About Modastylz


Modastylz is a fashion styling mobile application for shoppers to shop for fashion trends that suit their needs. The app works grabbing data and images from third party leading fashion brands and storing them over separate application server. Upon choosing a product, users are navigated to a respective website where they can buy the product. Users can browse for products based on categories like Outwear, Bottoms, Accessories, Shoes, Formals, Bags Etc. The app displays blue color theme for the male users and pink color female users. Shoppers can also swipe products to like or dislike them. They can filter their search and add products to a wishlist. The try it features allows the female users to try selected items on different body shapes according to hair, skin, size, and clothes and share it on Facebook.

Industry Introduction

Our shopping behavior has gone through a major makeover in the past couple of years. With the rise of mobile and e-commerce, most shoppers today refer to user-generated online content before making a purchase. Fashion brands and retailers have therefore been readjusting their business models to accommodate customer expectation and to stay ahead of the aggressive competition.

Ecommerce  app development

Technology Stack

Language... Java, Swift
Development Tool... Android Studio, XCode
Social Media... Facebook