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What is Facebook?

A leader in the field of social networking, Facebook is a prominent social media app that has been luring customers since 2004. With its constantly upgrading and user-friendly features, Facebook has brought some legendary revolutions in the digital market. Whether it be online chatting, video calling, selling products, making videos, or sharing real-time activities with images, this revolutionary social networking app has always awestruck the global audience with its next-gen features. In fact, it has started the era of social media apps with its user-friendly concepts. That’s why, whenever it comes to custom social networking app development, Facebook clone app always remains the first choice of marketers.
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Popular App

Benefit from the popularity of the Facebook app by offering similar experience to the global audiences with your Facebook clone app.

Successful Models

Leverage the tried and tested monetization models to make your Facebook clone app a hit in the market.

Attractive Features

Increase your user base and make your app successful by including the next-gen features similar to the Facebook app.

100% ROI

Ensure 100% returns on your investments with less effort & easy marketing through Facebook clone app.

Unique Features of Facebook Clone App to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for the Facebook clone app that make your social networking app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
Manage Profiles

Manage profiles of all your users and add the new ones by quickly validating their contact information of users.


Advertise your products and manage all your ad campaigns from one place along with their bid details and responses.

Customer Reports

Track all the activities of each of your app users and notify them for any inappropriate activity on their accounts in real-time.

Centralized Dashboard

Manage your complete Facebook clone app from a centralized location and get visual-rich reports for all your app activities.

Automated Chatbot
Automated Chatbot

Solve all your customer queries in real-time and offer them automated assistance through ML-based chatbot.

Push Notifications

Notify the users about recent changes in your privacy policies or any latest app update in real-time through personalized messages.

Group Management
Group Management

Approve the requests for making groups and manage all the activities of those group members from your dashboard.

Sell Products

Sell your brand products easily to the specific targeted audience and increase your sales easily with video ad campaigns.

Create Profile

Facilitate an easy on-boarding process for your users by enabling them to create their profile with scanning & contact validation.

Online Feed
Online Feed

Enable your app’s users to add each other, view stories and comment on various posts for an effective collaboration.

Privacy Settings

Make your Facebook clone app secure for all your users by enabling them to manage their account and it’s privacy settings.

Live Videos

Offer live video functionality in your Facebook clone app and attract users from across the globe with minimum efforts.

Advanced Search

Offer image and voice-enabled search along with search filters to your users for an effective and next-gen user-experience.

Video/Audio Call

Make it easy for your users to connect with each other through in-app video and audio calling functionality.

Online Chat

Enable a smooth collaboration and connect users from different areas with each other through in-app chat functionality.

Group Management
Make Group

Enable your users to create groups, add members, and sell the services/products while creating their own group regulations.

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How does Facebook Work?

Experience a user-friendly, customizable, and risk-free social networking app development with our experts. Here’s how a Facebook clone app works for your business.
  • 1
    User Registration

    The users register on the app and then the admin validates their information through a one-time password.

  • 2
    Social Connections

    After successful registration users can discover pages/people and can send them requests for becoming online friends.

  • 3
    Posts Creation

    Through the Facebook clone app, users can create posts and can react to their virtual friend’s posts with likes and comments.

  • 4
    Product Selling

    The pages/seller accounts can advertise their products and services with images and videos while tracking its reach.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like Facebook?

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Creating a Facebook clone app requires clear understanding of the app development trends and access to some professional resources. That’s where an experienced social networking app development company like Matellio comes to play! With more than 15 years of expertise and tech-savvy team of engineers, we ensure a successful and next-gen Facebook clone app that matches your standards. Right from features cloning, to aesthetic designs, and smooth and reliable testing, with our professional on-demand app development services, you can bring all your ideas into a profitable reality. So, don’t let your competitors win. Fill our form below to get started today!

Core Technologies Behind App like Facebook

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an on-demand app development service?

On-demand app development deals with the creation of custom applications tailor-made for specific business problems. With on-demand app development, you can create mobile apps for any cause be it healthcare, pet care, home services, tutor apps, baby care, fleet management, delivery services, or even beauty salons and hotel bookings. On-demand applications are scalable, trendy, and built with the latest tech-stack that ensure a futuristic app development.  

2. What is a clone app used for?

Clone app is an excellent and profitable model to launch your own app in the market with less effort and at less cost. With a clone app, you can include the features, designs, marketing models, and even monetization strategies of the original app to make your app a hit. With similar offerings and experience, you can even attract masses to your app and can earn instant revenues and profits.  

3. What is the best alternative to Facebook?

There are many other social networking apps that can be used to create your clones in the market. To name a few, we have: 

  • WhatsApp 
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Reddit 
  • WeChat 

4. How do you clone a Facebook app?

To make a custom and scalable Facebook clone app, you need to consider certain steps, like: 

  • Identify your target location 
  • Validate your idea 
  • Select advanced features 
  • Include next-gen technologies 
  • Pay heed to UI/UX 
  • Hire professional app developers’ 
  • Test your app 
  • Deploy on various platforms 

5. Why is Facebook a useful social media application?

With over 1 billion users, Facebook today has become one of the prominent and most successful platforms for businesses to advertise. Right from teenagers, to companies, and even decision makers, everybody could be seen on Facebook. Apart from that, it is also one of the top-most platforms where people can connect easily.  

6. How long will it take to build an app like Facebook?

Similar to cost, the time required for creating a Facebook clone app takes many factors into consideration. Right from the choice of your technology, to complexities of the app, features, and customizations; everything adds to the total time of app development. Hence, the best way is to discuss your app idea with experts that could offer you an accurate time estimation for your Facebook clone app development. 

7. What other services will I get with the Facebook clone app?

From expert consultation, flexible hiring models, manual and automated testing, UI/UX services, technology upgradation, data migration, MVP creation – we offer a plethora of professional and cost-effective services that could help you make your Facebook clone app a global hit.  

8. What is Facebook’s business model and how does it make money?

Facebook makes money by enabling the businesses to advertise their services/products in front of billions of targeted users. Through videos, text-ads, and images, Facebook makes it easy for the companies to get more quality leads for their targeted services. In return, the businesses pay the specific price to the platform according to the targeted keywords and ad campaigns. 

9. How can I start my social networking app development project with you?

Starting an app development project is not a tedious task for anyone. With our 5 steps process, you can get your customized social networking app like Facebook easily. Here’s how we can start: 

  1. Fill our consultation form 
  2. Discuss your ideas with our experts 
  3. Select proper tech-stack, features, and designs for MVP 
  4. Hire professional developers 
  5. Test your app, and deploy 

10. Are you a copyright owner of Facebook?

No, we are not the copyright owners of the Facebook app. However, with our years of expertise, we have proficiency in developing custom social networking apps like Facebook to businesses. In fact, our certified engineers have delivered Facebook clone apps to multiple users including startups, and large enterprises. To know more about our on-demand clone offering, you can visit us or can fill our form below!