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What is Lyft?

With a market value of over $2 billion, Lyft is the second-most used taxi service in the US and its nearby areas. Lyft promotes online taxi booking services by offering some user-friendly and trending functionalities like outstation booking, digital payments, automated location detection, and much more. Lyft does not only offer you online taxi booking services, but even facilitates food delivery, ride sharing, and online vehicle hiring solutions to reach every aspect of the on-demand digital market. Due to its versatile models and effective returns, today, the Lyft clone app is becoming the next major trend in the online taxi booking app development sector.
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Wider Reach

Easily reach millions of targeted audiences and promote your services amongst them with a customized Lyft clone app.

Versatile Models

Enjoy a huge customer-base and penetrate into multiple sectors with a single app by investing in our Lyft clone app.

Futuristic Approach

Join the trend of becoming a future-proof brand in your niche and generate better revenues while focusing on user-satisfaction.

Easy Marketing

Easily market your brand and services amongst thousands and get better profits with your own taxi booking app like Lyft.

Unique Features of Lyft Clone App to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for the Lyft clone app that make your taxi booking app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
Route Optimization

Offer an optimized route to your drivers and track them throughout their rides to make their journey faster, easier, and safe.

vehicle type
Fleet Management

Get an exact real-time report of your fleet and know it's perfect maintenance time with your Lyft clone app.

Allocate Rides

Don’t miss any chance of generating revenues by accepting the rides and allocating them to the nearest available driver.

User Management

Add new users by validating their details and manage the existing ones with all their past records, payment options, and more.

Total Earnings

Get a real-time view of all the rides currently going through your app, and track the total sales made by your drivers.

Peak Hours

You can change the rates of your rides in real-time while looking at the current market trends and needs of the customers.

Online Ads

Promote your services throughout the globe and grab more valuable customers by displaying online ads on your app.

Support Module

Solve all your user queries in real-time and provide them assistance 24*7 by implementing an automated chatbot in your app.

Waiting Charge

Help your drivers to calculate their waiting time and receive waiting charges from the customer through your Lyft clone app.

Customer Info

Provide complete information of the customer to your drivers and help them to reach the pickup point faster.

Total Earnings

Enable your users to track all their rides and get a complete view of the total earnings made by them including the tips.

Live Location

Offer an exact location of the destination to your drivers and eliminate any delays in the riding process.

Driving Alerts

Provide sufficient assistance to your drivers during their rides by offering a driving alert feature in your Lyft clone app.

OTP Verification

Eliminate frauds and offer a secure environment to your users by enabling them to validate the rides with a unique OTP.

Multiple Shifts

Help your drivers to manage their shifts easily and keep a track of their total rides through your Lyft clone app.

Share Stories
Share Status

The drivers can share the status of their availability and schedule to the admins online with the Lyft clone app.

Schedule Rides

Enhance your user-experience by enabling your customers to schedule their rides in advance with automatic place detection.

Cancel Booking

Offer ease and efficiency to your Lyft clone app users by enabling them to re-schedule or cancel their booked rides easily.

Select Vehicle

Add a plethora of vehicle options in your Lyft clone app to help your users select any of them as per their convenience.

Driver Information

Offer an accurate information of the driver allocated to your customer and connect them over call/messages through the app.

Outstation Booking

Enable your users to book the vehicle from your Lyft clone app for outstation booking and provide them the estimated fare.

Real-Time Tracking

Through the app, users can track their rides and driver’s location and can send alerts if they are in some trouble.

Digital Payments

Offer ease to your users during online payments by including multiple channels like digital wallets and credit card options.

Promo Codes

Attract users from across the world by offering them amazing discounts and referral bonuses on every new profile creation.

Transform your Idea into a Successful Reality

Get your budget-friendly and reliable custom Lyft clone with your choice of theme, design, features, and tech-stack from industry experts.
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How Does Lyft Clone App Work?

Experience a user-friendly, customizable, and risk-free taxi booking app development with our experts. Here’s how a Lyft clone app works for your business.
  • 1

    The user has to register on the app with a unique mail id or through their social accounts to book their rides online.

  • 2
    Select Vehicle

    The app automatically detects the user’s location and once the destination is known the admin offers them different vehicles.

  • 3
    Online Payment

    After selecting the vehicles and knowing the estimated fare, the users have to make an online payment from their suitable mode.

  • 4
    Ride Completion

    On successfully completing the ride, the drivers confirm the ride and send alerts both to the admins and the customer.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Apps like Lyft?

Give life to your big business idea and turn your taxi company into a profit generating firm with our professional services. Get a custom quote for your Lyft clone app today!

Calculating an exact cost of the Lyft clone app may seem a complex task because of the calculations and analysis involved in it. There are a number of factors like design mockups, MVP creation, hiring cost of professional developers, choosing a suitable testing method, customization in the apps, and more, that is essential to know before calculating the accurate cost of app development. But we can ensure you a budget-friendly cost that perfectly matches your requirements and expectations. To get an accurate quote, book a free 30-min consultation with our experts!

Core Technologies Behind App Like Lyft

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Lyft clone app?

Lyft clone app is our on-demand app development model that deals with the creation of custom taxi booking applications. With a Lyft clone app, you can target your audiences and can make more revenues very easily by following their marketing strategies. Apart from that, the features, designs, monetization models, and other things could also be replicated from the original Lyft app.  

2. Are there any other apps like Lyft?

Yes, there are many other taxi booking apps like Lyft that are prominent in the market, like: 

  • Uber
  • Gett
  • Curb
  • Easy Taxi
  • MyTaxi
  • Juno

3. What type of business structure is Lyft?

The Lyft app is like other taxi booking apps, an aggregator business model. That means, the app connects the local cab drivers with the perfect customers that are in need of the service. In such a process, the total ride fare is collected by the drivers, however, the specific commission for each ride is sent to the app admin.  

4. Why invest in a clone app?

Clone apps are quickly gaining high momentum due to their low-cost investment, and profitable results. Right from features, designs, working, tech-stack, to marketing and monetization models, everything could be used from the original app that are tried and tested. Hence, the admin does not need to invest heavily on app development, and also could easily outgrow its competitors with less effort.  

5. How can I monetize my Lyft clone app?

There are many ways in which you can monetize your Lyft clone app to earn extra revenues during your initial period. For instance, you can offer various subscription models to your customers for a specific amount. Similarly, you can charge an extra fee on the outstation rentals from your customers, or can even offer your app as an advertising platform.  

6. Are you the copyright owner of Lyft?

No, we are not the copyright owner of the Lyft app. However, with our certified experts and professional app development services, you can get your own custom Lyft like app tailor-made to your business needs. We ensure a budget-friendly taxi booking app that is built as per your expectation. Visit us to know more about our Lyft clone app. 

7. How much time is required to create my Lyft clone app?

The time required to develop your custom Lyft clone app solely depends on your requirements. Whether we talk about tech-stack, or selection of features, or even choosing a suitable testing method for your app; everything takes time to happen. Hence, if you are in need of an accurate time estimation, then it is advisable to consult your ideas with experts. An expert would analyse your requirements and will offer you an exact time for taxi booking app development.  

8. Tell us about your post-launch services.

We are known for offering reliable and cost-effective post-launch services that are sufficient for the success of your Lyft clone app. Right from technology upgradation, data migration, platform migration, to addition of features, and testing, we can completely modify your app as per the latest market trends at budget-friendly prices.  

9. Can we work on my idea for the Lyft clone app?

Absolutely, we can work on all your ideas, and can even check their feasibility. You only need to fill our form, and our experts will contact you for a detailed free consultation. You can then share all your ideas and requirements and can then know what’s best suited for your app.  

10. What services do you offer for my Lyft clone?

We offer as comprehensive range of professional app development services that are perfectly suited as per your business standards, like: 

  • Expert consultation 
  • MVP Creation 
  • UI/UX services 
  • Automated/Manual testing 
  • Agile development 
  • After-sales services, and more