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Take your hotel booking and rental business to a next level with a fully customized and budget-friendly Airbnb clone app development with your choice of features and tech-stack.
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What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a very popular and successful booking platform that has been serving the needs of the online travellers since its inception in 2008. With a unique and first-ever rental solutions approach, Airbnb quickly became a hit in many parts of the USA and then to other global areas. The app enables the house owners to earn a little extra while solving the temporary staying problems of the travellers. Airbnb connects the house owners with the travellers that are looking for a place and want to temporarily stay somewhere nearby to their preferred location. In return, the house owners get a good rental amount from which Airbnb earns the commissions. The unique and profitable concept of Airbnb has lured many marketers and as a result, Airbnb clone app development has become a global trend in today’s market.
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Profitable Model

Enjoy the perks of having a popular hotel booking clone that offers excellent user-experience with Airbnb clone app development.

Popular Features

Leverage all the successful features of Airbnb and ensure a world-wide success for your custom Airbnb clone app.

Easy Marketing

Easily market your app in front of all your target audiences by leveraging the marketing strategies of Airbnb.

Quick Returns

Get effective and faster returns on your Airbnb clone app development with guaranteed success and a huge customer-base.

Unique Features of Airbnb Clone App to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for your Airbnb clone that make your hotel booking app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
User Management

Add new users to your Airbnb clone and manage the existing ones with all their past searches and payment modes.

Customer Support
Automated Support

Offer automated support to all your app users by integrating an ML-based chatbot in your Airbnb clone.

Listing Management

Manage the hotel and resort lists on your app, and add new one by easily validating their details to bring more customers.

Payment Alerts

Keep a track of all the money transfers happening through your app, and alert the users for any pending or faulty payment.

Real time notification
Real-Time Notifications

Alert the users in real-time about their flights and car schedules, and send them push notifications instantly.

Total Bookings

Get an idea of the total booking that happened or is in queue through your Airbnb clone with all the details.

Online Commissions

Automatically deduct your commissions from the amount sent by the customer, and send the remaining to the merchant.

User Analytics

Get the latest market trends and your user analytics to make future strategies and instant suggestions.

List Property

Enhance the chances of income for your tour partners by enabling them to list the properties on your Airbnb clone.

Update Description

Bestow the hotel owners to update the images and other information related to their properties in real-time.

Subscription Models
Online Bookings

Help tour partners to get the booking requests on the same Airbnb clone app and enable them to accept/reject requests in real-time.

Total Payments

Offer a centralized revenue management module and offer the hotel partners to transfer the amount directly to their bank accounts.

Push Notifications

Help your partners to lure customers and inform them about recent policy changes with personalized messages.

User Verification

Make your Airbnb clone more secure and accurate by enabling the hotel partners to verify the bookings through OTP.

Inventory Management

Help your travel partners to view their inventories in real-time via Airbnb clone to make informed decisions on bookings.

On-Demand Pricing

Facilitate on-demand price changes for your tour partners as per the market trends and customer needs.

Validate Details

Validate the details of your users, and enable them to login using a valid email ID, or their social media accounts.

Same-Day Booking

Offer same-day booking to your users and help them choose from multiple hotels and room types matching their needs.

Favourite Places

Let your customers view all the properties listed on your Airbnb clone app and enable them to save their favourite ones.

Invite Friends

Engage your users effectively by letting them share the same property listing with their family and friends in real-time.

Fare Estimate

Offer an exact fare estimate of the flights and hotel rooms to your customers to help them make an accurate decision.

In-App Messaging

Facilitate communication between users and increase your app usage time by incorporating in-app messaging.

Live Alerts

Send live alerts and notifications to your users about their flight departure, hotel stay time, car arrival, and more.

Ratings and Reviews

Engage your users and gain their trust by enabling them to rate and review the services offered by your Airbnb clone.

Give Life to Your Business Idea

Make your Gett taxi clone as per your choice of themes, colors, features, and tech-stack, and boost your revenues exponentially.
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How Does Airbnb Clone App Work?

Invest in an accessible and user-friendly Airbnb clone app development and increase your success opportunities. Here’s how your Airbnb clone app works.
  • 1
    Online Booking

    The users have to create their profile to access the rental rooms and hotels along with the fares for their stay

  • 2
    Accept Request

    Once a room is selected by the user, a request is sent to the host confirming the stay from their end.

  • 3
    Payment Collection

    After confirmation from the host, the user has to pay the rent using any suitable online payment channel which goes to the admin.

  • 4
    Disperse Payments

    After some time, the amount paid by the user is sent to the host while deducting the commission for the admin.

How Much Would it Cost for Airbnb Clone App Development?

Get an exact cost of your custom Airbnb clone app development by connecting with our experts. Discuss your requirements and get a hotel booking app as per your expectations.

Calculating the cost of a custom Airbnb clone app is not a viable task as it involves a lot of different factors. Tech-stack, features, customizations, deployment of certified resources, app development method, testing method, other services, designing, MVP creation, and more – it is your requirements and expectations that frame the structure of the app, which eventually makes the overall cost of your Airbnb clone app development. Hence, discussing your ideas with experts is essential. To get an exact quote for your app, book a free 30-min consultation with our experts! 

Core Technologies Behind App Like Airbnb

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make an app like Airbnb?

To make an app like Airbnb you firstly need to have a clear understanding of your target market and your underlying goals. After that, you need to check the feasibility of your Airbnb clone app development idea with experts. An expert would help you to know all the ups and downs of your business idea along with their solutions. Next, look for an experienced hotel booking app development company that can help you create Airbnb clone app. Look for profitable features, tech-stack and design, and avoid development before creating an MVP. Next, make your team, and go for agile development for your Airbnb clone app. Lastly, test your app, and deploy it on various platforms. 

2. What else can I use besides Airbnb?

There are many other popular hotels booking and rental booking platforms that you can use besides Airbnb. To name a few, we have: 

  • Expedia 
  • Travelocity 
  • Vacasa 
  • Filp Key 
  • Innclusive 

3. What type of app is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an amazing rental marketplace that offers some cost-effective and lucrative stay options to the travellers. Right from rental apartments to hotel rooms and luxury stays, you can find everything on this amazing hotel booking and rental platform. The app connects the house owners with the travellers looking for short-term stays.  

4. How long does it take to build an app like Airbnb?

Like cost, the total estimated time required to create your Airbnb clone app cannot be calculated until sufficient factors are known. For instance, your choice of technology, features you have selected, customizations, designs, scalability of the app, and testing method; there are many important factors that one has to know before analysing your time estimation for Airbnb clone app development. Hence, the best way is to consult your requirements with experts and get an accurate time estimation for your app. 

5. What is the Airbnb app made with?

Although Airbnb app is made with a lot of different next-gen technologies, the major one used for the front-end is React. For payments, they have PayPal API, and for database mainly amazon RDS is used. AI is also used to enhance the overall experience of the app and offer more natural support to the users.  

6. How does Airbnb make profit?

Airbnb makes money by earning commission through every deal and booking made via their platform. The hosts receive the payment done by the users after the deduction of commissions. Moreover, the users also have to pay a little extra for more services they opt like instant booking or expansion in stay.  

7. Is it worth investing in an Airbnb clone app development?

Airbnb is the first0ever rental and hotel booking app the directly connects the hosts with the potential customers. The app, with its unique and advanced features, has generated a market revenue of $3.4 trillion, and there is no such app like Airbnb that could offer more benefits to the users. Hence, one cannot deny that Airbnb is one of the finest and most profitable hotels booking app for investors and start-ups. So, you can to plan to invest in a similar app development like Airbnb. 

8. Are you a copyright owner of Airbnb?

No, we are not the copyright owners of the Airbnb app. However, we have certified developers and years-long experience in delivering similar hotel booking and rental app like Airbnb best suited at your budget. So, if you have any queries regarding Airbnb clone app development, we would suggest to reach us via email or by filling our form below.