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What is Uber?

Uber is a prominent brand in the taxi booking business that has been catering to the needs of online users with its next-gen features. Right from booking the taxi to offering them amazing discounts and multiple types of vehicles for rides, Uber app has been offering some versatile benefits to all its users. Drivers can see their total earnings and rides, users can see various options of vehicles as per their cost, and the admin can control all the other things while marketing their brand name. With an Uber clone app, you too can step into this profitable and a vital market of the world.
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Best Models

We guarantee you to offer the best monetization and marketing models to make your Uber clone app profitable for your business.

Advanced Features

Attract users by offering them ease and efficiency in booking cabs with next-gen features of your Uber clone app.

Essential Services
Essential Service

Enjoy the perks of investing in an essential service and ensure 100% growth and returns with less efforts with the Uber clone app.

Popular Brand

Lure customers towards your app easily without investing much by launching your popular and branded Uber clone app.

Unique Features of Uber Clone App to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for the Uber clone app that make your taxi booking app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
Centralized Dashboard

Get a comprehensive view of all the operations of your taxi booking business along with ride details and total earnings.

Online Commissions

Automatically receive instant commissions from all the rides happening through your Uber clone app from your drivers.

Allocate Rides

Allocate rides to the nearest available driver and share details of that driver with your customer for an accurate riding experience.

User Management

Add new users by validating their details, and manage the existing ones along with their past records and ratings.

vehicle type
Fleet Management

Keep a track of all your fleets in real-time and get valuable alerts for your fleets like harsh braking and fuel usage.

Discounts and Rewards

Monitor all your past discounts, track the success of each of your reward campaigns, and implement the new ones automatically.

Customer Reports

Solve all your customer queries in real-time and alert them in case of any failed payments or cashback disputes.

Dynamic Pricing

Change your ride booking prices in real-time by viewing the market trend and high demand of the cabs in the market.

Profile Creation

Offer drivers to easily access your app by registration themselves with a valid contact number and an email id.

Live Navigation
Live Navigation

Make the rides safe and accurate for your driver and eliminate time lags by offering live navigation of the destination.

Total Earnings

Let your drivers view their total earnings made during the day along with the tips earned through a centralized module.

Contact Customer

Make your Uber clone app transparent and offer seamless collaboration between users by connecting them through call/message.

Accept Request
Accept/Reject Rides

Through the cab booking app, the drivers can accept/reject any rides as per their availability and price estimation.

Ride Verification

Make your Uber clone safe for every user by enabling drivers to verify the ride before and after the ride is completed.

Total Rides

Make it easy for drivers to track theri earnings by giving them a detailed view of all their past rides and the accepted rides.

Account Transfer

Offer the most reliable account integration services in your Uber clone app to help drivers receive money instantly.

Profile Creation

Enable an easy and effective profile creation process by offering social sign-up and auto-fill features in your Uber clone app.

Ride Booking

Help your users to book their rides online by offering them information of estimated fare and availability of vehicles.

vehicle type
Vehicle Type

Bestow your users to book rides as per their budget by offering them multiple vehicle options on your Uber clone app.

Online Payments

Let your customers pay for their services instantly by using multiple payment channels including net banking or digital wallets.

Loyalty Rewards

Entice your existing customers and lure the new ones by offering referral rewards and loyalty bonus on your Uber clone app.

Live Tracking

Make your Uber clone app smooth and transparent by offering real-time ride tracking functionality to your users.

SOS Alert

Locate your users and help them during any unfortunate condition with an SOLS functionality of your ride booking app.

Ratings and Reviews

Engage your users, and offer them the best user-experience by enabling them to rate and review your services.

Magnify Your Success with Less Efforts

Get much more for your Uber clone app with our cost-effective and professional taxi booking app development services.
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How does Uber Work?

Experience a user-friendly, customizable, and risk-free taxi booking app development with our experts. Here’s how an Uber clone app works for your business.
  • 1

    In order to access the Uber clone app, users have to register using their social accounts or a unique ID and password.

  • 2
    Book Ride

    After successful registration, the user can book their rides with a suitable vehicle type, by defining a particular pick and drop location.

  • 3
    Allocate Driver

    Once the ride is booked and payment is made, the admin allocated that ride to the nearest available driver while sharing all the details.

  • 4
    Ride Confirmation

    Before starting the ride, the user shares a secret code with the driver for verification, which is again repeated on successful ride completion.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like Uber?

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As evident, Uber clone app development is a tedious and complicated process which requires involvement of a lot of factors. You need to validate your idea, select proper tech-stack and features, pay heed to UI/UX and test your app for perfection. Hence, the cost of creating an Uber clone app will also vary as per your requirements and expectations. So, expert consultation is the only best way to estimate the overall cost of Uber clone app development. To get an accurate quote, book a free 30-min consultation with our experts!

Core Technologies Behind App like uber

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Uber clone app?

Uber clone app is an on-demand app development service that deals with the taxi booking business. With an Uber clone app, you can get all the features, marketing strategies and monetization models of the Uber app to make your app a hit in the market. A custom Uber clone app offers the same experience to the users as the original Uber app, and saves a lot of your time and cost on the taxi booking app development. 

2. Can I make an app like Uber?

Yes, you can create your own app like Uber in no time by following certain steps, like:

  • Understanding your main goal
  • Identifying a promising market and perfect target audience
  • Selecting a reputable app development company
  • Choosing next-gen technologies and features
  • Paying heed to UI/UX
  • Creating MVP
  • Follow agile methodology for development
  • Test your app
  • Submit it on App Store

3. What is the Uber app written in?

There are many technologies that can be used to create an app like Uber. However, the major technology that is used to create Uber apps is JavaScript. Right from calculating the supply, and predicting the demand, this is the main technology that is used in Uber apps.  

4. Is Uber a hybrid app?

Yes, Uber is a hybrid app that offers the best user-interface and advanced features. From easy navigation, and online payments, to accounting modules and live routes, you can manage everything with the hybrid model of the Uber clone app. 

5. What is the business model of Uber?

Uber follows an aggregator model for generating its revenue. The app connects the online users in search of taxis with the right prospects. The drivers get all the business and the customers get the perfect taxi rides for their journey. 

6. How can I monetize my Uber clone app?

You can adopt different models to earn extra revenues from your Uber clone app. For instance, you could lend your app as an advertising platform to other third-parties. Similarly, you can even offer paid subscription-models to your users as a perfect monetization technique.  

7. What are other taxi booking apps like Uber?

There are many other ride booking apps like Uber that you can leverage to build your taxi booking clone app. To name a few, we have: 

  • Gett 
  • Curb 
  • MyTaxi 
  • Lyft 
  • Ola 

8. What services do you offer with Uber clone app development?

We offer a wide range of professional taxi booking app development services suited as per your requirements and budget/. Right from expert consultation to flexible hiring models, agile approach, and automated testing, you can find all the pre and post-launch services for your Uber clone app with us.  

9. Do you offer app submission with Uber clone app?

Yes, our certified professionals are capable of deploying your app to various other platforms including the Play Store/App Store. However, that service will further impact the overall cost and time required for your taxi booking app development. Hence, it is always wise if you could mention that in your initial project requirements.  

10. Are you a copyright owner of the Uber app?

No, we are not the copyright owners of the Uber app. However, we can offer you the similar Uber-like ride booking app like Uber with all the advanced features and a next-gen technology stack. You can visit us to know more about our custom Uber clone app development.