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What is Amwell?

With a market value of over 2.71 billion, Amwell today has become a leading telemedicine platform in the entire US and nearby areas. Right from nutrition counselling, to urgent care, Amwell offers a plethora of healthcare services to the patients in need in a remote manner. The brand uses virtual communication and automated chat options to connect the patents with the best healthcare experts nearby to them. Due to such an immense need of telemedicine apps today, Amwell clone apps are becoming profitable for the healthcare experts and startups. When are you planning to launch your Amwell clone app?
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Easy Marketing

Market your Amwell clone app easily amongst your target audience by offering a similar kind of experience to your users.

Futuristic Model

Get a future-proof and advanced telemedicine app for your healthcare startup by investing in our custom Amwell clone app.

Faster Returns
Attractive Returns

Get 100% returns on your total investments with a next-gen and user-friendly Amwell clone app development.

Essential Services

Leverage the perks of investing in essential services of the global world and be in the long run for years to come.

Unique Features of Amwell Clone App to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for your Amwell clone app that make your doctor appointment app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
Online Marketing

Seamlessly market your brand and other third-party services on your Amwell clone app to earn extra revenues.

User Verification

Verify all your users with a unique one-time password and facilitate a secure and safe onboarding process.

Total Commissions

Deduct your commissions from the total payment made by the user, and transfer the remaining amount to the doctors.

Medical History

Track the medical history of your patients and offer access-based rights to the doctors for patient privacy.

Centralized Dashboard

Get a bird’s eye view of all the processes and transactions happening on your telemedicine app in real-time.

Telehealth Trainings

Conduct telehealth training for your healthcare professionals and build more trust for your Amwell clone app.

Customer Support

Solve all your user-queries, and automate your support operations with ML-based chatbot development.

Pharmacy Management

Add pharmacy stores to your Amwell clone app and offer ease to your patients for medicine ordering and refilling.


Enable a seamless and user-friendly registration process to your patients by offering them social media sign-up.

Health Conditions

Include a long list of most common symptoms and let your patients choose the doctors as per their health conditions.

Book Appointments

Help your patients to book online appointments for their selected doctors by accessing the availability and consultation fees.

Select Pharmacy

The users can select any of the pharmacy stores to get the prescribed medicines directly at their doorsteps.

Add Insurance

Increase the ease and payment services for your patients by enabling them to add their insurance plans in the app.

Video Consultations

Foster better communications and enhanced healthcare services for your users by offering audio/video consultations.

Digital Payments

Facilitate digital payments by offering multiple payment channels including digital wallets and credit card functionalities.

Urgent Care

Build trust for your Amwell clone app by offering urgent care features to your patients anywhere across the world.

Create Profile

Offer a seamless onboarding experience to your healthcare partners and enable them to create detailed profiles.

Send Prescriptions

Enable the doctors to directly send prescriptions of specific patients to their chosen pharmacy store with the Amwell clone app.

Manage Bookings

Through the app, the doctors can either accept or reject the booking requests based on their availability.

Schedule Appointments

Bestow your healthcare partners to customize the time and date of consultations whenever they want using the Amwell clone app.

Track Earnings

Offer a centralized payment module to your healthcare partners to help them track their earnings in real-time.

Read Reviews

Let your healthcare partners enhance their services by offering them the real-time ratings and reviews provided by the patients.

Medical Webinars

Engage your doctors and add more professional to your Amwell clone app by offering webinars and presentation functionalities.

Community Portals

Build more trust for your Amwell clone app by bringing all your healthcare professionals to a single platform for discussions.

Your Vision Our Development

We promise to transform your vision into a successful reality with our professional and budget-friendly on-demand app development services.
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How does the Amwell App Work?

Offer a futuristic and user-friendly telemedicine ap clone that elevates your healthcare services. Here’s how a custom Amwell clone app works for your firm.
  • 1
    Book Appointment

    After successfully registering on the app, patients can see the availability of their doctors and can book online appointments.

  • 2
    Online Payments

    Once the appointments are booked, the patients have to pay an online fee from any suitable payment channel to the admin.

  • 3
    Video Consultations

    The admin, after deducting the commissions, set-up a video/audio call to connect the patients and doctors at their suitable time.

  • 4
    Electronic Prescription

    The doctors then send the prescription in an electronic mode to the pharmacy chosen by the patients.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Amwell Clone App?

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As you are aware, any custom mobile application undertakes many factors for development, and the Amwell clone app is no exception. From choosing a reliable tech-stack, to including your choice of advanced features, and services, and even hiring professional resources; your requirements play a major role in determining the overall cost of your project. Hence, you should always consult with an expert for getting an accurate estimation of cost and time. To know the exact quote of your Amwell clone app, book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts

Core Technologies Behind App Like Amwell

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Amwell offer?

Amwell is an affordable and futuristic telehealth app that connects the patients with the doctors of their choice. Whether it be any skin issue, or any urgent care, Amwell app always makes it easy to get the best healthcare services across the globe at your time and convenience.  

2. How do I use the Amwell app?

You simply need to enroll on the app, and choose your symptoms. After that, a long list of expert doctors would be displayed on your mobile screen with their availability and fees. You can select any healthcare professional, can pay the fee, and can set-up the appointment. Once all that is done, you will get a video call at your selected time and date.  

3. What services do you offer for Amwell clone app?

We offer a wide range of professional and cost-effective services that can make your Amwell clone app a hit in the market. Our services include but is not limited to: 

  • App development 
  • Idea consultation 
  • Quality assurance 
  • MVP creation 
  • UI/UX 
  • Data migration 
  • DevOps Consultation
  • Technology upgradation 
  • Platform Migration 
  • App submission 
  • Features addition, and more 

4. How does Amwell make money?

Amwell uses subscription-based models to earn revenues for its healthcare app. Besides that, the patients have to pay visit fees and other healthcare services opted by them to the admin.  

5. What makes Amwell different?

The unique features of Amwell like pharmacy management, medical webinars, community portals, and insurance management makes Amwell a popular and effective telehealth app more than any other popular platforms.  

6. How do you ensure the safety of my data?

We sign an NDA before initiating the app development to ensure that none of your ideas and data gets leaked to third-parties. We also follow safe development approaches to make sure that your application is free from any glitches and loopholes.  

7. How do I make a telemedicine app?

To create a feature-rich telemedicine app like Amwell, you need to follow some crucial steps, such as: 

  • Selecting a reliable app development partner 
  • Including next-gen technologies and feature 
  • Creating an MVP 
  • Hiring professional app developers 
  • Choosing a proper monetization model 
  • Following agile methodology 
  • Testing your app 
  • Submitting your app on various platforms 

8. Are you a copyright owner of Amwell?

No, we do not one any of the materials related to Amwell. However, we have expertise in on-demand app development that can be leveraged to create a custom telemedicine app like Amwell. Right from features to design, you can choose anything matching your business requirements, and we ensure to include them in your Amwell clone app. Visit us to know more about our Amwell clone app development.