AI-based Fraud Detection Software

Matellio offers advanced, high-tech, and fast fraud detection solutions to help companies eliminate thefts, frauds, and unreliable transactions resulting in loss of money and brand value. Increase your business credibility, gain customers’ trust, and protect your organization against fraud attacks by implementing AI fraud detection software today!
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    What is

    What is AI-based Fraud Detection Software?

    Fraud detection is a group of activities undertaken to prevent property or money from being obtained through false methods. An AI-based fraud detection solution is used for detecting such malicious activities through certain supervised learning algorithms. Matellio, with its double-decade expertise, designs solutions to prevent your organization from fraudulent activities. Whether healthcare, banking, retail, or insurance, every industry that seeks to eliminate frauds and thefts through automated ways can leverage our fraud detection software development services.
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    Improved Accuracy

    AI-based fraud detection software analyzes patterns and behaviors that humans may not be able to detect, resulting in fewer false positives and false negatives.

    Reduced Cost

    Save money by eliminating the need for human involvement in detecting fraud and generate better revenues with AI-driven fraud detection solutions.

    Quick Adaptability

    AI in fraud detection can learn and adapt to new types of fraud as they occur, improving their ability to detect future frauds and shielding your organization.

    Better Brand Value

    You can easily enhance your brand value and build customer trust by protecting crucial data and securing transactions through AI-based fraud detection systems.

    Top Use Cases of AI-based Fraud Detection Software

    Explore the top ways through which a fraud detection solution can benefit your organization.
    Fraud Detection Use Case

    Detect fraudulent financial transactions such as credit card fraud, money laundering, identity theft, and suspicious transactions with AI fraud detection software.


    Uncover suspicious activities, find inconsistencies in personal data, and detect fake reviews associated with merchants or their products through AI-based fraud detection software.


    AI in fraud detection automates medical claim approvals and verifications, and eliminates fake claims based on invalid social security numbers, claims duplication, fake diagnoses, etc.


    Eliminate fake and duplicate claims by analyzing claims patterns and identifying suspicious behavior by implementing AI fraud detection software in your organization.


    AI-based fraud detection software can detect fraudulent activity in telecommunications networks, such as SIM card fraud and phone number spoofing.

    DEI Workplace

    You can implement AI HR software to analyze data and identify patterns of bias, helping organizations promote a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

    Fraud Detection Use Case

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    AI Techniques Used in a Fraud Detection Solution

    Matellio leverages AI-based techniques for designing Fraud Detection Software.
    Data Mining

    Matellio utilizes it to classify and segment data to sort through a million transactions for finding patterns and detecting frauds.

    AI and Machine Learning
    Machine Learning

    Machine Learning is used on a massive scale as this technology can automatically identify characteristics in particular fraud.

    Neural Networks

    We at Matellio leverage Neural Networks to identify suspicious-looking patterns and use them to find fraudulent transactions.

    Pattern Recognition

    Pattern recognition technology is leveraged for detecting classes, clusters, and patterns for understanding suspicious behavior.

    Behavioral Profiles

    Machine Learning techniques are utilized for interpreting the real-time behavior of accounts, individuals, devices, and more.

    Supervised Techniques

    The database is filled with billions of fraudulent and legitimate transaction instances that can deepen our understanding.

    Adaptive Analytics

    Our team at Matellio believes in continually updating the Machine Learning Models depending upon the fraud analyst feedback.

    Ensembling Models

    Ensembling Models is an approach of using the strengths of different models and making the final decision as accurate as possible.

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      What is

      Technologies We Use

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How much does it cost to develop an AI-based fraud detection solution?

      Like other custom enterprise solutions, the cost of developing AI-based fraud detection software depends on multiple factors and your business requirements. Features, the number of developers working on your project, hiring model, testing approach, and other development services impact your fraud detection software development cost. Hence, the best way to get a cost estimation for your project is through our expert consulting services. You can fill out our form to book a free 30-minute consultation slot with our experts and get a no-obligation quote.   

      2. Why choose Matellio for AI fraud detection software development?

      By partnering with us, you can enjoy several benefits, including:  

      • Optimized codes  
      • Free competitor analysis and market research  
      • Free consulting  
      • No-obligation quote  
      • Fully customized solutions  
      • Flexible hiring models  
      • Secure and cost-effective solutions  
      • Next-gen enterprise solutions and apps  
      • A plethora of development services under one roof  
      • 24*7 technical assistance  

      3. How is AI in fraud detection beneficial?

      AI-based fraud detection solutions can be highly beneficial for organizations in several ways:   

      • Speed and Efficiency: AI algorithms can quickly process large amounts of data, making it possible to detect fraud in real-time.  
      • Scalability: AI-based fraud detection solutions can be easily scaled to meet the needs of large organizations, making them a cost-effective option for detecting fraud.  
      • Less operational cost: Automated fraud detection can help organizations save money by eliminating the need for human involvement in detecting fraud.  
      • Easy and continuous monitoring: AI-based systems can be configured to monitor transactions continuously and detect any suspicious activity, reducing the time required to detect fraud.  
      • Predictive capabilities: AI-based fraud detection software can predict future fraud attempts using historical data and patterns, enabling organizations to proactively prevent fraud. 
      • Personalization: AI-based fraud detection can be tailored to an organization’s specific needs, allowing for more accurate and efficient fraud detection.  

      4. How can I hire developers from Matellio for fraud detection software development?

      Working with us is easy. You have to follow some simple steps to hire dedicated developers for your fraud detection software development project:  

      • Fill out our form  
      • Discuss your requirements with our experts  
      • Select your development team  
      • Choose a suitable hiring model  
      • Begin your AI fraud detection software development  

      5. How do you ensure data confidentiality and security?

      We follow the best security practices to help you secure your data and application after the launch. Besides that, we also sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that limits our employees and us from sharing your ideas and data with third parties.   

      6. What industries can leverage custom fraud detection solutions?

      Companies of any size and domain can leverage our fraud detection software. To name a few, we have:  

      • Government agencies  
      • Social media companies  
      • Telecom businesses  
      • Finance companies  
      • Banking sector  
      • Healthcare organizations  
      • Retail and ecommerce brands  

      7. Do you offer support and maintenance services?

      We offer support and maintenance services to help you with any development services after your solution is deployed. For instance, our engineers can help you with feature updates, testing, UI/UX services, technology migration, cloud integration, and data migration services tailored to your business needs.   

      8. What other software development services do you offer?

      Besides software development, we offer a plethora of other services to help you resolve your business concerns. To name a few, we have:  

      • UI/UX services  
      • MVP development  
      • App/Software development  
      • Next-gen tech integration  
      • Support and maintenance services  
      • Legacy software modernization  
      • Software re-engineering services  
      • Digital transformation consulting  
      • Staff Augmentation service 
      • And much more