iOS), PHP
Database... MySQL
Framework... Yii 2
Development Tool... Bootstrap, JQuery
Web Service... PHP, MySQL, Apache
Payment gateway... In-app purchases