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What is Wag?

Dog walking apps like Wag offers great pet care services on the go and enable users to order them directly through their smartphone. Wag makes it possible for users to find the best local dog caregivers and allow them to book their services at the time of their choice. Nobody wants to leave their pets alone, and Wag offers a perfect solution with its wide range of services. Are you interested in starting a similar pet caregiving business? We can create a perfect pet care app solution to kickstart your journey. Send in your details today, and we will get back to you with a free quote!
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High RoI

Even if you only charge small commissions, you can expect a very high Roi, given that your app gains popularity.

Great Scope

Connect millions of users and caregivers across the globe with the help of your pet caregiving app platform.

Regular Usage

Pet care and walking are something people need every other day, and that means a lot of usage of your application.

Less Competition

There are very few popular competitors like Wag and Rover; people will start using your app if you can offer better.

Unique Features of Wag Clone App to Set You Apart

Choose from the features you would like in your pet care app, or create a custom list and send it to us.
Need Custom Features?
Create Profile

Caregivers can create their profile directly on the app; we add document verification for a safer experience..

Set Preferences

Set location, pet, service, and more preferences directly in the app, the user and job will be matched accordingly.


Caregivers can leave reviews for the users and access reviews about them to know how they can improve their services.


A local feed of vets nearby to assist in case of emergencies, the caregiver will also be able to connect to users directly.

Choose Job

Let's caregivers see and choose from a list of all available jobs in their proximity, enabling better real-time matching.


Qualified caregivers can upload videos on how to take care of pets and build a following for their own on the app.

Pet Care Education

The admins can access contact information in case they come across something unusual as a post or the activity of a user.

In-app calling

An in-app calling feature to facilitate a private connection between users and caregivers to protect the privacy of both.

Owner Management

Manage owner and pet details and update directly if required to, special area-based and pet type-based sorting available.

Caregiver Management

Check verification status and documents submitted by caregivers, and manage their entire profiles and updates.


A central dashboard that fetches entire operations and services availed on the app for a better understanding.

Calculate Earnings

Accessible list of all services and payments made on the app and the earnings made on each service based on area.

Customer Support

Control and access customer support to intervene when required and route important requests directly to executives.

Blogs and Articles

Add or delete blogs and articles published by caregivers, and promote the ones which suit the platform’s benefits.


The admin can track all three parties in emergency cases and report the location to concerned authorities in an emergency.

Online Ads

Manage the ads running on the app (if you choose ads) and enable and disable them directly through the panel.

Profile Creation

Create a profile for your pet; it will be visible publicly when you post a request for walking or other pet care services.

Pick-Up Details

Add permanent and temporary addresses (in case you are traveling) and have the caregivers take it from there.

Choose Activities

The app can be customized for the pet activities you are interested in; the whole search and results will be based on selection.

Digital Training

An app like Wag offers digital training solutions so you can train your pets at home and at your own convenience.

On-demand Services

Users can choose from a range of on-demand services built the way you want your app to offer, including real-time tracking.

Online Payments

Enable users to pay from multiple payment methods, and we can include secure payment gateways too in your app.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking enables a safer service offering; users can pull up the location of their pet at any point of time directly in-app.

24/7 Support

A 24/7 chat support enables users to fetch the details they want about the services and answer their queries on the go.

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How Does the Wag App Work?

Offer a seamless and easy-to-use pet care app to your users, and elevate your app’s user experience. Here’s how your Wag clone works!
  • 1
    Create Profile

    Both users and caregivers can create profiles online through the app; once verified, they will be listed and ready to be matched.

  • 2
    Order a Service

    After verification, users can avail of different services, and caregivers can access open offers and match directly.

  • 3
    Accept the Offer

    Pet caregivers can access the range of offers available near them; they can accept it directly through the app if anyone suits them.

  • 4
    Payment and Details

    The platform will offer payments services and an escrow(optional) to facilitate smoother payments and service delivery.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Custom Wag Clone?

Ready to kickstart your pet care app development? Let us explore the overall cost to launch a custom Wag clone for your pet care business!

A pet care app is a complicated app with multiple panels and would take more time and cost to develop compared to generic apps. The cost would depend on the technology, platforms you are planning, and the geography you are targeting. While we can give you even a ballpark figure right now, we will be able to assist in every way once we know your precise requirements. To get the cost to develop a custom Wag clone, book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts today. 

Core Technologies Behind App Like Wag

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Wag clone?

A Wag clone app would be a perfect pet care solution for a new solution; it will be inspired by the idea and the features Wag offers. You will get to choose the features you want apart from Wag too, as your app will be built completely from scratch. So, a Wag app clone is like an idea which your own custom pet care app can be made according to.  

2. What type of app is Wag?

Wag is an app that connects pet owners and pet caregivers, enabling users to avail the services offered by the counterparty. Using Wag, users can book the services of caregivers, and the caregivers have the option of choosing the services from nearby locations. Apps like Wag makes life easier by making pet care much easier than before.  

3. What apps are similar to Wag that you can create?

We can help you create various types of pet care app. To name a few, we have: 

  • Rover 
  • Swifto 
  • Dogwalker 
  • Petsitter 

4. How do you create an on-demand dog walking app like Wag?

We follow an agile methodology to create your custom pet care app like Wag. Here’s how we work: 

  • Idea Validation
  • Product development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Marketing


5. What services do you offer for my Wag clone?

We offer every service to ensure your Wag-like app is as perfect and scalable as it gets. Our services include but are not limited to: 

  • Maintenance
  • Development
  • UI/UX
  • Testing
  • Update

6. Will I own the Wag clone after deployment?

Yes, once everything is done, the entire source code will be handed over to you, and you will be the sole owner of your custom pet care app. Any changes or upgrades you want after deployment will be charged separately, and we will have to renew the contract as we would be working on an app that you own. 

7. How much time is required to create a custom Wag clone?

It would be taking months, to say the least, as the pet care app is a complicated affair involving multiple panels and complexities. However, we will try and get it done on priority, no matter how many resources we would need to allocate. To give you a better idea of the timeline, we would have to thoroughly analyze your requirements.  

8. Are you a copyright owner of the Wag app?

No, we aren’t copyright owners of Wag or related to them in any way. We are expert mobile app developers who can create a custom brand-new pet care app with the features you like from Wag or other popular pet care apps.