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What is Tinder?

Tinder is a popular brand in the dating market that has been the user's top-most choice when it comes to online dating platforms. Since its inception in 2012, Tinder has been gaining a huge customer base and revenues with its successful monetization models and user-friendly functionalities. The main aim of this leading online dating app is to connect like-minded people as per their interests, from their preferred nearby locations. With huge success, today, people are readily investing in Tinder clone app for their business.
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Excellent UI

Lure more customers easily with an excellent and interactive user-interface similar to that of Tinder.

Successful Models

Get 100% success on your Tinder clone app with tried and tested successful monetization models of Tinder.

Advanced Tech

Enable personalized services for every user and enhance their user experience with advanced tech-stack.

Easy Marketing

Easily reach masses from across the globe and grow your value by creating a custom Tinder clone app.

Unique Features of Tinder Clone to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for your Tinder clone that make your dating app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
Profile Management

Manage and keep a track of all your customers on a single screen with their basic details and list of interests.

Real time notification
Push Notifications

Market your app more effectively and offer new updates and rules to your customers instantly with push notifications

Membership Management

Offer premium membership plans to your valuable users as per their needs and manage the subscriptions accordingly.

Central Dashboard

A centralized and visual-rich dashboard functionality that lets you manage multiple aspects of your app through a single tap.

Online Ads

Generate more revenues for your custom Tinder clone app by displaying third-party ads on your app with Google AdSense.

Behavior Analysis

Get an accurate behaviour analysis of your customers and target them with the exact sort of ads and subscription plans.

Customer Support

Solve all the queries of your valuable customers in real-time with automated chatbot and 24*7 call options.

Superlike Management

Get a complete information of the total likes and super likes avail by specific users and frame your strategies accordingly.

Social Login

Offer an easy and interactive login option to your customers by enabling them to signup/login using their social accounts.

Express Interest

Enhance the dating experience for your users by enabling them to express their interests on certain profiles with a single tap.

Instant Chat

Facilitate emotional communications for your customers with image sharing options through instant chats.

Search Filters

The users can browse through different profiles and can filter them on the basis of various parameters.

Boost Profile

Increase the chances of maximum matches for your paid users by keeping their profile on the top of the list.

Virtual Gifts

Boost the engagement levels of your app by offering virtual gift options to your valuable customers with one tap.

Video Call

Enhance the conversations between different users and facilitate a feeling of trust with audio and video call options.

Block User

Ensure a safe and user-friendly dating experience for your users with a block/remove features on your Tinder clone app.

Fuel Your Dating Business with a Dedicated Tinder Clone App

Experience better profits and a wider reach for your dating brand with a custom on-demand dating app like Tinder.
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How does Tinder Clone App Work?

Experience a user-friendly, customizable, and risk-free dating app development with our experts. Here’s how Tinder clone app works for your business.
  • 1
    Profile Creation

    The users build a strong profile with their basic information, social media accounts, contact details, and some interesting pictures.

  • 2
    Expressing Interests

    Once the profile is created, the users can start browsing and liking different profiles that are registered on the dating app.

  • 3
    Match Making

    If two users like each other’s profiles, then the admin sends a real-time notification to both of them stating it as a perfect match.

  • 4

    After a match is made, the two users can connect with each other virtually through the app via instant chats, or audio/video calls.

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App like Tinder?

Transform your idea of a successful and result-oriented dating app development with our experts. Connect with us and get an accurate estimation for your app like Tinder.

To calculate the exact cost of your Tinder clone app, one needs to have all the information and your detailed requirements. for instance, what technology and features are you planning to integrate in your custom Tinder clone, the type of design you want, how many resources you hired for your dating app development, your chosen testing approach, and if you have opted for any customizations and post-launch services or not. Hence, expert consultation is the only way to discuss all that and get your cost estimation. To get an exact quote for your Tinder clone app, book a free 30-moinute consultation with our experts.

Core Technologies Behind App like Tinder

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the tinder clone app?

Tinder clone app is a similar version of the popular dating app Tinder. In the Tinder clone app, you can include the exact functionalities and business plans of Tinder to get more customers, and boost profits for your dating app idea. Besides that, all the features, designs, and monetization models are also tried and tested that further ensures sure shot success.  

2. How do you make a Tinder clone?

Making an app like Tinder may not be a piece of cake for many of the users, especially those who are starting new. However, partnering with a reputed and experienced software engineering firm like us can simplify the development process.  

Here are some steps that you need to follow to develop your successful dating app like Tinder: 

  • Analyse your target audience and market 
  • Validate your business idea with experts 
  • Choose latest and reliable tech-stack 
  • Include relevant features
  • Pay heed to UI/UX
  • Hire professional dating app developers
  • Test your app and deploy 

3. What is the technology behind Tinder?

To make an app like Tinder, you need to include various latest technologies in your app development like Objective C, Swift, C#, Python, HTML5, CSS, and so on. Besides that, AWS platform, GPS API, and various Payment APIs are also used to enhance the capabilities of your Tinder clone.  

4. How much would it cost to develop a Tinder iOS clone?

The cost of developing a Tinder clone for your iOS audience would depend upon multiple factors. For instance, the choice of technologies, features, designs, testing methods, and data storage options, adds to the cost of dating app development like Tinder. Besides that, the customizations, maintenance cost, and other factors also impacts the overall cost of development. Hence, the best way is to discuss your requirements with our experts to get an accurate estimate for your app development project. 

5. How much does it cost to develop a dating app?

The cost of dating app development usually depends on multiple things. The first and foremost is the type of dating app you want. For instance, if you are looking for a clone app of some popular dating app then the cost would be high. Other than that, features, customizations, design, testing, and development would also impact the overall cost of developing a dating app.  

6. How long does it take to create an app like Tinder?

Like cost, the time to develop a dating app like Tinder also depends on multiple factors. To name a few, we have: 

  • Choice of technologies 
  • Creation of MVP 
  • Selection of features 
  • Design components 
  • Development 
  • Testing 

Hence, it is best to consult with app development experts to get the perfect time for your dating app development.  

7. What other on-demand app development services do you offer?

Apart from dating app development, we offer many other types of on-demand app development services like: 

  • Taxi booking app 
  • Social media app 
  • Delivery app 
  • Healthcare app 
  • Finance app
  • Video conferencing app 
  • Streaming app, and so on. 

8. How soon can you start my app development project?

Once you fill our form, our business analyst will schedule your meeting with our dating app experts. You can then discuss your project requirements and can validate your business idea. Once everything is discussed and finalized, along with signing of the NDA, our team will start the development process in no time. 

9. I have some ideas regarding my Tinder clone app. Can you include that during my dating app development?

Yes, we always welcome the ideas from our clients, and try our best to include them in your custom app in the best way possible. So, if you have any idea then you can discuss with our experts for free, to check their feasibility.  

10. Are you a copyright owner of the Tinder App ?

No, we do not own any of the materials of the Tinder App. However, we have expertise in developing a similar custom dating app like Tinder catered to your business needs. Our tech-savvy team of experts have successfully delivered custom Tinder clones to many of the  businesses and startup in the least possible time, and so we can do that for you. Connect with us to know more about custom dating app like Tinder.