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What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is Amazon Prime’s standalone on-demand OTT service. This video streaming app provides shows and movies on multiple platforms such as computers, mobile devices, and smart T.V.s. Amazon has a slew of original and licensed content on Prime Video. It also offers a content add-on service called Amazon Channels, and lets users subscribe to various other channels. At the heart of Prime Video are a pool of great content and a phenomenal app that brings their world-class content to the viewers. Prime Video app is easy-to-use and well-designed and offers content in different video qualities.
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Worldwide Demand
Worldwide Demand

Mine the benefits of the globally intensifying demand for quality video streaming apps that offer great video content.


Provide multiple subscription plans, thus making sure that your Amazon Prime Video clone app has something for every budget.

100% ROI

With quality content and a user-friendly app that is full of features, your OTT app will achieve 100% ROI in no time.


Using AI/ML, build an intuitive OTT platform that is smart, user-friendly and provides you with great analytics data.

Unique Features to Add to Your Amazon Prime Video Clone App

Make your Amazon Prime Video clone app the next big thing in video streaming the market by providing the following unique features to your users.
Need Custom Features?
Content Management

Create, remove, and block video content from your Amazon Prime Video clone app with the help of a user-friendly admin panel.

Subscription Plans
Subscription Plans

Create and manage various subscription plans from the admin panel and let your users choose according to their needs.

Notification Management

Keep them in the loop! Create, manage and send users different notifications to your users from your admin panel.

Manage Admin
Manage Admin

Manage your app admins, admin data, add sub-admins, provide them different permissions, etc., all from the admin panel.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Provide 24*7 customer support to your users by tracking all your customer and tech support requests from admin panel.

Social Media
Social Media

Create, share, manage, and remove social media campaigns and promotional videos for your custom Amazon Prime Video clone app.

AI-Powered Analytics
AI-Powered Analytics

AI/ML can provide crucial analytics by studying the trends of your content: likes, dislikes, average user rating, etc.

Manage Finances
Finances Management

Manage all your earnings and spendings and create detailed revenue reports and charts for your Amazon Prime Video clone app.

AI Recommendations

With the help of A.I., learn users’ viewing habits & history and offer the perfect recommendations for their next watch.

HD Videos
High-Def Videos

Let users stream their content at any quality they like! Allow them to choose based on their internet connectivity.

Skip Intro

Allow your users to skip the intro sections of the shows on your Amazon Prime Video clone app and get to the action quickly!

Likes & Dislikes

A single like/dislike is worth a thousand words. Let your users like/dislike content on your Amazon Prime Video clone app.

My List
My List

Allow your users to create their personalized list of shows/movies/animes on your app according to their preferences.

Ban Screencaptures
Ban Screencaptures

To prevent your content from piracy, do not give users any chance to grab screenshots while they are using your app.

Social Sharing
Social Sharing

Let your users share their current watches and their favorite shows and movies on social media with their friends.

Reviews comments
Reviews & Comments

Allow your users to leave reviews and comments under your content; it makes them feel like you value their opinions.

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How Does Amazon Prime Video Work?

Amazon Prime Video has earned its position as one of the best video streaming apps in the world by offering great content and a quality app. Let’s see how Amazon Prime Video works:
  • 1
    Sign Up

    The first thing users do is sign up for Amazon Prime Video using their email I.D.s or phone numbers.

  • 2
    Pick a Subscription

    Next, they pick a subscription plan that works for them. Amazon Prime Video provides monthly and annual subscriptions.

  • 3

    Then, users pay for their subscriptions using a secure payment gateway and with the payment method of their choice.

  • 4

    And that’s it! Users can now sit back and enjoy their seemingly infinite supply of entertainment anytime and anywhere.

Cost to Develop an Amazon Prime Video Clone App

Are you thinking about launching a custom Amazon Prime Video clone app full of unique features? Then learn how much it will cost you to get a top-tier OTT app built like Amazon Prime Video here!

Without knowing the specifics of an app like Amazon Prime Video, it is impossible to come up with a fixed quote. Every app differs and requires a different development approach. Based on the approach taken by the application developer, the cost of development may rise and fall. Also, the cost of development will depend significantly on the complexity of your app and how many features you want to have. An MVP will not cost nearly as much as a fully-fledged mobile application. You can contact us to get a free quote from our app development experts for an MVP of your app.

Core Technologies Behind App Like Amazon Prime Video

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create an app like Amazon Prime Video?

To make an app like Amazon Prime Video, follow the below-given steps:  

  • Figure out your audience   
  • Accumulate a pool of fantastic video content   
  • Study your competitors 
  • Land on a budget  
  • Figure out your revenue model   
  • Search for an experienced app development agent   
  • Get a minimum viable product developed  
  • Test, release, and update 

2. What other apps like Amazon Prime Video does Matellio develop?

The video streaming app market is on the rise. It is full of many great apps like Amazon Prime Video, and at Matellio, we are the best at creating clone apps for all the big video streaming apps in the market:   

  • Netflix   
  • Apple TV  
  • Disney +   
  • HBO Max  
  • Hulu 

3. Which revenue model is suitable for my Amazon Prime Video clone app?

There is no one correct answer for this question. The choice of the revenue model for your app will depend on your business model and the type of demographic you’re trying to reach. With that said, here are some revenue models you can pick from:    

  • Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD): It is a pay-per-view revenue model in which your users only pay for what they want to see.    
  • Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD): Users buy a monthly/yearly subscription to get full access to your content bank. However, you can have different types of subscriptions like Premium, VIP, etc. as well.    
  • Ad-Supported Video on Demand (AVOD): In this model, most revenue is made by advertisements, like YouTube.   
  • Hybrid: You can develop your own revenue model by using elements from the above three revenue models that we talked about. The benefit of a Hybrid revenue model is that you get to experiment and find the best fit for your business model. 

4. How do apps like Amazon Prime Video work?

Amazon Prime Video has two main components: a great collection of content and a feature-full app. The first thing you must get is content, and for that, you can get streaming licenses from the top production houses in the business. You can also go with creating original content for your streaming service exclusively.

Once the content has been taken care of, you need to focus on building a great application to bring your content to your users. For that, you can reach out to an experienced application developer who will respect your vision. Additionally, your revenue model will also play a significant role in your app’s popularity. There is nothing wrong with slightly expensive subscriptions, given that you have the content and infrastructure to justify it.   

5. How much time does it take to create an Amazon Prime Video clone app?

Much like development cost, the development time for any app depends majorly on its complexity and how many features you want to include. An app with just the bare essential features will have a considerably smaller development cycle than an app that is chock-full of complex features. Testing the app will also take longer if it is complex.    

6. Does Matellio develop other types of apps as well?

Yes, Matellio has a lot of experience building apps with the latest technologies. From AR/VR and AI-powered apps, IoT applications, Matellio has delivered top-notch solutions for clients across the globe. You can check out our portfolio here and if you want to get a free quote from our experts, you can contact us here.

7. What is Amazom Prime Video’s technology stack?

Amazon Prime Video uses a slew of industry-best tools to bring its quality content to the users. Some of them are:  

  • Application and Data  
    • React  
    • Java 
    • Amazon EC2 
    • Perl 
    • Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL 
  • DevOps  
    • Amazon EC2 Container Service 
    • Amazon CloudWatch 
    • Jest 
    • Nightwatchjs 
  • Utilities  
    • Amazon Route 53 
    • Amazon Glacier  
    • Amazon CloudSearch 
    • Amazon API Gateway 
    • Amazon SWF 
  • Business Tools  
    • Amazon WorkSpace 

8. Are you the copyright owner of the Amazon Prime Video app?

No, we do not own any of the material or content associated with Amazon Prime Video. However, we have access to some of the best video streaming app development tools and developers that are skilled at delivering similar custom apps like Amazon Prime Video. Whatever your requirements are, our certified developers will include those in your custom Amazon Prime Video clone app.