CVS Pharmacy App Development

Enhance your medicine delivery services and expand your business by bringing your store online with a custom medicine delivery app like CVS Pharmacy.
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What is CVS Pharmacy?

CVS Pharmacy is a popular name in the medicine delivery market that is headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. CVS helps the people across the USA and other parts of the world to get the required medicines at their doorstep through its dedicated medicine delivery app. The app offers a comprehensive list to the customers of all the pharmacy stores nearby to their area that delivers the requested medicine. Besides that, the amazing offers and simple interface also makes CVS Pharmacy the best app for medicine delivery clones across the globe.
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Intuitive UI

Give your customers an excellent user-experience and easily accessible features with a delivery clone like CVS Pharmacy.

Wider Reach

Reach the masses and grow your brand name across boundaries with a dedicated medicine delivery app like CVS.

Boosted Profits

Bring your store online and get better profits and revenues with a medicine delivery clone app like CVS Pharmacy.

100% ROI

Ensure a 100% ROI in less time and with less efforts by investing in a custom medicine delivery app like CVS Pharmacy.

Unique Features of CVS Pharmacy Clone to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for the CVS Pharmacy clone app that make your medicine delivery app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
Add Customers

Add more customers to your app and manage the existing ones along with their order and payment details.

Add Stores

Validate the credentials of the store owners and add them to your CVS clone app to enhance user experience.

Allocate Delivery

Allocate the deliveries to the nearest delivery agent and add new ones by validating their past experience, and contact details.

Payment Management

Keep track of all the payments made through your CVS Pharmacy clone app and send alerts to the user in case of failed payments.

Total Commissions

Manage your total commissions from the different stores and send alerts to the ones from which your payments are due.

Route Optimization

Offer a secure and fastest delivery route to your delivery partners by checking for any road construction or traffic in real-time.

Customer Support

Solve all your user queries in real-time and enable them to contact you anytime with an automated chatbot option.

Drug Management

Validate the list of all the drugs and substitutes offered by the store owners and make your app safe and efficient for the users.


Enable a simple login for your store partners by validating their company and payment details with one touch.

Drug Information

Let your store owners update the latest information of all the medicines and the drugs used in them for customer access.

Confirm Delivery

Make your delivery process efficient by enabling the store owners to confirm the deliveries after dispatch.

Total Earnings

Let your store owners manage their total earnings of a specific month or year earned through medicine deliveries through your app.

Substitute Listings

Enable your store partners to boost their sales by offering a substitute listing of all the prominent medicines through your app.

Reviews and Ratings

Offer the complete reviews and ratings of a particular store sent by the customers to help that store partner improve its services.

Stock Management

Through the app, the pharmacy owners can keep a track of all their inventories in real-time to avoid stock-out conditions.

Total Orders

Offer a comprehensive view of all the orders delivered by your store partners through your CVS Pharmacy clone app.

Social Registration
Social Registration

Enable a quick and easy registration process by offering your customers to sign-up on the app with their social profiles.

Scan Prescription

Include a scan functionality in your medicine delivery app to help your customers readily scan and upload their prescriptions.

Prepaid Orders

Let customers pay for their medicine deliveries in advance through prepaid pay functionality in return for amazing discounts.

Digital Payments

Facilitate digital payment options by including multiple payment channels in your custom CVS Pharmacy clone app.

Browse Stores

Offer a comprehensive pharmacy listing on your medicine delivery app to help your customers choose the best as per their needs.

Offers and Rewards

The rewards earned by the customers through referrals or prepaid orders could be accessed from this functionality.

Ratings and Reviews

The customers can review and rate the services or products received through your CVS Pharmacy clone app through app.

Order Refills

Let your customers view their past orders and get refills delivered to their doorsteps with one touch through this feature.

App Registration

Register delivery agents and manage the existing ones by validating their contact details and emails.

Contact Store

Let your courier partners contact the store anytime they want for order delivery, or for confirming the time of pickup.

Contact Customer

Enable a fast and accurate medicine delivery by connecting the delivery agents with specific customers through your CVS clone app.

Delivery Confirmation

Once the product has been delivered to the customer, the courier partners can confirm the delivery from their end.

Order Details

Facilitate a transparent and accurate medicine delivery by offering the complete order details to your courier partners.

Total Earnings

Provide a centralized view of the total earnings made by the delivery agents through your custom CVS Pharmacy clone app.

Delivery Location

Offer real-time route optimization facility to your courier partners to make their delivery process secure and efficient.

User Ratings

Help courier partners improve their services by offering them the user ratings and reviews for their deliveries.

Want More for Your CVS Pharmacy Clone?

Whether you want more, or you have ideas for your medicine delivery app development, we are here to help you.
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How does CVS Delivery Work?

Experience a user-friendly, customizable, and risk-free medicine delivery app development with our experts. Here’s how CVS Pharmacy clone works for your business.
  • 1
    Search Medicines

    The user registers on the app, and then searches for the medicines that he/she wants at their doorsteps.

  • 2
    Select Store

    Once a user enters the drug name, a list of all the stores nearby is shown that delivers that particular medicine.

  • 3
    Order Confirmation

    After selecting a particular store, an alert is sent to the store, confirming the delivery based on the stock availability.

  • 4
    Medicine Delivery

    After confirmation, the user pays for the medicine delivery, and the admin allocates the delivery to the nearest delivery agent.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Medicine Delivery Clone like CVS Pharmacy?

Elevate your offline medicine delivery business with a dedicated medicine delivery app like CVS Pharmacy. Here's how much it will cost for a CVS Pharmacy clone app development!

Like other on-demand medicine delivery applications, calculating the cost of a dedicated medicine delivery app like CVS Pharmacy considers many crucial factors. From consulting with an expert to hiring professional developers to the complexity of your chosen features and tech stack, everything impacts the overall cost of developing your custom CVS Pharmacy clone app. Hence, the best way to get an exact estimate for your medicine delivery app like CVS is to opt for our expert consultation. We have experts that carefully analyze all your requirements and offer you an exact quote for your app development. You can easily fill out our form below to book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts.

Core Technologies Behind App like CVS

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is CVS Pharmacy clone?

CVS Pharmacy clone development is a service of our on-demand app development that deals with creating a similar medicine delivery app like CVS Pharmacy. With a CVS clone app, you need not invest heavily in marketing strategies and monetization models, as all that can be leveraged from the original app. Besides that, the features could also be cloned or can be extended as per your needs. 

2. Why invest in a custom medicine delivery app like CVS?

With the changing times, nearly everyone wants to get home services for almost everything, and medicine delivery is no exception. Besides, online medicine delivery also becomes a mandatory service during the pandemic time. Hence, with our medicine delivery app development, you can make your delivery process more easy and efficient. You can target your customers with a proper strategy and can collect instant payment. Moreover, you can even build trust for your pharmacy brand with a dedicated medicine delivery app.

3. How much time will it need to create my CVS Pharmacy clone?

Similar to cost, the time to develop a custom and feature rich medicine delivery app like CVS Pharmacy depends on multiple factors like: 

  • Choice of tech-stack 
  • Hiring professional developers 
  • UI/UX 
  • Testing method 
  • Development approach
  • Technology upgradation, and more. 

4. Will you offer app submission with CVS clone development?

Yes, we can submit your medicine delivery app on different platforms including the Play Store/App store as per your requirements. However, you will have to mention that in your initial project requirements as that will add to your time and cost for medicine delivery app development.  

5. Can we work on my idea for custom medicine delivery app development?

Absolutely, we always welcome the ideas offered by our clients for their custom app development projects. Right from features to design and testing everything can be decided by you. Plus, you can also leverage our free consultation services to validate your ideas with our experts.  

6. What are other medicine delivery apps like CVS Pharmacy?

There are many popular medicine delivery apps that you can take to build your medicine delivery clone. To name a few, we have: 

  • ZipDrug 
  • 1mg 
  • Walgreens 
  • Medly 
  • Doximity 
  • NetMeds 

7. How does CVS Pharmacy make money?

CVS Pharmacy charges a specific amount as a commission from the store partners. Besides that, any medicine sent across boundaries is also charged from customers and store owners. You can even leverage the subscription model or third-party advertisement models to earn a little extra for your medicine delivery app like CVS Pharmacy.

8. What other services do you offer with CVS Pharmacy clone development?

Expert consultation, dedicated developers, UI/UX, technology upgradation, data migration, testing, maintenance, and more – you will get every service required to make your custom medicine delivery app development a hit in the market. Visit us or fill our form below to know more about our service offerings. 

9. How can I ensure a quality development?

We follow agile methodology for developing and testing your app. That means, right from creating the MVP, selecting features, and designs to testing your app, everything will be cross-verified by you. Hence, that will ensure that your app is built as per your expectations.  

10. Are you a copyright owner of CVS Pharmacy?

No, we do not own any of the materials of CVS Pharmacy. However, we have expertise in developing a similar custom medicine delivery app like CVS Pharmacy catered to your business needs. Our tech-savvy team of experts have successfully delivered medicine delivery apps to many of the enterprises and startups in the least possible time, and so we can do that for you. Connect with us to know more about our custom medicine delivery clone like CVS Pharmacy.