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Elevate your healthcare and fitness tracking business with a feature-rich and fully customizable 8fit clone app that suits your brand and fulfils all your customer needs.
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What is 8fit?

8fit is a leading fitness and healthcare platform that caters to the needs of millions of users. Right from gaining weight, to losing weight, or even mental healthcare issues, with the 8fit app, you can resolve all your fitness concerns at one go. The app offers customized plans to each of the users based on their health information and goals with constant reminders and fitness tracking. Not just the users, but even the personal trainers can benefit from this app by connecting with thousands of prospects and delivering their services. Due to all such immense benefits, today, the 8fit clone app has become a leading trend in the fitness app development market.
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Smart Metrics

Lure more customers to your 8fit clone app by offering them smart metrics and customized goals with AI tools.

Real-Time Updates

Get real-time updates on the comp;ete process happening on your 8fit clone app with our powerful dashboard.

Popular Name

Enjoy the perks of investing in a popular fitness brand and easily market your app with a similar user-experience.

Faster Returns

Get 100% returns on your complete investment quickly and conveniently with our robust 8fit clone app.

Unique Features of 8fit Clone App to Set You Apart

Explore some of the unique and next-gen features for your 8fit clone app that enhances your fitness app development and lure more users.
Need Custom Features?
Add Users

Seamlessly add new users to your 8fit clone app and manage the existing ones with their gloss and customized plans.

Add Trainers

Add personal trainers to enhance the services of your 8fit clone app by validating their details with a one-time password.

Subscription Models

Offer customized subscription models to your users and alert them before their due date ends.

Track Activities

Track real-time activities of all your users and alert them about their goals and calories burned with their movements.

Push Notifications

Alert users about your recent changes in privacy policy or new addition of features in a personalized and real-time manner.

Online Ads

Display online ads of third-party businesses not related to your niche, to earn better revenues for your 8fit clone app.

Subscription Models
Customized Plans

Offer customized fitness and meal plans and track the progress of each of your users as they continue with those plans.

24*7 Support

Offer real-time assistance to all your users and trainers and automate your services operations with an ML-based chatbot.

Health Info

Enable your users to create their detailed profile mentioning their health status, goals, and BMI using an in-built calculator.

Diet Plans

Offer customized diet plans to your valuable users as per their goals and fitness plans and increase user-experience.

Workout Plans

Help your users to reach their desired body shape with customized and professional workout training sessions.

Activity Tracking

Offer a real-time tracking functionality to your 8fit clone app users with multiple activity tracking and control options.

Community Portal

Enable your users to connect and compete with their friends, family, and other users present on the app for better engagement.

Device Integration

Allow seamless third-party wear`}`bale device integration to your users for better and convenient usage of the 8fit clone app.

Steps Tracking

Offer a real-time steps tracking functionality to your users along with the calories burned and goal achieved.

Sleep Meditation

Track the sleep patterns of your users and notify them about changes in their health due to irregular sleep.

Deliver a Complete Digital Experience

Craft a flawless and user-friendly fitness tracker app that satisfies every need of your business while engaging your users with our certified experts.
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How Does the 8fit App Work?

Get an error-free and smooth fitness tracker app that your user loves. From onboarding to final reminder, here’s how our custom 8fit clone app works.
  • 1
    User Registration

    The user has to register on the 8fit clone app with a valid email or contact number which is then verified by the admin.

  • 2
    Health Status

    After successful registration, the user enters all their data such as height and weight to get an accurate BMI and health info.

  • 3
    Personalized Plan

    Once the health conditions are known, the dmin offers a customized fitness and meal plan for the specific user.

  • 4
    Exercise Reminder

    If any of the users fail to follow the customized plan, the admin can then send them personalized reminders through the app.

How Much Does 8fit Clone App Cost?

Ready to launch your fitness tracker app like 8fit? Get in touch with our experts to get accurate estimations for your fitness app development.

Developing a fitness tracker app like 8fit requires tedious calculations and careful evaluation of your business needs. Whether it be adding any next-gen technology, or customizing an existing functionality; your requirements play a major role in defining the scope of your fitness app development. Hence, if you are seeking for an accurate cost estimation, then it is always better to discuss your business needs with experts for a perfect evaluation. Visit us or fill our form below to, book a free 30-min consultation with our experts! 

Core Technologies Behind App Like 8fit Clone

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which fitness app is the best?

There are many fitness trainer apps that are today playing big in the market. To name a few, we have: 

  • Noom 
  • Google Fit 
  • FitOn 
  • FitBit Coach 
  • Home Workout 
  • Runtastic 

2. What is the 8fit clone app?

8fit clone app is an on-demand fitness app development services that deals with the creation and delivery of a fitness app like 8fit. With this fitness clone app, you can create a similar fitness app like 8fit with the same features and marketing strategies. Not just that, but you can even include your own features and designs to make that app perfect for your target customers and brand.

3. Are fitness apps worth it?

With the recent rise in pandemics, and the expensive membership plans of personal trainers and gyms, people are actively looking for more secure, convenient and pocket-friendly fitness plans. That’s the main reason for the surge in the fitness app development market. Today, every other fitness brand is launching their own app to lure more customers and expand their reach and eventually revenues. 

4. What services do you offer with the 8fit clone app?

You can get a comprehensive range of professional services including app development, manual/automated testing, flexible hiring models, MVP creation, Ui/UX designers, project management, and much more from our experts. Besides that, we also offer post-launch services like data and platform migration, app maintenance, feature addition, and technology upgradation to make your app a hit for years to come.   

5. How do you ensure quality development?

We follow the best development methodology for creating your fitness app like 8fit. Besides that, we also include strict security policies and tools to make your app error-free and smooth on every platform of your choice. Our agile approach further ensures that the app is developed under your involvement and as per your expectations.

6. What other types of on-demand apps do you offer?

We offer a wide range of professional on-demand applications including: 

  • Healthcare apps 
  • Finance apps 
  • Home service solutions 
  • Delivery apps 
  • Social media apps 
  • E-learning apps 
  • Courier delivery apps 
  • Baby care apps 
  • Pet care apps 
  • Hotel booking and travel apps 
  • Video streaming apps, and more 

7. How does the 8fit app make money?

The main monetization model of 8fit is subscription-based earning. The app offers various subscription models to let the customers enjoy premium features and exciting discounts. Besides that, the app even asks for a certain amount of fee from the trainers to get them listed.  

8. Are you a copyright owner of the 8fit app?

No, we are not the copyright owners of the 8fit app. However, with our certified resources and best development tools, we promise to offer you a similar fitness training app like 8fit that suits your business needs and customer wants. You can visit us to know more about the 8fit clone app.