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Become a pioneer of the grocery delivery market, and boost your brand name and profits exponentially with your personalized and cost-effective app like Instacart.
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What is Instacart?

Instacart is a leading grocery delivery app that fascinates its customers with accurate deliveries, amazing loyalty programs, and ease of getting their favorites right at their doorsteps. With its fast and flexible operations, and advanced features like order ahead, Instacart has been benefiting the whole US market, and has generated a global market value of around $13.7 billion by the year 2020. Right from connecting the users with nearby local stores to offering supermarket level of experience and products, the many benefits of Instacart have attracted multiple businesses to invest in Instacart clones.
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Successful Models

Leverage the already tested and successful monetization models and marketing strategies of the original app to elevate your Instacart clone.


Avail advanced features and futuristic concepts of the grocery delivery app development market to make your Instacart clone a hit.

Guaranteed Profits

Ensure 100% returns on your investments unless time and at less cost with less efforts by investing in a customized Instacart clone.

Huge Customer-Base

Attract the huge customer-base of Instacart by offering them similar experience and features in your custom Instacart clone.

Unique Features of Instacart Clone to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for the Instacart clone that make your grocery delivery app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
Store Management

Manage all your stores and add the new ones on your Instacart clone by validating their contact and store details.

Customer Reports

Take immediate actions on the customer reports and complaints, and help them in making the returns.

Add Users

Add new users to your app by validating their contact details, and manage the existing ones with their past orders.

Allocate Delivery

Allocate the grocery deliveries to the nearest available delivery person and help them locate the address through Instacart clone.

Total Payments

Keep a track of all the transactions done through your /Instacart clone and alert the customers in case of failed payments.

Online Commissions

Monitor the total sales of all the stores through your Instacart clone, and accept the online commissions from the stores.

Loyalty Rewards

Entice your customers by offering amazing rewards and discounts, and manage those offers from this functionality.

Push Notifications

Notify your users about changes in policies, or addition of new features through your Instacart clone with push notifications.

Stock Level

Make store management easy for your partners and enhance their sales by offering stock management and re-ordering functionality.

Confirm Order

Through the Instacart clone, the store owners can confirm the grocery delivery orders by stock and time availability.

Contact Customer

Ensure an accurate delivery to the right person and at the right time by connecting the store owners and customers.

Delivery Schedule

Enable the store partners to contact the delivery agents directly through the Instacart clone for pick-up and drop.

Track Orders

Facilitate transparency to all your users and store partners by enabling them to track the grocery delivery in real-time.

Earnings Report

Offer a centralized and visual-rich dashboard to your store partners for viewing their sales, orders, and total earnings.

Online Invoicing

Help the store owners to send online invoices and bills to their customers and delivery agents through your Instacart clone.

Customer Queries

Provide the complete reviews and reports of the customers to your store partners and help them improve their services.

Grocery Details

Enable your customers to mention the clear quantity or other details of their grocery items and send that to the respective store owners.

Past Orders

Enhance your user-experience by enabling your customers to view their past orders, and repeat them at any instance.

Category Filters

Categorize the grocery and store listings and make grocery shopping easy and efficient for your valuable users.

Live Tracking

Facilitate a transparent grocery delivery by enabling your app users to track their grocery delivery in real-time.

Order Schedule

Facilitate customer-satisfaction by enabling your users to schedule their grocery delivery as per their availability.

Online Payments

Offers multiple payment channels including card payments, digital wallets, and iWatches payments to ease the grocery delivery.

Speedy Delivery

Earn a little extra while satisfying your customer needs by offering same day or speedy delivery of the groceries to your customers.

Rewards and Discounts

Attract masses to your Instacart clone and entice your existing users by offering instant offers, referral points, and loyalty rewards.

Delivery Alerts

Help your delivery partners to receive alerts and accept the delivery orders as soon as the store confirms.

Order Details

Offer a complete detail of the grocery orders along with the payment status and delivery location to the drivers.

Contact Customer

Eliminate confusion for your delivery partners and help them accept the orders on time by connecting them with stores.

Contact Customer

Facilitate a fast, secure, and accurate grocery delivery by connecting the delivery agents with the customers.


Offer a secure route to your delivery partners and ensure complete safety of your assets and drivers in real-time

Total Earnings

Help your delivery agents to calculate their total earnings including tips from each of the orders through in-app calculator.

Confirm Delivery

Enable your drivers to confirm the grocery delivery by scanning the signatures of the customers through the Instacart clone.

Ratings and Reviews

Help the delivery service partners improve their services by offering them the ratings and reviews provided by the customers.

Have Some Ideas for Your Instacart Clone?

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How does Instacart Clone Work?

Experience a user-friendly, customizable, and risk-free grocery delivery app development with our experts. Here’s how Instacart clone works for your business.
  • 1
    User Registration

    Once the user registers on your Instacart clone through social media or unique email, he/she can then select the grocery store.

  • 2
    Place Order

    After selecting the store and preparing the grocery list, the user then needs to make the online payments for the products.

  • 3
    Store Confirmation

    On successful payment, an alert is sent to that store from the admin regarding the detailed description of the grocery lists.

  • 4
    Allocate Delivery

    As soon as the store owner confirms the order, the admin allocates that delivery to the nearest delivery agent with all the details.

How Much Would it Cost to Build an App Like Instacart?

Don’t let your budget become a hurdle in your grocery delivery app development. Fill our form below to get your Instacart clone at a cost-effective price and with free consultation service.

Calculating the cost of an Instacart clone requires many complex analyses and calculations. Right from your choice of features and design to the number of resources hired, engagement model, testing method, data migration services, and other post-launch services chosen by you – everything impacts your Instacart clone app development. Hence, you can leverage our free expert consultation service to validate all your ideas and get a no-obligation quote from our experts. Book a free 30-minute consultation right away!

Core Technologies Behind App like Instacart

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Instacart clone?

Instacart clone is our grocery delivery app development service that enables you to create a similar app like Instacart. With an Instacart clone, you can offer a similar experience to the people across boundaries. Moreover, you can even utilize the tried and tested marketing strategies and successful monetization models of the Instacart app to make your clone a hit in the market with less effort. 

2. How much time is required to create an Instacart clone?

Similar to cost, the time required to create your custom Instacart clone depends on multiple factors. Right from choice of technology, and MVP creation to hiring professional grocery delivery app developers, and choosing a suitable testing method; everything consumes time. Hence, the best way is to consult with an expert grocery delivery app development company like us to get an accurate time estimation for your Instacart clone. 

3. How do I make a grocery delivery app?

To make a feature-rich grocery delivery app, you have to follow certain steps such as: 

  • Validate your idea from experts 
  • Select suitable tech-stack and APIs 
  • Include advanced features 
  • Pay heed to UI/UX 
  • Hire professional grocery delivery app developers 
  • Follow agile development methodology 
  • Test your app 
  • Deploy 

4. Why invest in an Instacart clone?

With benefits like ease of getting things at doorsteps, access to hundreds of stores and products, and amazing discounts, the grocery delivery app market is rising exponentially. Moreover, the pandemic has further surged the growth of grocery delivery app development. Hence, witnessing the current situation, it can be said that grocery delivery apps like Instacart are benefiting and will continue to benefit the businesses in the long run. 

5. What services do you offer with Instacart clone app development?

We offer a comprehensive range of enterprise level services to make your Instacart clone a hit in the market. Our proficient services include but is not limited to: 

  • Agile development 
  • Automated testing 
  • UI/UX  
  • Expert consultation 
  • Technology upgradation 
  • Data migration 
  • Dedicated developers, and more 

6. How does Instacart make money?

Instacart earns money by charging a fee on delivery, Instacart Express Membership. Commissions from partner sellers and markup prices are other sources of revenue for the grocery delivery app. The app also offers same-day delivery for customers who need groceries, and charge a little extra from those users.

7. Do you offer app submission services?

Yes, we do offer app submission services to the clients that need it. However, you have to mention that in your initial project requirements before the starting of your grocery delivery app development. Also, the app submission services will further impact your total cost and time for Instacart clone development.  

8. Can you create a grocery website with a grocery delivery app?

Yes, you can develop a desktop application, website, progressive web apps, along with your grocery delivery app development. Our experts will take care of all your requirements and can even suggest to you what will suit your needs. Just fill in the form below and you are ready to go! 

9. How can I ensure data security?

We follow an agile methodology for developing and testing your custom Instacart clone. Furthermore, we also sign an NDA before the starting of your project to ensure complete security and privacy to your idea and business data. 

10. Are you a copyright owner of Instacart?

No, we do not own any of the materials of Instacart. However, we have expertise in grocery delivery app development catered to your business needs. Our tech-savvy team of experts have successfully delivered apps like Instacart to many of the enterprises and startups in the least possible time, and so we can do that for you. Connect with us to know more about our custom grocery delivery clone.