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Boost your conversions, and engage your users with an interactive picture sharing app like Instagram.
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What is Instagram?

Instagram is a popular media sharing platform that offers various interactive image and video filters, including geo-filters, live videos, and QnA sessions. Users can upload images and videos of their real-time activities, memorable moments, and even can promote their businesses in an effective manner. The app offers business accounts, and seamless video advertising models to the businesses, with which they can sell their products, or can promote their services through the app. Due to such immense benefits and huge engagement rates, Instagram clone is becoming very popular amongst the marketers.
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Powerful Engagement

Engage your customers with interactive filters and advanced features of your Instagram clone.

Customer Trust

Build trust for your brand by delivering an effective and popular media sharing app like Instagram.

Wider Reach

Promote your business in front of millions with tried and tested marketing strategies of Instagram app.

Easy Marketing

Market your app across boundaries and make more revenues easily with successful marketing strategies of Instagram app.

Unique Features of App Like Instagram to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for an app like Instagram that make your social media app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
User Management

Manage your user with their complete information and activities, and add new ones on your Instagram clone with one go.

Page Management
Content Management

Get complete control on the massive amount of data generated by the users along with their interactions and feed activities.

Report Management

Take proper actions on the accounts reported by certain users in real-time and enable a secure experience for your users.


Market your products and services efficiently in front of thousands of dedicated prospects and convert them to leads.

Push Notifications

Update your users about any recent changes in your policies or offers in real time, and make them feel valuable with push notifications.

Group Management
Pages & Groups

Manage various pages and groups formed by your subscribers and alert them on the violation of policies of your app.


Allocate and manage multiple badges to the premium account holders based on their activities and page specifications.


Recommend most suitable suggestions to your users based on their contacts and activities on your Instagram clone.

My Profile

Enable quick profile creation to your users through email, or through Facebook integration and offer them complete profile control.


Bring transparency in your social media app like Instagram by enabling users to view and control their followers and following list.

Activity Log

Enable your users to check and control all the activities and searches performed by them on the app during a specific time.

Online Feed
Latest Feed

Make your Instagram clone app more engaging by allowing the users to view the stories and feeds of other users.

Social Integration

Facilitate social sharing and bring more traffic to your Instagram clone by enabling users to share the pictures directly to any other social platform.

Photo Filters

Enhance your app’s engagement level by offering various filters and picture editing options to your users.


Make your app trendy and helpful for the users by offering them Stories option where they can share activities and useful information.

Instant Chats

Help users to engage quickly and efficiently with other users and with you through instant chat functionality and video calling.

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How Does an App like Instagram Work?

Experience a user-friendly, customizable, and risk-free social media app development with our experts. Here’s how your Instagram clone works for your business.
  • 1
    Profile Creation

    Users can login using their social accounts and by uploading their personal information and a display picture on their profiles.

  • 2

    Once the profile is created, users can discover various products/service pages, and people registered on your app like Instagram.

  • 3
    Add Users

    Based on their preferences, the users can follow and add other users on their list to get the latest updates from their feeds.

  • 4
    Instant Chat

    If the user browses any page/person’s profile, they can send them instant messages to initiate the conversion or enquire about any products.

How Much Does an App like Instagram Cost?

Engage your users with the most interactive picture-sharing social networking app like Instagram. Leverage our professional and cost-effective social media app development services.

Calculating an exact cost for your custom Instagram clone can only be achieved when your exact requirements are known. Right from the choice of features and tech stack to the number of resources hired, engagement models, testing services, data integration services, and app deployment platforms, everything impacts your cost of Instagram clone app development. Hence, the best way is to fill out our consultation form and validate all your ideas for an accurate cost estimation. You can easily book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts right away to start your Instagram clone app development.  

Core Technologies Behind App like Instagram

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Instagram clone app?

Instagram clone app is a similar custom app like Instagram that can be used to attract and connect with a large number of users across the world. You could use an Instagram clone with similar features and designs as that of the original app to promote your services/products amongst many brand enthusiasts.  

2. How do you make a clone app for Instagram?

Making an app like Instagram requires a lot of calculation and analysis. Here are some of the steps that we take in for creating an Instagram clone: 

  • Analyze your business requirements 
  • Validate your ideas
  • Select relevant tech-stack and features
  • Choose trendy designs 
  • Prepare an MVP for your app
  • Develop your custom social media app
  • Test and submit it on Play Store/App Store 

3. What are the other social media apps similar to Instagram?

There are many other popular social media apps that give a tough fight to Instagram. To name a few, we have: 

  • Snapchat 
  • Pinterest 
  • Facebook 
  • Flickr
  • Dribble
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr 

4. How can I create my own social media app?

To create your custom social media app, you need to have a very clear understanding of the main objective behind your app development, and a clear picture of your business requirements. After that, you need to 

  • Analyze your target market and audience 
  • Consult with a social media app expert 
  • Hire professional developers from a reputed social media app development company 
  • Choose relevant features and user interface 
  • Develop your app using agile methodology
  • Test and deploy 

5. How long does it take to create an app like Instagram?

The time required to create an Instagram clone usually depends on many critical factors. For instance, customizations, tech-stack, complexity in the app, hiring professional developers, testing methods, and so on impacts the overall time duration. Hence, the best way is to consult with an expert app developer that could analyse your business needs and project ideas, and could predict an accurate time for your custom social media app development.  

6. Is Instagram good to invest in?

Although there are many other prominent social media apps that are ruling the market, Instagram remains the top most choice for the marketers to invest in. reason being, high customer-base, interactive features, and an easy-to-use working flow. Besides that, Instagram has an average engagement rate of 1.6% which is more than most of the top social media apps, hence, making Instagram clone the best custom app in terms of ROI. 

7. What is the business model of Instagram?

Instagram, like other social media apps, relies on content and advertisements to make revenues. You can create various advertisements related to your products/services, and can even offer premium accounts to the specific users to generate extra revenue for your app. Apart from that, the sponsored posts from your users could also be used as a monetization technique for your Instagram clone.

8. What are the benefits of an Instagram clone?

There are various benefits that you can get from an Instagram clone app, like: 

  • You can use the tried and tested monetization models of Instagram to earn extra 
  • The marketing strategies of the original app could also be used as it is. 
  • Besides that, the features, and designs which have already lured a lot of audiences could also work wonders in your case 

9. What services do you offer with social media app development?

We offer a complete package of social media app development with our custom app like Instagram. Expert consultation, MVP creation, app development for cross-platforms, testing, upgradation, migration, maintenance, and app submission; you name it and we will offer that service for your Instagram clone. 

10. Are you a copyright owner of the Instagram app?

No, we do not own any of the materials of the Instagram app. However, we have expertise in developing a similar custom social media app like Instagram catered to your business needs. Our tech-savvy team of experts have successfully delivered a custom Instagram clone app to many of the businesses in the least possible time, and so we can do that for you. Connect with us to know more about custom Instagram clone app development.