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What is Puppr?

Training dogs can be a real challenge for most people across the globe. That’s why, we have Puppr, a robust and unique pet training app. With different modules for trainers and pet owners, Puppr has got everything that any user would need. Right from basic exercises like hand's shake to arm flips, and even back stall, you can get almost everything you need for a well-trained dog with Puppr. Due to a unique concept and effective features, Puppr clone has today become a trend for the investors of the animal healthcare are industry. When are you planning to launch your pet training app like Puppr?
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Innovative Features

Enjoy a better user experience and more profits by including the successful features of Puppr in your custom pet training app.

Profitable Concept

Make your app profitable by leveraging the result-oriented monetization models offered by our experts for your Puppr clone.

Easy Promotion

Easily promote your custom dog training app by implementing the tried and tested marketing strategies of Puppr in your pet care app development.

Less Competition

Enjoy less competition and make your pet care training brand popular across boundaries with our next-gen tools and smart functionalities.

Unique Features of App Like Puppr to Set You Apart

Enjoy a boosted revenue and a huge user-base for your pet training app development by including these advanced features in your Puppr clone.
Need Custom Features?
Account Management

Manage all the existing accounts on your Puppr clone and add the new ones by validating tie details through OTP.

Training Modules

Manage all the training videos and lessons of your Puppr clone and add the new ones easily through one tap.

Subscription Models

Keep a track of all your subscription models and offer the best packages to your users to increase your app’s revenues.

Content Management

Keep a track of all the blogs and guides published on your Puppr clone in real-time and add the new ones easily through your smartphone.

User Support

Integrate an AI-based chatbot in your dog training app like Puppr and automate all your customer support operations.

Total Payments

Get a bird’ eye’s view of all the transactions that happened through your Puppr clone and notify the users about faulty payments.

Push Notifications

Notify your users about the recent change in the privacy policy or any latest discounts on products through push notifications.

Online Ads

Run online third-party ads on your dog training app like Puppr seamlessly and earn better revenues for your Puppr clone.

Multiple Dog Accounts

Offer a seamless onboarding experience to your users by enabling them to create multiple dog accounts through social media login.

Video Sessions

Offer interactive and useful video training sessions to your users and increase the engagement rate of your Puppr clone.

Training Lessons

Enable your pet owners to access the best training materials to enhance their pet training sessions with detailed guides and blogs.

Live Chat

Offer a live chat functionality to your users to connect them with the best training professionals for effective collaboration.

Progress Tracking

Increase user engagement by enabling your users to track the progress of their dog’s training in real-time. .

In-App Purchase

Enable your pet owners to easily pay for their opted pet care services by offering them multiple payment channels.

Daily Reminder

Remind the pet owners about delays in training sessions in real-time and help them achieve their goals easily.

Rewards and Badges

Offer loyalty rewards and badges to your users to engage them and lure new ones to your Puppr clone.

Want More Features for Your Custom App Like Puppr?

Start your pet care app development with our free expert consultation and get many advanced and user-friendly features to make your Puppr clone a hit.
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How Does the Puppr App Work?

Offer seamless functionality and accessibility to your users and lure a huge crowd from the market. Here’s how your custom Puppr app work.
  • 1
    Create Profile

    The users need to create a detailed profile of themselves and their pets mentioning all the details along with a valid email.

  • 2
    Explore Training

    Once that is done, the users can explore the many training sessions listed on your Puppr clone for their pets.

  • 3
    Select Level

    The users can easily select the level of training ranging from basic to advance as per their needs.

  • 4
    Get Started

    Finally, they can pay for their subscription package and can start the pet training through your Puppr clone.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Custom App Like Puppr?

Looking for an exact cost of your pet care app development? Here’s how much it will cost you to launch a custom and feature-rich dog training app like Puppr!

Creating any sort of on-demand app undertakes many crucial factors, and the Puppr clone app is no exception. Right from features, and technologies used to the complexity in designs, the number of resources working on your app, and even the testing method opted by you; everything is considered during the development. Hence, to get an accurate cost estimation for your Puppr clone app, the best is to consult with our experts. Our certified professional will carefully examine all your ideas and needs and will present you with an exact quote for pet care app development, book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts today. 

Core Technologies Behind App Like Puppr

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Puppr clone?

Puppr clone is an on-demand pet training app development service that enables users to create a dog training app similar to Puppr. With a Puppr clone, you can easily target all the best features and monetization models of the original app in your custom dog training app. Besides that, you can even include your choice of features and designs while using the same marketing strategies of Puppr to make your app a hit.    

2. How can I develop a Puppr clone with you?

Creating a custom dog training app like Puppr is not a tedious task for us. Here’s how you can develop a Puppr clone with our experts in six easy steps:

  • Validate your idea
  • Finalize the features, tech stack, and design
  • Hire dedicated pet care app developers
  • Create an MVP
  • Follow agile methodology for app development
  • Test your app, and deploy

3. How much time is required to create a dog training app like Puppr?

Any custom app involves complex factors during the development, and pet care app development is no exception. Hence, the time required to create an app like Puppr will be impacted by a lot of factors namely features, testing model, complexity in design, additional app deployment services, and so on. Hence, to get an exact time estimate for your Puppr clone, the best way is to consult all your ideas and requirements with our experts. You can fill our form below to get a free 30-minute consultation today!   

4. What services do you offer with Puppr clone?

We offer a variety of professional services to make your custom Puppr clone a hit in the market. Our services include but is not limited to: 

5. Is the app submission service covered in your Puppr clone app development?

Yes, we offer app submission services to all our clients for their app development projects. However, any extra changes required during the app submission or optimization may impact your overall budget and time estimate. Hence, if you want to opt for such optimization, then consulting with our experts before the development is advisable.  

6. What is the best business model for my custom dog training app like Puppr?

You can easily follow the most successful monetization models to earn extra revenues for your Puppr clone. For instance, you can offer subscription models to your users, or you can run third-party ads to make revenues for your app. Besides that, earning a specific commission from each transaction made through your app is also an effective way of earning better revenues.  

7. What other apps like Puppr can you develop?

Whatever be your needs, we can help you develop an exact app like that. To name some of the popular pet care apps like Puppr that we can develop, we have: 

  • Good Pup 
  • Rover 
  • Wag 
  • BringFido 
  • Petlas 
  • All Trails 

8. Are you a copyright owner of the Puppr app?

No, we do not own any of the material related to Puppr. However, with our decade-long experience in pet care app development, and access to the best tools, we ensure to deliver you a similar feature-rich dog training app like Puppr with your choice of features and technologies. You can easily include the already existing features of Puppr or can integrate your successful ideas to make your custom dog training app successful like Puppr.