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Connect the grocery stores with the people in need and earn huge profits and 100% ROI with less effort and cost by investing in developing app like Peapod.
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What is Peapod?

Peapod is one of the most prestigious and user-friendly grocery delivery apps that has been luring customers from across the world with its advanced functionalities. Unlike other grocery delivery apps, Peapod has its own inventories, which means, by cutting costs and eliminating middle commissions, the app provides groceries to the customers at its best prices. Besides that, Peapod app also offers some amazing discounts to the customers on its own branded products. Due to such a profitable model, many grocery dealers are today investing actively in the Peapod clone to get better profits and a wider customer reach.
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Profitable Model

Attract customers of all kinds and earn better profits through successful monetization models of the Peapod app.

Futuristic Features

Set your foot in the digital world by offering futuristic features to your grocery delivery customers with a Peapod clone app.

Easy Marketing

Market your app with perfectly tested strategies and make your grocery delivery app a hit through a Peapod clone app.

100% ROI

Ensure a 100% return on your investments with less effort and at less cost via custom Peapod clone app.

Unique Features of Peapod Clone App to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for the Peapod clone app that make your grocery delivery app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
User Management

Add various users on your Peapod clone and validate their information seamlessly with your Peapod clone app.

Order Confirmation

Check your stocks in real-time and confirm the grocery delivery orders with one tap through your Peapod clone.

Allocate Delivery

Allocate the delivery to the nearest delivery agent by viewing their schedules and nearness to the delivery location.

Total Sales

Keep a track of all the orders and earnings made through those orders with a centralized dashboard.

User Behavior

Monitor the shopping behavior of all your users and suggest smart recommendations based on their past experience.

Loyalty Rewards

Attract new customers to your Peapod clone app and entice the regular ones with loyalty rewards and instant offers.

Push Notifications

Update your users about recent changes in policies or upcoming sales and products in real-time with personalized messages.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Solve all your customer queries in real-time and safeguard your drivers and assets with automated chatbot functionality.

Stock Management

Enable your store partners to check their stock levels in real-time and re-order their inventories through Rappi clone.

Order Confirmation

Let your store partners confirm the requested orders by looking at their stock levels and time availability.

Delivery Requests

Once the order is confirmed and prepared, the store owners van contact the delivery agents to pick and drop the order.

Minimum Order Limit

Facilitate better sales for your store partners by enabling them to set a minimum order limit for their customers.

Product Details

Enable the store owners to upload the complete details of all their products for the valuable customers.

Earning Details

Offer a centralized view of the total earnings made by the store owners through your Rappi clone.

Contact Customer

Facilitate better collaboration while enhancing the user-experience by connecting the store owners with the customers.

Reviews and Ratings

Help your store partners to improve their services by offering them the reviews and ratings provided by the customers.

Scan List

Offer a built-in scanning functionality to let your users upload their grocery list easily on your Peapod clone app.

Search Filters

Make grocery shopping easy and convenient for your valuable users by offering search categories and filters.

Smart Suggestions

Leverage the next-gen technology to enhance your customer-experience and boost profits with smart suggestions.

Online Recipes

Provide specific recipes to the customer that matches the ingredients of their shopping list and increase user engagement.

Favorite Products

Allow your customers to mark their favourite products and view past orders for a quick checkout process.

Set Schedule
Schedule Delivery

Increase customer engagement by offering them ease to get their orders as per their time and preferred location.

Contact Driver

Enable smooth communications between drivers and customers for an accurate and efficient grocery delivery.

Reviews and Ratings

Make your app more user-friendly by enabling the customers to rate and review the services of your Peapod clone app.

Accept Request
Accept Request

Validate the details of your delivery partner and enable them to accept the delivery request as soon as it is shared.

Order Details

Offer complete details of the products that are to be delivered to the customers along with the payment status.


Make grocery delivery secure and efficient for your delivery partners by offering them the best route for the delivery.

Total Earnings

Provide a payment module to your drivers to offer a comprehensive view of their total earnings made from each delivery with tips.

Share Stories
Share Status

Make grocery delivery more efficient and faster by enabling your drivers to share their schedules with the admin.

Contact Customer

Facilitate a smooth collaboration between drivers and customers for an accurate and timely product delivery.

Confirm Delivery

Once the delivery is made, the drivers can scan the signatures of the customers and can upload it on the Peapod clone app.

User Ratings
User Ratings

Help your delivery partner to improve their services by offering them the user reviews and ratings through the app.

Want More Features for Your Peapod Clone?

Whether you are looking for more features or you want to share ideas for your Peapod clone, we are here for you!
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How does Peapod Delivery Service Work?

Experience a user-friendly, customizable, and risk-free grocery delivery app development with our experts. Here’s how your Peapod clone works for your business.
  • 1
    Scan List

    The customers have to scan the grocery list with a built-in app scanner to inform the admin about their requirements.

  • 2
    Choose Products

    Once the list is updated on the app, the admin offers various options for each of the grocery products mentioned in the list.

  • 3
    Online Payments

    After successfully choosing all the products from the offered options, the user has to make payments via a suitable platform.

  • 4
    Grocery Delivery

    Finally, after successful payments, the admin allocated that delivery to the nearest driver with all the relevant details.

How Much Would it Cost to Build a Peapod Clone?

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Developing a grocery delivery app requires many complex calculations and analyses. Features, complexities of the UI components, testing method, migration services, and even MVP creation, many factors can impact your Peapod clone app development. But, don’t let that take away your high spirit of investing in a Peapod clone app! Leverage our years-long expertise and free expert consultation service to bring your app idea into a successful reality. Through our expert consultation, you will get everything for your custom Peapod clone, from the latest tech stack to advanced features and aesthetic design. So, book a free 30-minute consultation right away!

Core Technologies Behind App like Peapod

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Peapod clone app?

Peapod clone app is a similar kind of grocery delivery application like Peapod. Peapod clone app offers benefits like cloning of features, marketing strategies, designs, and offers like the original app to lure customers and enhance brand value. Apart from that, you can even utilize the monetization techniques of the original app, and can customize the functionality to make your Peapod clone app a hit in the market.  

2. How much time is required for developing a Peapod clone app?

The time for developing an on-demand grocery delivery app like Peapod takes many factors into consideration. Right from consulting and validating your idea, to selecting the tech stack and features, and testing your app, everything requires time. Hence, one of the best ways is to discuss all your requirements with an expert to get an accurate time estimation for your Peapod clone app. 

3. Is app submission included in Peapod clone app development?

Yes, we can help you submit your Peapod clone app on different platforms including the Play Store/App Store. However, that service will impact the cost and time of your grocery app development. Hence, it would be a wise decision if you initially mention the app submission in your project requirement.  

4. What are other grocery delivery apps like Peapod?

There are many popular grocery delivery apps that you can leverage to make your successful clones. To name a few, we have: 

  • Instacart 
  • Shipt 
  • Amazon Fresh 
  • Walgreens 
  • Dumpling 

5. Why invest in a Peapod clone app?

Peapod clone app offers a 100% return on your investment in a short time and with less effort due to its successful models and advanced feature cloning capabilities. Right from features, to marketing strategies, you can clone everything to step into the profitable grocery delivery market and make your brand popular across boundaries. Plus, the perks of having an online store further adds to the overall benefits you get from a dedicated Peapod clone app. 

6. Do you offer post-launch support?

Yes, we are known for reliable and cost-effective after-sales support for all. Whether it be tech upgradation, or addition of features, or even data/platform migration, we offer everything to make your app a hit for years to come. Fill our form below or contact us to know more about our services.  

7. What other on-demand applications do you offer?

We can offer you every custom app you need to grow your business. To name a few, we have: 

  • Finance apps 
  • Healthcare apps 
  • Home service apps 
  • Baby care apps 
  • Education apps 
  • Logistic apps 
  • Delivery apps 
  • Social media apps 
  • Enterprise applications 
  • Marketing apps 
  • Travel and hospitality apps, and more! 

8. How can I ensure a quality and cost-effective development?

We strictly follow agile methodology for developing and testing your Peapod clone app. That means, you get notified by our developers at every step of grocery delivery app development which ensures an accurate and efficient development. Besides that, we also sign an NDA to ensure your idea and business data protection from third-party.  

9. Can I customize the features and designs as per my choice?

Yes, you can customize or change any or all of your app’s functionalities as per your needs and wants. We ensure to provide a fully scalable and highly customized app that is built as per your business needs.  

10. Are you a copyright owner of Peapod?

No, we do not own any of the aspects related to the Peapod. However, we have professional grocery delivery app developers that have expertise in developing grocery delivery clone apps like Peapod for various business verticals. For more details on our Peapod clone, you can contact our experts.