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Satisfy the needs of your customers with an on-demand app like Rappi, and become a leader of the future-proof and profitable grocery delivery app development market.
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What is Rappi?

Rappi is a unique and versatile delivery platform that helps the customers to get anything at their doorsteps. Right from fresh veggies, to groceries and pharmacy items, the users can shop anything and everything with a Rappi app. Besides that, Rappi also offers some unique and next-gen features to its users including in-app money transfer, and pre-order facility, due to which the app has generated a market value of over 3.5 million US dollars in just a few years. With such immense and versatile benefits, and next-gen successful models, developing a Rappi clone is not a bad idea!
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Future-Proof Strategies

Expand your grocery delivery business and lure more customers with futuristic marketing strategies.

Competitive Features

Become a pioneer of the grocery delivery market by using the advanced functionalities in your Rappi clone.

Detailed Analytics

Get detailed analytics of all your operations and optimize all your processes for a cost-effective business.

Versatile Models

Attract users from all domains and enhance your brand value globally with versatile models of your Rappi clone.

Unique Features of Rappi Clone to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for the Rappi clone that make your grocery delivery app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
User Management

Manage multiple users including store partners and drivers on your Rappi clone and add new ones easily.

Validate Details

Make your Rappi clone safe and secure by validating the contact details of different users of your app.

Offers and Rewards

Engage the users effectively and lure new ones by offering and managing all the offers and referral rewards efficiently.

Assign Deliveries

Allocate the product deliveries to your delivery partners and check the status of the drivers in real-time.

Online Commissions
Manage Commissions

Keep a track of all the sales made through your Rappi clone and alert the stores for any pending commissions.

Customer Support

Solve all your customer queries in real-time and build trust for your Rappi clone with automated chatbot functionality.

Reviews and Ratings

Improve your overall app experience and get an edge over other competitors by working on the ratings and reviews of customers.

Advanced Analytics

Get detailed analytics of your complete Rappi clone and implement latest market analytics through this feature.

Stock Management

Enable your store partners to check their stock levels in real-time and re-order their inventories through Rappi clone.

Order Confirmation

Let your store partners confirm the requested orders by looking at their stock levels and time availability.

Delivery Requests

Once the order is confirmed and prepared, the store owners van contact the delivery agents to pick and drop the order.

Minimum Order Limit

Facilitate better sales for your store partners by enabling them to set a minimum order limit for their customers.

Product Details

Enable the store owners to upload the complete details of all their products for the valuable customers.

Earning Details

Offer a centralized view of the total earnings made by the store owners through your Rappi clone.

Contact Customer

Facilitate better collaboration while enhancing the user-experience by connecting the store owners with the customers.

Reviews and Ratings

Help your store partners to improve their services by offering them the reviews and ratings provided by the customers.

Browse Stores

Offer comprehensive store listings on your Rappi clone and give wide store options to your customers.

Grocery Listings

Enable your app users to provide a detailed grocery list by uploading the list or typing the details in the app.

Digital Payments

Facilitate digital payments and give your customers ease by offering multiple payment platforms including digital wallets.

Live Tracking

Make a transparent delivery process, and notify your users with each step through real-time tracking functionality.

Cancel Order

Offer easy returns and cancellations to your valuable customers on their ordered grocery items and build customer-trust.

ETA Details

Facilitate transparency by offering the estimated time of arrival and cost of the ordered items to your customers before delivery.


Enable the users to mark their favorites in the Rappi clone and help them re-order that same item with one tap.


Offer pre-order facility to your customers and eliminate the last-minute chaos for them while maintaining a good relationship.

Accept Deliveries

Through your Rappi clone, the delivery agents can directly receive their orders from multiple stores nearby.

Order Details

Offer a complete detail of the grocery orders along with the payment status and delivery location to the drivers.


Make the product deliveries secure and efficient for your delivery partners by offering them secure and fast routes.

Availability Status

Help your drivers to set their schedule of the day through uploading the status and sharing it on the Rappi clone.

In App Communications
In-App Communications

Facilitate smooth and effective collaborations between all your app users through in-app calling and chat functionality.

Total Earnings

Offer an elaborative module to your delivery partners mentioning their total deliveries, tips, and total earnings of the day.

Account Transfers

Through your Rappi clone, the drivers can transfer the funds and tips directly to their linked bank accounts.

Delivery Confirmation

Ensure successful deliveries by enabling the drivers to scan and upload the signatures of the customers after delivery.

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How does Rappi Work?

Experience a user-friendly, customizable, and risk-free grocery delivery app development with our experts. Here’s how Rappi clone works for your business.
  • 1
    User Registration

    The user has to register on the app mentioning their name, contact details, address, a valid email ID which is validated by the admin.

  • 2
    Service Selection

    Once the profile is created, users can select any of the services mentioned by the Rappi clone including grocery delivery.

  • 3
    Order Confirmation

    After selecting a suitable store and uploading a grocery list, the user makes payment, and the order is further confirmed by that store.

  • 4
    Order Delivery

    Finally, after an order is prepared, the admin allocates that order to the nearest available delivery agent with complete payment and order details.

How Much Would it Cost to Build a Rappi Clone?

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Cost of developing a grocery delivery app like Rappi involves a lot of factors. Right from consultation fees, to MVP creations, testing, and even technology upgradation, everything impacts the overall cost of your Rappi clone. However, with our certified and cost-effective approach, you can save a lot. Leverage our years-long expertise and free consultation service to get validate all your ideas and requirements, and get a custom no-obligation quote for your Rappi clone. Book a free 30-minute expert consultation right away for your custom Rappi clone app development.

Core Technologies Behind App like Instacart

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Rappi make money?

Rappi takes commissions from the multiple businesses that are listed on its app. Besides that, it also charges a certain delivery fee from the customers and even runs third-party ads on its grocery delivery app to earn extra revenues. 

2. What makes Rappi unique?

One of the unique features that have been added to the app for customers is Rappi pay. This feature works as a bank for users, where they can transfer money to each other and make any payments. Sometimes, Rappi helps its users to distribute free samples of products to spread mass awareness in the market. 

3. Why invest in grocery delivery app development?

The latest trend of home delivery and the ongoing pandemic situation has surged the growth for grocery delivery app development. Moreover, the ease and accuracy that the grocery delivery apps provide to the customers further makes it apt for future-proof businesses. Hence, investing in an on-demand app like Rappi will only enhance your business while boosting your sales and profits.  

4. How does a grocery delivery app benefit grocery stores to expand their business?

Grocery delivery apps make it easy for the stores to get noticed on the digital platform at less cost and with less effort. Moreover, it also provides many amazing and unique benefits to the store owners like:  

  • Automated inventory management  
  • Enhanced convenience  
  • Analysing consumer behavior & delivering personalized offers  
  • Enhancing customer loyalty through referrals and discounts  
  • Reducing overhead  
  • Live order tracking  
  • Digital payment options 

5. Why are clone apps beneficial?

With a clone app, you can achieve much higher profits and sales by offering a similar experience as that of the original successful app. Right from features, designs to monetization models, and marketing strategies, you can use everything from that app and can even customize it to make a successful app for your business. Not to mention, the clone app is somewhat less costly and more time-efficient than the original app development.  

6. What are other grocery delivery apps like Rappi?

There are many other successful grocery delivery brands like Rappi that you can use to make your grocery delivery clone. To name a few, we have: 

  • Instacart 
  • Peapod 
  • Shipt 
  • goPuff 
  • FreshDirect 
  • Growcer 

7. Tell us about your post-launch services.

We are known to offer reliable and cost-effective after-sales services including technology upgradation, platform migration, features addition, testing, and so on. Besides that, you can even make changes in your design and can opt for our digital marketing services to further elevate the growth of your Rappi clone.  

8. I have an idea for my Rappi clone. Can we work on it?

Absolutely, be it any idea or feature, you can easily discuss it with our experts using our free expert consultation services. We even help you select the most appropriate tech-stack and features for your Rappi clone to make it a hit in the market.  

9. How much time is required to create a Rappi clone?

Similar to cost, the time required to create your Rappi clone depends on multiple factors. Everything consumes time, from choosing technology and MVP creation to hiring professional app developers and choosing a suitable testing method. Hence, the best way is to consult with an expert grocery delivery app development company like us to get an accurate time estimation for your custom Rappi clone.  

10. Are you a copyright owner of Rappi?

No, we do not own any of the materials of Rappi. However, we have expertise in grocery delivery app development catered to your business needs. Our tech-savvy team of experts have successfully delivered apps like Rappi to many of the enterprises and startups in the least possible time, and so we can do that for you. Connect with us to know more about our custom grocery delivery clone.