We Develop eCommerce Solutions That Are


We build AI eCommerce solutions with an interdisciplinary approach that brings a unique perspective to each project.


We create robust AI-powered eCommerce solutions that are backed by solid data and insights.

Uncompromised Security

We use encryption, secure servers, and security audits to build AI eCommerce stores that are highly secure.

Custom AI-Powered Solutions for eCommerce

Transform your online business with personalized, data-driven, and automated AI solutions for eCommerce.

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    Why Matellio for eCommerce Solution Development?

    quality centric approach
    Quality-centric Approach

    Our quality-centric approach ensures that you get world-class digital solutions tailored to your business needs.

    Agile Development approach
    Agile-based Development

    We use Agile for product life cycle management to rapidly develop, deploy, and scale products to market.

    transparent procedure
    Fully Transparent Procedure

    We ensure that the client has full control over the software and its code to protect their IP rights.

    Custom AI Solutions for eCommerce We Develop

    Our AI eCommerce developers build custom retail software with cutting-edge functionalities.

    Revenue Optimization Software

    We will build customized revenue optimization software, with your business structure in consideration, that leverages data and AI technologies to drive sales growth and maximize revenue for businesses.
    • Personalized Pricing Recommendations
    • Dynamic Pricing Adjustments 
    • Automated Upselling Campaigns 
    revenue optimization software

    Fraud Detection Software

    A custom-built AI solution for eCommerce for fraud detection will understand the specifics of your business model, analyze patterns, recognize suspicious activity, and flag potential fraud to successfully prevent financial losses and protect sensitive information.
    • Real-time Monitoring 
    • Multiple Data Sources Integration 
    • Customizable Fraud Rules
    fraud detection software

    Customer Retention Software

    We create highly advanced machine learning algorithms to develop customized customer retention software for you that analyzes customer behavior across channels, proactively retains them, and increases loyalty through targeted engagement.
    • Targeted Campaigns
    • Detailed Customer Behavior Analysis
    • Holistic Customer System Integration
    Customer Retention Software

    Supply Chain Management Software

    Through custom-built AI solutions for eCommerce, you can leverage our advanced machine learning algorithm-building expertise to optimize processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency throughout the entire journey from procurement to delivery.
    • Real-time Inventory Tracking 
    • Demand Forecasting  
    • Transportation Management 
    supply chain management software

    Warehouse Management Software

    Optimize and automate various warehouse operations, including picking and packing, storage, loading, unloading, and shipping, with enhanced accuracy and efficiency with AI-powered warehouse management software development services.
    • Automated Order Fulfillment 
    • Predictive Maintenance 
    • Smart Loading Optimization
    ai-powered warehouse management software

    Inventory Management Software

    Streamline stock management for your eCommerce business with our development services in AI solutions for eCommerce. It will help you manage your inventory efficiently through real-time tracking, demand forecasting, automatic reordering, and sales data analysis to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and drive profitability.
    • Automatic Stock Replenishment 
    • Supplier Management 
    • Sales Data Analysis
    inventory management software development ai

    Our Global Clients

    Clients across the globe trust us with their digital transformation and software development needs.

    We Are Trusted By Businesses Across the Globe

    Leading companies have trusted us for fulfilling their development needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can AI be integrated with my existing eCommerce website and app?

    Yes, Matellio can integrate AI with your existing eCommerce website and app. As a full-service digital transformation and software development company, Matellio has extensive experience in integrating AI into various types of websites and apps, including eCommerce platforms. Some of the ways Matellio can integrate AI into your eCommerce platform include personalized product recommendations, AI-powered chatbots, visual search, and inventory management.

    2. What type of AI solutions can be integrated into an eCommerce store?

    Some of the AI solutions that can be integrated are personalized product recommendations, chatbots for customer support, image recognition for product searches, fraud detection for secure payments, and inventory management to optimize stock levels. We can also integrate natural language processing (NLP) to understand customer queries and provide relevant information, predictive analytics to forecast customer behavior and demand, and machine learning algorithms to continuously improve customer experiences. Our experts will work with you to determine the best AI solutions for your specific needs and ensure a smooth integration process.

    3. Do you develop operation-specific eCommerce platforms?

    Yes, Matellio does develop operation-specific eCommerce platforms. We specialize in building custom eCommerce solutions for retail, wholesale, and B2B businesses. Our solutions will be tailored to meet the unique needs of your company’s operations, allowing you to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer experience. Some of the more popular custom solutions we build include inventory management systems, warehouse management systems, supply chain management software, customer retention software, and more.

    4. What type of AI development services do you offer?

    Matellio is a custom software development company that offers a wide range of services for AI development. Below mentioned are the names of some of the services we can offer with the technology in the retail domain.

    • AI-Powered Product Recommendations
    • Dynamic Price Optimization
    • Automated Inventory Management
    • AI-Enabled Customer Service
    • Visual Search
    • Marketing Personalization
    • Product and Catalog Categorization
    • AI-Powered Fraud Detection, etc.

    5. Can you develop MVP for my eCommerce business?

    Yes, we develop MVPs for eCommerce businesses with all the essential features as required by the client. This can include user registration and authentication, a shopping cart, a product catalog, a payment gateway, orders and inventory management system, automated shipping and tracking system, and a search engine for customers to find products quickly. In the MVP, we develop all the features to provide a solid foundation for your eCommerce business.

    6. How do you maintain transparency during the development process?

    Matellio places a high value on transparency during the development process. We provide regular progress updates to clients, allowing them to stay informed about the status of their projects at all times. We also provide them with access to project management tools, such as Trello or Jira, to view project tasks, deadlines, and progress in real-time. Over that, clients can also anytime ask questions, provide feedback, and address concerns throughout the development process. To further add assurance to our services, we conduct extensive testing and quality assurance in order to maintain superior quality of output at every stage. In the end, we give the entire code ownership to the client, retaining nothing but the experience of working on their idea.

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